Gia and Adrianna walked on the beach together, hand in hand. Gia felt deeply for Aid, but she felt like it'll be awkward the first time they go public...because Adrianna isn't gay, she just feels something special for Gia.

"You look really pretty, Gia," Adrianna commented as she took her hand and looked over the gorgeous redhead. She was wearing a pretty purple shirt that went off the shoulder and a pair of black leggings and flats - which were off and in her hand.

Gia looked Adrianna over as well. It stunned Gia to see someone as gorgoeus as Adrianna - what, with her long hair that was pinned in a braid to the side, her perfect body structure, her gorgeous green eyes and her smile? She was dazzled.

The two found a pretty looking place at the center of the sand patch near the water - far enough back so the current won't hit them. Adrianna took a blanket out of her bag and set it on the sand, motioning for Gia to sit opposite her. To be honest, Adrianna just really wanted to look at the redhead.

Adrianna took her hand and they sat together like a real couple, staring at how the sunset framed the beach and the picture they created together in the sand by the shadows. Yes, this was still new to Adrianna, but she'd rather be here with someone who she truly cares about then to be in her room by herself watching sappy movies. Gia could be the key she needs to permanently lock up her feelings for Navid.

"This is nice," Adrianna commented as she rested her head on Gia's shoulders. She loved the way Gia always welcomed her to lean on her - in more ways than one.

Gia nodded in agreement. "It's even nicer because I'm with you," she said and blushed a deep crimson color. She hated going all sappy, especially since she has that serious tough girl image on her.

Adrianna smiled and laughed before she placed a peck on Gia's cheek. "You're so cute," she complimented as she went back to staring at the sunset. "I have to be honest with you, though, Gia."

Gia's heart rate accelerated. Usually when she hears that it's not good news.

"I'm happy I'm out with you tonight," Adrianna continued, pretending not to notice the tenseness that entered Gia's body as she stiffened at her last sentence. I have to be honest with you. "I have to admit, I thought it would be awkward going on a date with a girl...but it's not. Some how, I feel like I've known you all my life." She removed her head from Gia's shoulder so she could look at Gia. "I don't know."

A sigh escaped Gia, a sigh of relief. "I know it's weird because you've never had feelings towards a girl, you've never been attracted to a girl and I'm your first. But if you want to stop this then just say the word and you and I can forget everything because your friendship means -"

Adrianna abruptly cut off her words by kissing Gia. Gia's fingers went to Adrianna's cheek and she felt the soft skin there. Adrianna put her hands in Gia's hair as they kissed with such passion it would be visible miles away.

The kiss finally broke and Adrianna looked wildly at Gia. Gia noticed the intimate, lustful glance she was getting from the girl next to her. She considered what this would do to them if they had sex.

"I want to wait," Adrianna said.

Gia's thoughts came to a jolt. She wanted to wait, wait for the right moment. She let out a sigh as she moved her head to Aid's shoulder. "Good," she murmured against Adrianna's neck.

"I don't want to screw this up, Gia," she admitted as she leaned into Gia's touch, allowing the redhead to place a chaste kiss on her neck. "And, I think we could honestly be good for each other."

Gia smiled radiantly against Adrianna. "I couldn't agree more," she said as she brought Adrianna's lips to hers.