Somewhere in the Pokemon world lies a faraway land, free from any sort of human contact. This land is in great peril, threatened to be torn apart at the seams. The Pokemon here live in constant fear as their land has fallen under some mysterious circumstance, the very life force of it being drained by a malevolent force. Desperate, the Pokemon have turned to Mew, one of the most powerful legendary Pokemon, but even Mew cannot do this great task alone, or she's just too lazy to , so she has chosen several humans to enter this new frontier and save the place from the forces of evil! Oh, and they'll have the power to spirit evolve into Pokemon too. Isn't that neat?

So yeah, I'm going to need some original characters and stuff, so…here's the form doohickey. Come on, don't be shy.





Hair and eye colors:

Other physical features:

Clothing style:

Speech style:


Best qualities:

Worst qualities:




Childhood history:

Recent history:

Element: (Can choose from Electric, Fighting, Psychic, Flying, Grass, Normal, and Water only. I've already picked out the Pokemon for each type, so that is nothing you guys need to worry about for now.)


And that's just about it. Once I get enough OC's I'll get to the story proper. It'll have various elements from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Digimon Frontier, hence the title and all. What, did you think it had anything to do with the Battle Frontier? You're silly.