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Justine Brenner had the perfect life. She was 24, single and didn't need anything or anyone. There was plenty of money coming in from her job as a bartender/waitress at the Stone Cold and almost every night she took a different girl home. No strings, no Lesbian Bed Death, just one night of mind altering sex after the next.

What more could she want? She'd long ago left her parents and small town behind, making her way to Seattle, here under the constant threat of rain; she played, fucked and did whatever she wanted. Her friends were great, but other then a few mainstays invariably they'd end up in a relationship, moving in on the second date like some kind of fucking stereotype and buying a cat.

So she revolved through friends almost as fast as she did the ass that came through the bar every night. The Stone Cold never ran out of entertainment either. The weeknights were slower but pretty solidly a team game, the weekend though; invariably there'd be a group of toe dicks that came in, looking for a show and to show off what a "real man" could do.

Justine though, she knew that the day she met a man who could show her something she didn't know would be the day she jumped off the fucking Space Needle. Men were nothing new, she'd had her fair share but never saw any reason to bother trying it again; they were so predictable with their thrusts and grunts. She'd decided long ago she'd rather find a peach to eat any day of the week.

That's why the night a group of brown boys walked in to Stone Cold it was nothing new, nothing special. They were good looking sure, but Justine was a runner and worked out hard, like any good dyke should, so muscles weren't something that impressed her. That night she was showing it all off too, black sports bra and low slung jeans were all she wore, and the muscles on her hips had the dykes working up a sweat already, and the night was young. She'd have her pick tonight.

So when she went to take the order from the jock-cocks she was in full peacock mode, knowing she was going to get laid and have her pick of who she'd take home.

"You got Bass on tap" the oldest one asked, not bothering with introductions, knowing she was the kind that wasn't likely to be swayed.

"Yeah, pitcher?"

"Yeah yeah, that's good"

"And a round of shots yeah?"

"Sure – what'cha into tonight" Justine didn't bother with the flirt game tonight, sometimes these guys would leave amazing tips if they thought they had a chance but she just wasn't in the mood.

"Tequila, silver"


As she turned to put in their order a hand reached out, grabbing her arm, throwing Justine's brain into self-preservation instinct mode. She whipped around holding the hand and twisting it hard enough to break a finger on most people. Her foot shot up into the crotch of her offender – stepping down on the chair right between his legs with her steel-toed shit-kickers and grabbed him bay the neck.

"What the fuck is wrong with you" she sneered close into his face, not registering the amusement in the eyes looking back at her.

"You're a sexy bitch you know that?"

"Fuck you" she released him and stepped back, daring him to say another word with her stance.

"Paul, drop it" the older guy said, and like that it was over. Whoever he was, he had some strict controls over these ass wipes.

Justine was rip shit pissed; she didn't like to be touched without an invitation, especially by some sweaty guy she'd never met. "Who wants a toad tip?" she asked at the bar making all the other waitresses look to the table where they had sat.

"No fucking way"

"What are they doing here?"

"Fuck, I'd do one of them, just to say I had, look at that collection of hotness"

"Shut up Vicky"

"Hope they aren't trolling, not that crowd tonight"

Justine sighed, well, it couldn't get much worse so she was sure she could salvage something of her night. The fight with Paul had gotten her worked up, her adrenaline in full blast now, making her all the more dangerous and horny. Coming back to their table she noticed another one had joined them, bigger then the rest, with a chiseled look that you couldn't help be impressed by. Even Justine had to admit to taking a second look before setting down the drinks and nodding at him to see what he'd want.

Jacob hadn't been in the mood to come out that night, but Quil needed to blow off some steam after another fight with that cunt of a girlfriend of his Claire. Why he bothered Jacob would never know: bitch was such a…child. When Sam said they were going to Stone Cold Jake relaxed, other then worrying about Paul keeping his hands to himself they couldn't get into too much trouble here.

He was tired of the nights out, the bars where he had to deal with girls clinging to him. He hated to sound conceited but he couldn't get up to take a piss without someone coming on to him most nights, but here, he could just take in the view.

Their waitress that night was someone he'd seen before, but he was sure she'd never noticed him; she was the kind of butch dyke who didn't even pretend to be interested in his type. There was something about the way she moved that always made him watch though, she was a predator, he'd never seen her leave alone and always with the hottest girl in the place. He had many a fantasy imagining what happened those nights after she left licking her lips in anticipation.

She was his equal, a competitor, and she was hot as fuck. When she came to the table, the violence in her eyes told him that tonight was not the night to mess with her though. He had been biding him time, wanting to talk to her. She was intriguing and he couldn't quash the desire to know more about her. When her eyes swung to him though, and she nodded, a shiver of excitement went through him. This was the kind of woman who wasn't used to be fucked with, if anything he bet she was usually the one doing the fucking.

As he was starting to order the hottest chick he'd ever seen came up behind her, wrapping her arms around the waitress's waist from behind, rubbing her barely covered tits against her. Quil practically fell out of his chair when the girls hand snuck into the waitress' waist band, her fingers disappearing a few inches in, no doubt reaching whatever hair she had down there.

"Justine…" the girl cooed, making Justine relax back into the body behind her. She wasn't sure who it was but anyone with the balls to come up to her like that in front of these guys would be someone worth the time.

"Hey Baby" she said turning around, forgetting the men with their jaws on the floor. But in front of her was the last person she'd wanted to deal with tonight. Jane Voltera was the girl she'd been avoiding for a month now. Bitch was straight as the day was long but wanted to piss off daddy. Justine had been happy to help with that, until she realized Jane couldn't tell the difference between an adventure and love.


"Tinny, why haven't you called?"

"Look, can we talk later – I'm working."

"If I let you off now I'll never hear from you again, I learned that much" Jane's anger was seeping through. The girl just couldn't deal with what had happened between them, needed to blame someone for the way she felt now, and Justine was the obvious choice. No worry though, she'd be over it in a few months.

"Jane, look, you wanna do this now, fine, go back to your life ok? Go marry Dimitri like you were gonna before you came in here, forget it ever happened ok. There's nothing between us and you don't owe me anything, so go on, get the fuck out of here"

"Tinny! I love you"

"Bitch, you don't know what love is, now get the fuck away from me". Justine turned back to her table, leaving Jane in tears to run to the bathroom before going home and getting on with her life. It really was the kindest thing she could have done in that situation, no reason stretching it out.

"Bitches huh?" said the biggest of them with a wicked smile on his face that made the temperature in the club rise. The twinkle in his eye took her off guard. Whatever he was thinking it was something she was curious about at the least, excited by…well maybe.

Her smile was lascivious and caught Jacob off guard; she knew exactly what he'd meant.

"You gonna order something or you wanna compare notes all night?"

"Hmmm…that's a tough choice" it sounded like she was flirting with him, but that wasn't really possible, I mean, she was hard core you could tell just from looking at her. Her 4 pack showing, her hip bones jutting out above jeans that were so low you could almost imagine you could see something that you shouldn't. But damn if he didn't want to.

"So, you taste that?" Paul asked earning himself a nasty glare for Justine; he was everything she didn't want in her bar.

"Yeah, bit too salty for my taste, a little more your speed I think" she said, no doubt about what she meant.

"I'll take a Guinness" Jacob ordered, hoping to move her attention away from Paul. He'd never been intimidated by a woman before, but he bet she could give him a run for his money, might even be able to take Paul out.

"Alright then, try to keep your cocks in check alright boys? You are the minority tonight"

She walked away, swaying her hips more then usual for no one's benefit in particular, or at least that's what she told herself.

"Are you scuming tonight?" Victoria asked from her perch behind the bar while she pulled the Guinness.

"What are you talking about?"

"Please, I saw you over there; never seen you flirt like that before."

"Just digging for toad tips, you know"

"Sure, I've seen that before, doesn't have quite the same flare as this though." She smiled wickedly. Being the one straight girl at the bar wasn't easy, but Vicky made a go of it and she gave every bitch here a run for her money.

"Please" Justine scoffed, unsettled by the feeling that she could feel eyes on her, following her movements like an animal followed it's prey. That wasn't her role, she was the conqueror, the dominator feeling like she was on display was not something she was accustomed too. But somehow the temperature in the bar was getting hotter and her clit was tingling against her boyshorts.

Jacob couldn't stop watching the waitress. That conversation she'd had with the hot blonde was one he'd had so many times, always in her position. And she'd been ruthless about it, which made his cock twitch. She could hold her own, give it like she could take it and she was walking with a little more swagger, working those low slung jeans, showing the perfect cinch of her waist before her hips sloped out.

Jacob was a confident man, he hadn't had to work that hard in life, things came easily for him, from school on the Reservation he'd grown up on to opening his own business here in the city. He was smart and skilled and from what all the women told him, he was good looking and hung. He was an all-nighter and loved furthering that reputation.

The crew he was with now were guys who like him had fled the Res once they were old enough to get on with life, all doing some kind of blue collar job, but they were tight. He never had to front with them or pretend to be something he wasn't.

"You ain't got a chance Black" Paul broke his reverie


"That moe isn't interested in what you're packing"

"Please, I'm not looking for any of that shit tonight"

"Sure, you were working her up with your eyes, I saw it"

Justine returned with his drink now, coming to stand next to him and leaning across his lap to put it on the table. Jacob noticed every curve of her waist and the swell of her tits. She was packing a little something of her own and it was turning him on like crazy. She smelled sweet like fruit, mangos or peaches. And there was something else, a distinctly masculine smell about her that he couldn't place.

She caught his eyes and saw the fire in them. Justine was not prepared for the reaction her body had. Her brain said fuck off, but the pooling desire in her underwear gave her away immediately.

Stone Cold had a men's room and a ladies room. The women's room had a lounge with couches and stalls that were rarely used for their intended purpose. The men's room however was for the most part unused. This was where Justine went when she needed a moment away from the chaos of the bar. Sometimes it was to escape an especially possessive ex who just didn't get the message, sometimes it was to check up on how she was holding up in the heat of the night if someone had caught her interest.

Tonight she needed to breathe. Her body was betraying her and she needed the cool air away from the crowd that was starting to swarm. As usual there was no one else in there. She splashed cold water on her face, running her wet hands through her short hair, bringing it up into the faux-hawk that so many of the chicks here loved.

She leaned down on the sink for a few minutes to catch her breath. When she looked up she saw him in the mirror, standing right behind her. He was taller then she'd expected and his chest was broad. The shirt he had on hid nothing of his inhumanly perfect body and he knew it; that sexy smirk on his face.

"Men's room…"

"My cock's as big as yours I think I can use whatever head I want to" she said, flustered by his presence, her attraction putting her on the defensive.

"Is it now?" he took a step toward her, that black fire burning in his eyes, making her cunt wet enough that she could feel her boy shorts wet against her thighs.

"Fuck off, I have to get back to work" She had to walk past him to get out, but he wasn't budging from his position between her and the door. As she approached he spoke softly, so low it sounded more like a growl then a human voice.

"So, you gonna show me that cock of yours?" His hand slid along the front of her stomach, wrapping around her middle and pulling her against his leg, when his thigh came into contact with her core the fire that had been building there blazed through her body making her gasp before she even realized what she was doing.

"Fuck you" she said, struggling against his hold, his arms muscular and thick, pulling her closer. Justine pulled her arm back and punched her fist full force as hard as she could, he was too close for a proper blow but she knew she was strong and was prepared to do as much damage as she could.

The impact of her punch hit him square in the jaw, making his head jerk back, but he didn't loosen his hold on her. Instead as soon as his head was back in the correct position at the end of his neck he slammed his lips down on hers. Her hands were still balled up into fists as he held onto her waist and bent her backwards at an impossible angle with the force of his kiss.

Again her body betrayed her, her mouth opened against her internal screams of denial, pulling his tongue into her mouth. He was hot and tasted like the dark ale he'd been drinking. His smell was musky and thick and her hands unclenched before coming up to his shoulders.

Jacob moaned into her mouth when she ran one hand into his hair, pulling on it hard, pulling his head back away from her, but she came with him on his retreat, pushing against him matching his ferocity. He could feel the pool of moisture from her cunt on his pant leg and knew he hadn't been wrong to follow her in here. All logical thought told him this was an impossibility but her teeth clamping down on his lower lip, pulling and sucking as she bit told him this was real.

He picked her small frame up, his hand grabbing her ass hard, and pushed her against the wall of the small room, her legs wrapped around his waist bringing his length directly into contact with the moisture saturating center of her jeans.

"You are so fucking wet, I can smell it"

"Don't talk" she said digging her nails into his shoulders as he brought his mouth down onto her neck and sucked. His mouth was wide and it felt like he was kissing everywhere at once. She could feel the scratch of his beard against her neck, the friction making her moan and rub her hips against him.

He sucked and licked at the long muscles of her neck, his hands gripping her ass, holding her in place for him to grind against. Her clit was screaming against the unexpected pressure and her brain was finally shutting up, drifting to the back of her mind, giving way to the overwhelming sensation of his large hand on her breast. He cupped and massaged her roughly, groaning as he bit her on the shoulder, hard enough that she could feel every tooth, certain there would be a mark and it would be most distinctly male.

His mouth came back up to hers and she dove into him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, pulling herself up higher against him, taking control of the moment, despite being pinned against the wall. She clawed at his head while rubbing herself up and down against him, lifting off of him before slamming back down.

Jacob was strong, he could handle her weight as her heels dug into his ass for leverage, what he couldn't handle was the overwhelmingly erotic feeling of having her take over, commanding his body despite being so small and just a moment ago being at his mercy.

"Fuck…" he moaned, turned on almost to the blowing point by her assault on his mouth and neck. She bit him, running teeth along his sensitive skin, clutching and massaging his shoulders and back.

But before he lost his mind all together, throwing her on the bathroom floor and fucking her until her cervix was in her throat she hopped off of him, agile as a cat. Surprise breaking his concentration so he released her without a fight.

"That's all the show you get tonight" she said, he voice hard with desire.

"Don't wanna show" he said his eyes trained on hers, lust dripping off of his words.

"I'm certainly not gonna fuck you in the men's room" she said reeking of desire.

"Sure seemed like you were" he said thickly, that smile that had started all of her confusion firmly planted on his face, daring her to deny him.

She had to make her escape now if she wanted to retain any sense of self tonight. He was further into the room, making her escape route to the door a straight line. She turned on him and walked away, but just as her hand was reaching out for the door handle he was behind her, hands on the skin of her hip bones, searing her with his fingers. He was hot and hard, his cock pressed angrily against her ass.

"You wanna feel that, I know you do, I can smell it on you"

"Fuck you"

"You say that a lot, when you gonna do it" he bent his knees and tilted his hips, running his length along her ass, making her shiver with the erotic sensation.

"Damn…" was all she could utter as one hand moved along her waist burning her skin, making her muscles contract in reaction throughout her body. His hand slipped into the front of her jeans, just like Jane had done, but he didn't stop when he reached her bush, he pushed on, dipping his hand lower, opening her with his large calloused fingers, making her gasp with the sudden roughness of his touch.

"Feels like you wanna too" he rubbing his hand along her, bringing the moisture from her opening up against her throbbing clit, making her light headed with pleasure. He was fucking her, maybe not the way he meant, but his rough touch and demanding cock against her ass was as close to getting fucked as she'd come in years.

"Fuck…" she moaned, making his cock swell impossibly, desperate to dive into the wetness against his hand. She was leaning back against him, moving spastically against his hand. He brought his mouth down on her neck kissing and chewing on the sweet tender skin there while he rode her out to breaking point.

She was screaming now, her hands against the wall of the bathroom while she leaned forward, pulling his hand at an impossible angle while she convulsed under his attention, her ass moving so hard and fast against his cock he thought he might loose it without ever getting to be inside of her.

When her breathing slowed and her body relaxed he pulled his hand out of her jeans bringing it to his mouth. "You taste even better then you smell" he moaned into her neck, seeing the sweat on her skin.

"Mmmm, well enjoy it…thanks but that's all your getting" she said, adjusting her pants as she stood up straight, opened the door and walked out.

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