A Change Of Seasons

Disclaimer: All canon people, events, places, etc etc are JKR's, anything else be me own :)

Summary: Harry and Draco find that sometimes people aren't who they think they are, and changes can and will happen. Are they always for the best though or are some changes worth waiting for?


CHAPTER ONE: Train Rides And Old Friends

Harry Potter was thrilled to say the least. His uncle had just dropped him at King's Cross Station only this time was different then all other years. This time Harry never would have to see them again if he so wished, for this was Harry's 7th and final year at Hogwarts, and even Albus Dumbledore himself couldn't make him return to the Dursleys if he didn't want to go after graduation. And certainly he had no intentions of doing so ever again if possible, no rather he planned that as soon as graduation ended he would take a flat in either London or Hogsmeade, and forget the Dursleys ever existed. So if ever there was reasons to be thrilled, that would be the top of the list.

So it was with a very light heart that Harry went tween platforms 9 and 10 to platform 9 3/4's that morning. He was keeping his eyes open to see if Ron or Hermione had arrived yet, but so far they hadn't. He loaded Hedwig onto the owlry car and put the rest of his things like his trunk into the back car, and walked onto the train to find an empty seat. In the very back of the train though he came across a car that had a very familiar face, and one he was very glad to see.

"Oi, Remus, I didn't know you were going to be on the train!" Harry said walking in and giving Remus a hug. He'd missed his old professor the last few years and only had a chance to see him on rare occasions.

"Didn't know myself I was going to be here Harry, good to see you too. No Ron and Hermione yet eh?" Remus said smiling, but somehow looking a bit thinner and paler then when Harry had last seen him.

"Nah, not yet. Remus, what's wrong? You don't look so good, you all right?" he said concerned.

"Just tired that's all Harry, nothing to worry bout. Suppose now I can catch up on some good food and rest while at the school. Will be nice not having to fend for myself for a bit."

"Does that mean...?" Harry said hopefully, he certainly wanted what he thought to be true anyway.

Remus nodded and smiled, "Yes, Albus asked me to come back and teach DADA this year, and of course I accepted. It's your last year at Hogwarts, how could I refuse to teach you eh?" He ruffled Harry's hair at saying that. "Besides, there's another reason I was asked to return, though right now I cant go into all the details, however the offer was certainly appealing to me."

"Will Sirius be up at school as well? Haven't seen him except once this summer and only for a day or so. He didn't want to hang round the Dursleys for long I can tell you that" Harry grinned and chuckled remembering his Aunt Petunia's reaction when he brought a stray 'dog' into her home.

"Ah, well, I don't really know if he will Harry, I assume he will be round though, you know he likes to stay close to the school during the terms." Remus said looking a bit uncomfortable now.

Harry glanced at him wonderingly, "I thought you two were....err..well...you mean you haven't seen Sirius then at all this summer?"

Remus looked at bit startled at Harry's inference. "Harry...you think Sirius and I were together, is that it?"

Harry nodded. "Well I mean you two seemed so close last time I saw you and all, I thought that well...."

Remus laughed and shook his head. "Ah, no Harry, not at all. Not in the respects you think we are 'together'. We've been best friends so long it would never work out you see. And truthfully, I think Sirius much prefers the ladies unless I miss my guess. Personally I don't think he's inclined towards that side, at least not in a very long time. No, I believe he's taken up residence at the moment with a lovely lass who, believe it or not, is a registered animagus...a small black cat I believe." he grinned at that combination.

Harry laughed at that and tried to picture Sirius as a dog following round such a cat. "Well they do say opposites attract eh? Well I'm glad he found someone though, he seemed so down the last time I saw him. But what bout you Remus? No one yet?"

Remus looked a bit startled but only said to Harry, "Well you know, we wolves..it's hard to find anyone who'd want to be with someone who turns all hairy and grows claws once a month. And while we're on the subject...how is it going with Cho was it?"

Now it was Harry's turn to look startled. "We...we broke it off beginning of last year. It just wasn't going to work I suppose, besides she was graduating anyway."

"Ah, sorry to hear Harry, truly sorry to hear. Well don't worry m'boy, there's plenty of other women out there who'd love a chance to snog with the famous Harry Potter, just give it time!" he grinned.

Harry gave him a weak smile and nodded, "Err...sure Remus, I'm in no hurry. Got all year right?"

"Oh I'm sure there'll be tons of women flocking round your dorm wanting to get into your pants Potter, or will you dump them all like you did Chang? Or maybe you have the hots for the Mud-blood is that it?" the familiar voice of Draco Malfoy.

Harry looked up quickly to see his worst nightmare leaning against the doorway staring at him, and inwardly Harry groaned. "Sod off Malfoy, you shouldn't eavesdrop on other people's conversations anyway you know. What happened, Crabbe and Goyle decided to get a life after all?" Harry said angrily.

"Well if you two weren't having such an interesting conversation I wouldn't have bothered to do so. So enlightening I can tell you." he smirked. "So where's your shadows Potter? Weasley and the Mud-blood didn't feel like your almighty presence this trip or they afraid you'll dump them as quick as you did your little girlfriend?"

"That's enough Mr. Malfoy. Unless you there is something you need here, I suggest you find something more urgent to do, now." Remus said pulling his wand out and centring it on Draco.

"You wouldn't dare werewolf!" he said sneering but not taking his eyes off Harry.

"Try me Mr. Malfoy." Remus said smiling sweetly.

"You just wait Lupin, you haven't heard the last of this." Draco said giving Remus a glare, and glancing quickly at Harry, left the car.

"Thanks Remus. Why does he have to be such a git? Last year all he did was sneak up on me when I least expected it, like he was stalking me. Had to hide half the time just so he wouldn't find me" Harry said sighing.

Remus said nothing, only remembered the look Draco was giving Harry. He'd seen that look before, more then a few times, but he was having trouble believing it could mean what he thought it might. He'd have more then ample time now that he was teaching again to keep an eye on these two, and he'd have to talk to a certain someone and maybe even bring him into a plan that was forming in his mind. He remembered another two people who'd gone through the cat and mouse stalking game, and the results hadn't always been pleasant.

Ron and Hermione finally showed up at that point, and the train shortly left for Hogsmeade. It was good to catch up with everyone bout the summers events, their goals for their final year, and of course, with Hermione being Head Girl this year and Ron oddly enough, being Head Boy, things were going to be very interesting. Before last year let out, Ron had finally admitted that he was in love with Hermione, and she with him. It had taken 2 years since Ron first noticed how beautiful she had become in this time, though it wasn't an overnight change, just gradually. Little things in the past 2 years that had really changed tween them both, but they both finally noticed.

It had been Harry's doing of course that got those two together. He'd finally gotten fed up with them both arguing so much over the littlest things that he even recruited Fred and George while in Hogsmeade one day to help him. They now ran a joke shop there and were more then happy to help get the couple together. In the end, and after much stress, Ron and Hermione finally figured out what everyone else knew for years. This year would definitely be much nicer if the looks the two of them were giving each other were any indication.

As they pulled into the station at Hogsmeade Harry had all but forgotten Malfoy's comments earlier. What he didn't know was that a certain silvery blonde had watched him and his friends, along with Professor Lupin get off the train and head to the carriages. This year was going to be the toughest yet for this young man because he had a determined task he'd set for himself over the summer. Although how he was going to accomplish that task he still didn't know. What he did know was that he wanted something very desperately, and no matter what the opposition was, he always got what he wanted. Even when that something was forbidden...for forbidden fruit you see, is always the most desirable.