Arceus, I feel like a fool.

That first day at camp, he was looking so cool.

Confidence and style he didn't lack,

His gaze eventually sent chills up my back.

I told mom and dad about that boy from that week,

Their response made me rather meek.

I asked him what he thought of me,

I wanted to know what he did see.

Just a friend was I,

The teal-haired girl with hidden tears in her eyes.

I work with Shinx to forget the loss,

I need to work harder to become a better boss.

Yesterday, I thought he came back.

But, he acted a little out of wack.

His hair stood out more and his eyes were dark,

But his sudden kiss left a mark.

Even when a second came, asking directions,

I couldn't understand his intentions.

TWO of him?!

His friends ran on in search of the second,

But a new hope beckoned.

An Ash that feels the same as I do?!

If I didn't follow, this minute I would rue.

Yet, as I run with Shinx's ball, I wonder.

Has my heart has gone asunder?

Arceus, I feel like a fool.