Your Love is My Drug

So guys, this is the last chapter, sorry it has taken so long to get out to you, I kept rewriting the beginning… Carissa's ring gear is in the visuals!


"Hey, so I got a question; do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement? Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum? Is my love your drug? Your drug? Huh, your drug? Huh, your drug? Is my love your drug?"

I ignored Cody for the rest of the evening. In fact, I ignored Cody for the rest of the week. I wanted to rip all of Michelle's pretty blonde hair right off her head…and yet, I didn't. I've have been dreading have to tag team with Cody tonight, I really wish I could just call in sick and stay home but that is not my type of job; damn it!

Usually we travel together because of our schedules but I've been bunking with Nattie and some of the other divas just to avoid having to actually see or talk to Cody and even then, I knew my ways of keeping away from him were not going to last for too long.

And they didn't, because as I was slipping on my black and white checkered race-like jacket, my phone began to buzz. I could feel a slight bubble in my stomach beginning to form as I pick my Blackberry up from the bench and check to see who was annoying me now.

New Text Message
Time: 8:42 PM
Sender: Cody Runnels

Rissa – hey, ummm, I know we haven't talked in a few days, just checking to see if you're ready for tonight's match?

I wrote him back quickly and then set my phone down and continue to prepare myself. Just figured that telling him I was good for tonight – I got my game on and I'm fired up – was enough but he obviously didn't think so because he wrote me back.

New Text Message
Time: 8:44 PM
Sender: Cody Runnels

Listen, I know the last time we saw one another, you probably felt that I ditched you and I'm really sorry – I want to make it up to you…If you'll let me…

I roll my eyes at the message, the thought of Cody wanting to make up for being a complete jerk would be a round of drinks at some dinky bar and to be quite honest, I'd rather pass. I'm starting to feel less and less attracted to him as the days pass, I really don't understand what I saw in him in the first place but obviously that wasn't my mind speaking, it was my hormones.

He wasn't going to hear no for an answer, but I wrote him back trying to be oblivious and let him know 'I had no idea was he was talking about'. I proceed to put my phone down again but as I was about to, instead of receiving a text, it began to ring; it was Cody. It wasn't like I could just ignore him, he knew that I was by my phone from all of the text and he knew me quite well to know that I barely ever left my phone on vibrate.

I let out a sigh and proceeded to answer his call. "Hello?" I greet, my left hand runs through my extremely wavy dirty blonde hair.

"You know sure as all hell what I'm talking about, Rissa, don't play dumb," Cody replies. Okay, he knows me all too well to know when I'm faking; damn, having to travel with him has exposed me and all of my ways around things.

"What do you care, seriously, Cody?" I ask. I am starting to get a bit annoyed toward the situation and going out there and doing our routine on stage is just aching under my skin.

"Carissa, come on, don't act like this!" he sighs; I could tell he wasn't enjoying this mini argument that was pursuing between us, especially with a match like this one – against Ted and the diva of his choice.

"Codes, can we talk about this after the match, I'd feel a little bit more comfortable without the tension beforehand," I grab my knee-high black and white checkered converses and sat down on the bench, shoving my feet into them and lacing them up quickly.

I knew it was only a matter of time until we needed to be by the gorilla entrance so I tried to hurry myself up. "I'm just about done here, meet me halfway," I say. He agrees and soon after I am on my way out…well, not until I did a quick overview in the mirror, had to make sure the shorts were just right…

Yeah, I know and I don't understand why I put myself through this torment but either way, I want to look hot. Afterward, I gave myself my best bad girl glare and then strutted my way down to meet my onscreen boy toy.

I make it just in time, Cody was waiting all pumped and set to go, he nods. "Let's do this," he smirks, then brushes through the curtains and out onto the stage with me following not too far behind him. We appeared in front of the crowd slightly similar to the time before that; Cody did his banter as the WWE Universe cheers for him, considering DiBiase is technically an annoying heel. While he's doing his thing, my eyes move toward the ring, over to our opponents; Ted and his diva by choice, my 'enemy', Layla, they left a smirk on my face.

Cody pulled the same thing he had done last week, turning back to me and holding out his hand for me to take so that I can spin into him and allow his arms to wrap around me. I could feel his breath slither down my neck, it was cool and in some way, it sort of awakens me.

"I'm going to make it up to you," he whispers just as Justin Roberts announces our entrance and his arms untangle from me, his left arm slides around my waist as we walk in sync to his theme music. When we arrived in the ring, Cody did his top rope thing and then jumps down to my side, directing my attention toward him in order for him to steal a quick kiss before the bell rang.

We didn't win this match; in fact, it ended in Teddy cheating his way to victory. He tried to intimidate me by backing me into a corner and then pulling me by the collar of my jacket to attempt pulling off his finisher, 'Dream Street', on me. Cody had interfered and I was thrown to the corner of the ring. Layla had slipped Ted a weapon of some sort when he was down and then proceeded to distract the referee in order for him to use it. I didn't find it fair but its whatever now; to be honest, I'm just so glad that it is over with.

While DiBiase's theme music played through the stadium, I tended to Cody's aid. I cradled his head in my lap as I stared down the victors who were grinning happily halfway up the ramp. My eyes then turn to his. "Are you alright, you took a nasty fall there…"

Cody was able to get to his feet on his own; I thought he was mad at me when I tried to assist him because he wouldn't let me help him. The crowd also began to feel bad about the situation. He stood at one of the corner posts still rubbing his head slightly from the shot he took from DiBiase.

"Cody, I'm sorry," I apologize, trying to comfort him, but he didn't want to hear it, instead he motioned me away. The people around us begin to awe while I felt that it was my entire fault that we lost, I hung my head slightly as I began to make my way outside of the ring.

He didn't do anything; he just looked at me, uncertain of what could possibly fix this situation. I began my walk of shame up the ramp. Slowly, I turn toward him, gesturing with my arms and allowing my lips to say it. "I don't know what I else could say besides I'm sorry," our eyes met at that moment but still the look that gleamed in his eyes never changed. I turned, feeling defeated and made my way up the rest of the ramp.

"Car, wait!" I hear from behind me. "It's not your fault, really it wasn't and…" I had turned to see he was struggling with the words to say. And then suddenly he dropps the mic, rolles out of the ring and came running up toward me.

His hands rested firmly on my upper arms. "I'm the one who should be sorry," his lips pressed to mine not forcibly or aggressively but instead with passion, different from all the other kisses we've shared. The filled stadium around us cheer, as we make our way up the ramp and into the back.

Not too long after did the two of us part ways.

I had met up with Cody after a quick shower and a change into some sweats. We walked across the large parking lot and into the vestibule of the Marriot hotel. "So, hey, since you owe me do you want to go a few rounds of Mario Kart, I brought my game console to keep me alive this weekend,"

"You're on," Cody smirks.

We made it up to my room and as I got the game together, Runnels heated up some microwave popcorn. Cody and I decided on the best two out of three to win. Within the first round he was able to beat me but when we began round two; I caught him off guard on numerous times and was able to complete the amount of laps before him. Although, on the last game, Cody had a large amount of banana's saved up that I swerved off the road at least three times. He is such a cheater.

"No fair!" I spat, chucking some of the popcorn at him. Cody retaliated and a popcorn war began between the two of us. The war continued until all of the popcorn literally covered the floor around us; it didn't stop us from wrestling around on the bed though. The one thing about Cody that I absolutely hate is how sly he can be at times he caught both of my arms and left me open to anything. "Let go on me, you cheater!" I laugh, fidgeting to get myself free, his grip became a bit tighter but it wasn't enough to hurt me.

Runnels' forced me down on my back, his hands still holding me tightly. A smirk appears on his face, as he looks down on me with his dark brown contacts. "What're you gonna do now?" feeling victorious was only a seldom thing when it came between Cody and I, especially play wrestling.

Somehow I was able to counteract him and get him down by forcing myself up and pushing my weight on him, I don't weigh too much but I encountered an open vulnerable spot and I took it as my ticket to triumph over him. "What're you gonna do now?" I mock him, now wearing the 'bad girl' smirk I usually leave for television.

And that's when he leaned in and kissed me.

At first I could feel my eyes grow wider, as if he were playing, but instead they slowly drifted closed. I thought that Cody would push me away like he were just joking but that thought was pushed aside when he forced me closer to him, our bodies pressed together and his strong, lightly tanned arms wrap around my waist.

I allow it to keep happening, just in case it was a dream… although this felt too real, but still, I let it continue. Every kiss we shared, the brush of his skin onto my fingertips, the feel of his dark brown locks through my fingers, the way his hands held on firmly to my body; it was all so real.

Even when the articles of sweats we wore were slowly falling onto the rug below us, I couldn't chance the fact of pinching myself and then waking up out of this dream that I've been calling my sacred heaven for weeks.

Still, this dream felt all too real, every movement, every touch, every kiss; everything. It was beginning to send sensations up and down my spine and, all through my body.

Our positions switch, this time he's, again, on top of me; nothing, not even the material of our clothing, is holding us back from what we're about to do. Cody's eyes stare down into mine, a slight smile displays on his face and then he leans his head into mine and our lips meet. As our kiss is shared, his waistline moves against mine, a gasp escapes me but Cody steals another kiss to keep things from getting over-the-top too loud. His movements start slow and as we continue, his speed grew faster and faster but still with every loud moan that escapes me, Cody's lips embraced mine.

This was more blissful then any dream I've had…

After our first love making session, we relaxed. He held me close under the covers, we giggled, chatted and for the first time things between the two of us felt like more than just a storyline, more than just a friendship – it was like we could finally come out and feel normal with each other – there was nothing left for the two of us to hide, especially feeling-wise.

Our love making continued about two or three intermittent times, and when it was all over – not that I wanted it to be or anything – I was so tired that we ended up snuggling close to each other. I felt his lip brush lightly against my forehead and everything after that was a blur.

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