This is just a piece of Satire for the Gender-switching concept. I hope you all think it's as funny as I do.

Come Again?

Mikey was lounging against the table and grumbling under his breath about something when Don walked in.

"What's with you?" Don asked after taking his first drink of coffee for the morning.

"Leo's pissy this morning," Mikey muttered, "I mean like worse that normal pissy. I asked him he was on his period or something and he punched me."

Don raised and eyes ridge and cast a glance toward the dojo where the distant sounds of a Kata being performed could be heard.

Raph came from that was growling as he walked in.

Muttering about Leo being a show-off.

"Well…theoretically its possible," Don heard himself mumble, tensing when he realized he had said it out loud.

"WHAT?!?" Mikey shrieked, sitting bolt upright and staring at Don in horror, "LEO CAN'T BE A GIRL!"

Raph spewed his coffee across the table and stared at Don in shock.

"WHAT?" Raph gasped.

Don blushed furiously.

"Well…reptiles can switch gender….being all males in this household…the likely-hood of one or more of us switching is possible…but not probable….in order to procreate…" Don gulped as Raph glared.

"Why Leo?" Raph asked skeptically.

"Leo is the alpha in the group, one of the more aggressive…larger…um…but you're also-" Don started.

"WHAT THE SHELL I AIN'T A GIRL DON!" Raph roared stepping forward and stopping as Mikey flopped onto the floor laughing hysterically.

"Raphina and Lea," Mikey giggled.

Raph growled and prepared to attack.

"Woah easy bro," Don squeaked as Raph advanced, "I said possible but not probable! I figured that if it would have happened it would have been around puberty…which was like four years ago for us. But it is possible that after no sign of…a…mate…being…"

Don gulped and scurried around the table.

Mikey was now back in his chair staring in horror at the thought of two of his brothers…becoming…mates?

He shuddered at the thought.

"Donnie…how likely exactly is this?" Raph hissed.

"Like I said…not probable!" Don squeaked, suddenly very aware of the strength and rage in his immediate elder brother.

"Wait…so the two most dominate of us could become girls? How does that work?" Mikey asked suddenly.

"Um…female turtles are naturally more aggressive and larger…Leo and Raph fit that bill…" Don flinched as Raph glared, "But…but you two are also fueled by human genes…which I would think would cancel out the gender-switch option…hence keeping you male."

Raph took a step back and raised an eyes ridge.

"So no Raphina and Lea?" Mikey asked.

"Um…yeah," Don managed.

"Do I want to know?" Leo asked as he came in, an eye ridge raised in question, arms folded across his chest in annoyance.

"Naw…it's nothing Lea," Mikey quipped.

Leo froze and gave Mikey a cold glare.

"What did you just call me?" Leo hissed.

Mikey froze and slowly turned to face his elder brother's rage.

"DONNIE SAID IT!" Mikey shrieked as he darted from the room.

Leo's golden-brown eyes fixated on Don.

Don simply gulped and then sprinted toward his lab.

Leo looked at Raph and raised an eye ridge again.

"Long story short…we could become girls if it wasn't for the fact we had human DNA," Raph muttered before turning toward the fridge.

"I knew I didn't want to know," Leo sighed before returning to the dojo.

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