Jacob drove back to his apartment slowly, not wanting to rush the night. He knew that once he got Justine alone he was going to have her every which way he could imagine and he was looking forward to it too much to waste a single moment.

Astride his BMW bike Jake made his way through the back roads, taking every turn expertly. The bike was his prized possession, bought with the money he'd inherited when his mother passed away. This bike was the only woman that held his heart.

Behind him Justine held on tight. Her hands didn't roam his body the way most of the women he took on these nighttime rides did. She didn't rub up against him or grab at him like some desperate whore. Instead she just held onto his hips, her fingers strong and holding him tight. There was something about the way a woman moved on the back of a bike that spoke to what kind of lover would they would be. Did they hold on too tight? Did they resist the movement of the bike or did the let their hips roll with the rock and sway of the moment?

Justine was comfortable on the back of the bike. Despite her minimal clothing and the wind rushing past her, the heat of Jacob's body shielded her from the cold. She leaned slightly against his back, not so much as to melt into him but just enough to feel the stretch and pull of his shirt against his skin as he shifted his body to control the machine beneath them. His scent was strong, detergent and clean night air wafted off of him.

Back here, in the darkness of night, she was able to relax. The further they drove from the Stone Cold the easier it was for her to accept the choice she had made to go home with Jacob. It had been years since she'd been with a man, and in all honesty it wasn't like she didn't enjoy the sensations. But for the most part, men were too controlled, too rigid as lovers to be worth the time and energy they required. Justine was more comfortable in the driver's seat. She couldn't identify what it was about Jacob and made her willing to even consider what she was about to do, let alone look forward to it. But there was something about him. His powerful body, the graceful way he moved, the intensity in his eyes when he looked at her...

Jacob pulled up in front of a brick building on the south side of the city and slipped the bike expertly into a small spot between two cars right in front of his door. He set his feet down and waited for Justine to get off of the bike before slamming down on the kickstand with his foot and hopping off himself. Standing on the dark sidewalk, hidden from the glow of the streetlamp by the trees that were planted along the street, Jacob reached out and placed a hand on Justine's waist. Her jeans hung low on her hips and she was still dressed in only the sports bra she had worn at the bar. He did not pull her to him or make any moves toward her. He simply stood there, feeling the softness of her skin under his fingertips.

Justine looked up at him, taking in the man standing before her. He made no demands on her, no assumptions, he only wanted her. He wanted her and the look of lust that darkened his eyes made her swoon in the moonlight. Throwing all caution and definitions of self away she had come here with him. Now she knew what she wanted, and it was standing before her looking down at her lips with hooded eyes.

Reaching for him, she pushed her fingers up into his hair and pulled his lips down toward her. He was tall and muscular and his body moved smoothly as his mouth came to meet hers. She sighed as he gathered her up into his arms, pulling her up onto her toes and demanding that she open to him.

Jacob moved his hand along her skin, warming her with the heat of his flesh. She was barely dressed and his body ached to touch the rest of her. Their lips moved together and her tongue was forceful, begging for more of him. She tasted of perfection, of knowledge. He pulled away, afraid of losing himself in the sweetness of her.

"Come on," he said, taking a step back and releasing her body.

Justine whimpered unwillingly as the heat and pleasure of his form left her. Stepping toward him she nodded with a wry smile on her lips. Under different circumstances she would laugh at how silent he was, that he didn't speak much, only enough to make demands. Tonight his commanding tone sent shivers of desire through her, making her toes curl in anticipation. t

Walking inside the brick building Justine was struck by the thought that it smelled just like her apartment complex. The hallways were filled with the smells of a mass of people all living together. The odor of last night's take out being heated up, a cigarette being smoked out a window, the laundry in the basement. It all intermingled to create a familiar and homey smell.

Leading her by the hand, Jake walked up a flight of stairs and stopped before his apartment. The number twenty-three hung on the door. He never brought women here. He hated having them know where he lived. He hadn't been in a real relationship since high school and that had ended...badly. So now he kept everyone at a distance, only investing so much of himself.

Something about Justine had reached him; he felt that even if this was no more than tonight, on some deeper level he could trust her. They were the same.

As Jacob dropped Justine's hand and reached into his pocket to pull out his keys, Justine allowed her hands to reach out and touch him. She gently traced the outline of his form, noting his broad shoulders and how his body tightened down to a slim waist. When her hands reached the top of his pants she wrapped her hands around him, bringing her body against his back. Her body throbbed for him and here, and holding onto him from behind, she melted into him, her hands sliding up his torso, over his sculpted body until they came to rest on his chest. Taking a deep breath she relaxed into what she was doing.

The key turned and the deadbolt stuck slightly causing Jacob to swear under his breath and jiggle the key.

"Impatient?" Justine asked with a laugh. Her breath warm against his back.

"Yes," he replied with a smile before kicking the bottom of the door lightly with his toe, causing the key to snap into position and the door to unlock.

Stepping forward, he walked into the front hall of his small, one bedroom apartment. Justine followed, releasing her hold on his torso, but not letting her hands lose contact with his back. Turning toward her he reached over her head and shut the door. The automatic lock on the handle clicked into place. Standing face to face in the small, narrow hallway, Justine's breath caught. Her hands still hadn't left his body and now they lay gently upon his chest.

Jake looked at her in the dark of his apartment. His eyes adjusted quickly even though the only light was from the kitchen window, which lay further into the apartment. Her face was stunning. She had on dark black eyeliner but her lipstick had worn off long ago; his body quivered at the thought that perhaps some of that lipstick was still in the shape of her lips around his cock.

Leaning down he kissed her again, more passionately than last time and she responded in kind. Biting his bottom lip, she pulled him to her and pressed her body into him. His erection jumped and she felt him harden against her. His response excited her and she threw herself completely into their kiss.

Jacob was caught off guard as she pushed against him, walking quickly and holding on to his shirt tightly so that he never took his lips from her. She did not know where she was going but had taken control of the moment, demanding that they move this show from the hallway and further into his home.

He stumbled backwards, a smile on his lips at the commanding woman he had brought home. He was ready for whatever she could dish out and was more than happy to match her play for play. Fuck if there wasn't something sexy about a woman taking control.

He stopped walking, breaking their kiss and Justine slammed into his chest, panting against his mouth. She wanted more, she wanted all of him and stopping in the fucking hallway of his kitchen wasn't getting her any fucking closer to having him.

"What?" she growled, removing her lips from his just enough to get the word out before leaning in and sucking on his lip.

"I can't see where I'm going," his voice hinted at a smile. His mocking and gloating tone pissed her off and she pushed against him harder, knocking him off balance and away from her. Her body was cold from the sudden removal of his heat but she wasn't about to be fucked with like that.

"Then walk," she stated matter-of-factly. Jacob's smile shone in the moonlight drifting in from the kitchen window behind her. His teeth were white and the tilt of his head was predatory. Justine took another step toward him, unable to stay away. "Go," she commanded, pushing him again.

Jacob laughed a playful, friendly sound that Justine responded to with a smile despite herself.

"Impatient?" he whispered.

"Yes." Justine looked deep into his eyes and saw the excitement flare in them at her open expression of desire.

Further into the apartment was Jacob's bedroom. He had a large bed with a heavy wooden frame and matching furniture. Everything was rustic and looked like he could have made it himself, but it was comforting and felt like home. He grew up in the woods; living in the city wasn't a natural state for him, surrounding himself with things like this helped.

Turning on the bedside light, Jacob turned to look at Justine. She stood in the doorway, appraising what she saw with a critical eye and for a moment he feared that she might leave. Who was he to have this beautiful creature in his home? For the first time in his life he felt unworthy of the gift he'd been given.

The room was exactly as Justine would have imagined it. Small and filled with over-sized furniture. It suited him. He was over-sized, too. She looked up at him and smiled, surprised to see relief wash over his face. His response was confusing, but instead of worrying about it she simply reached up and pulled her sports bra over her head.

Her breasts were small and perfect, nipples erect in the cool night air. Her left nipple was pierced and the silver ring shone and swayed with her breathing. Jacob leaned back against the window frame and appraised the woman standing in the dim light before him. She was comfortable with his eyes on her; standing exposed like that was something few people, especially women, were capable of. But instead of covering herself or laughing uncomfortably, instead of attempting to shift attention from her body, she simply stood there and waited.

Justine's body was hard and athletic. She was small in stature but her body spoke of strength and power that could overwhelm most anyone. A four pack was carved into her abdomen just above where her hips flared out into seductive curves. Her short hair had fallen from the spiky style of earlier in the night and laid across her forehead gently, curling softly around her ears. She was an enigma, a combination of feminine softness and masculine violence.

Without a word he crossed his arms and nodded at her, signaling that his inspection was complete. Justine smiled a crooked smile and licked her lips. She could practically smell his need for her but he was holding back, prolonging the moment of anticipation, making her wetter than she thought possible.

Raising her hands to her belt buckle she undid it quickly. Her jeans barely stayed up without it and were hanging on her hips out of pure defiance of gravity. Unbuttoning each button on her fly slowly, she took a step forward and sat on the bed. Quickly she reached down and unzipped the sides of her boots, tossing them toward the door where her bra lay.

She stood up again and faced away from Jacob so that he could watch as she slowly pulled her jeans down over her ass, exposing the tight fitting boy shorts that passed for underwear. Finally she presented him with the curve of her hip flaring out from the narrowness of her tight waist. When her hands reached her thighs and the jeans fell from her ass she bent forward slightly and looked back.

Jacob was gripping his own arms tightly, forcing himself to stay in place as he was given the hottest strip tease of his life. Fuck this woman knew how to move. She arched her back and turned back to face him, a wicked smile on her lips. Every time she met his eyes, he felt like he was going to die if he didn't slam his cock into her fast, hard and soon.

Justine dropped her pants and stepped out of them before turning back to face Jacob. Her smile was lascivious and full of power. She knew how she affected him and she loved it. She wanted to tear at him, bite him and scream into his skin. Somehow she felt free to let go with him in a way she never allowed herself .

Jake undressed quickly - he was not an expert at slow seduction like Justine and simply tore his shirt off before hastily removing his pants. When she saw his perfect abs and throbbing cock she ached to touch him. Crossing the room quickly she pushed against him, only the cotton of her shorts between them. When their lips came into contact it was like a bolt of lightning passed between them, igniting them both into a frenzy of lust.

Justine wrapped a leg around him and pulled down on his shoulders as if trying to climb him. Her kisses were rough and forceful, more of an attack than an act of intimacy, her teeth pulled on his lips and her nails clawed at him desperately. She wanted to consume his skin, pull all of him inside of her, rip him to shreds.

Jacob's need was no less intense and he quickly walked them to the bed never allowing his cock to stop touching her body. Once there she climbed onto it backwards and up onto her knees. Higher now they were the same height and Justine could reach his neck without straining.

She licked at his salty skin until she reached his ear. Pulling the lobe into her mouth, she sucked hard, allowing her tongue to snake inside his ear. Jacob shuddered and closed his eyes, pulling her body closer against him, rolling his hips so that his cock massaged against her skin. She continued her exploration of his skin, pulling the flesh of his neck into her mouth, before moving to the other side; using her hands she yanked his head to the side, allowing her access to what she wanted. She bit at the top of his muscled shoulder, scraping her teeth along him making Jacob moan and rock his hips against her harder.

Pulling away, Justine smiled at Jake as he opened his eyes and the look of disappointment she saw there. She slipped one hand into her boy shorts and began stroking herself, her eyes locked on his. She was wet and her fingers slid easily against her folds. Exploring herself, Justine closed her eyes and gasped as her fingers finally found the hard nub that housed her pleasure. For a moment she lost herself in the feelings that radiated out from her core, warming and exciting her.

Jake grabbed her wrist sharply and pulled her hand roughly out of her underwear, shocking Justine. Her eyes flashed angrily and she growled at him in frustration. He pushed her back on the bed making her tumble over her legs and land flat on her back, legs apart before him. A small throaty laugh came from her as he crawled on to the bed and lowered his weight onto her form, pressing her into the soft mattress.

His body was large and Justine was overwhelmed by the feeling of him as he brought his hips against her and began to grind his cock against her cunt. He was heavy on top of her, but his arms held the bulk of his weight. It was his eyes that mesmerized her, he never stopped looking directly at her, desire and violence dripping off of his lashes onto her skin.

"Fuck!" she called out and he lowered himself further onto her, no longer holding his weight off of her. She arched against him and brought her legs up to his hips needing to feel more of him against her. Her legs moved, trying to find something to hold onto as her hips began to match his rhythm. Justine closed her eyes and threw her head back, allowing Jake to begin his assault on her neck.

Jacob wrapped his arms under her, causing her to arch her back further. Her breasts were tight against his chest, and as she moved, he could feel her nipple ring scraping against his skin. Her skin was warm and smooth and his mouth took in all of her that he could. Unable to stand the clothing between them Jake moved back on his knees and pulled her boy shorts off of her feet.

The two were now naked and panting, the inevitability of their union drawing near. Coming back down to her, Jacob brought his mouth to her right breast and wrapped his lips around the mound. He pulled her deep into him, licking at her nipple as he suckled and moaned against her. His body lay between her legs and her wetness pressed against his abdomen, begging him to take her.

When he released her, Justine sat up slightly in complaint, the cold air a shocking contrast to his hot mouth. His hand found the breast he had left and his teeth found the ring in her other nipple. He tugged on it gently, testing the bounds of her desire. Lying back Justine closed her eyes and leaned up into him. His tongue flipped the ring back and forth, flicking at her nipple while his fingers pinched and rolled the other.

"Motherfucker..." Justine moaned, grabbing Jake by the hair and pulling him down onto her. She wanted to be devoured by him, consumed by his heat and passion. Instead he resisted and bit her nipple until he could feel the metal ring inside of her flesh. The pain and pleasure of the sensation shocked Justine, making her buck up against him. To her disappointment Jake pulled away from her and laughed.

"You like that don't you? I could tell you were a dirty bitch." His smile was smug and arrogant and Justine wanted to rip it right off of his face. In her passion and anger Justine lost herself. She reared up and pushed him over, rolling on top of the asshole she had for some reason decided to come home with. Fuck, she couldn't deny it, he was sexy as hell and she was desperate to feel him.

"I'm not playing bitch in this tonight. That's your role; I like to be the big spoon. You ever been fucked Jake? Really, thoroughly fucked?" She was sitting on top of him now, her wet folds so close to his cock he could feel the heat radiating off of her. She held herself away from him and brought her lips against his. She licked his lower lip before reaching between them and grabbing hold of his cock.

"Yeah..." Jake's hips slammed up into her hand when she touched him, his cock desperate for release.

"Shhh..." Justine breathed, "you want me to fuck you like a good little girl, right? So you're going to have to lay still and think of the empire; let me do all the work."

Jake shivered and nodded and she placed his tip right at her opening.

"You want it?" She growled quietly and Jake nodded again, barely able to keep from grabbing her hips and slamming up into her, but the sweetness of releasing control to her kept him in check.

Justine slipped against him, rubbing only the very tip of his cock against her opening. She did not allow him to enter her though; each time he tried to move his hips she would move away, always staying just out of reach.

"You're a cock tease," he moaned, his hands reaching up for her breasts. He kneaded them firmly, rolling the nipples in his fingers, pinching and pulling on her piercing, letting his large hands grab her roughly. Slowly she lowered onto him, allowing his head to enter and spread her. She closed her eyes and welcomed the burning feeling of being stretched. It had been so long since anything as soft as him had been inside of her, always it was a lover's hand or something artificial, but nothing had compared to this.

She stayed still, lost in the feeling of him, her thoughts only on the sensations coursing through her body. The moment stretched out before her, and nothing mattered in that moment other than two bodies combined, flesh upon flesh. Suddenly he grabbed her hips with a moan and began to push up into her. Justine leapt off of him, surprised by his actions.

"I told you to stay still," she said from her perch on his pillows, a smile on her lips now that she was back in control.

"Fuck that!" Jacob sat up and turned toward her, reaching again for the little woman who drove him insane.

"I was trying, but you ruined it! Guess I should go home now." Justine slid toward the side of the bed and began to get up. Jake grabbed her and threw her back on the bed.

"There's no fucking way you're leaving now."

She got up on her hands and knees to crawl away, her ass splayed out before him making his cock twitch and scream out to dive into her depths. Before she could escape, Jacob was behind her and bringing his tongue to her folds from behind. Her cry was sharp and full of pleasure as his thick tongue dragged over her clit and back to her opening. Her moans were all the encouragement he needed to continue. He pressed his face against her and lapped hungrily at her depths. He pressed his tongue inside of her, tasting her completely. Her body rocked back against him as he pulled away.

"Nah ehhh, you hold still now," he pulled himself up and kneeled directly behind her keeping his body away from hers. "Can you do that?" he asked.

"No fucking way," Justine spat despite her body shaking from the pleasure of his tongue and the hardness of his body.

He pushed down on her back, exposing her sensitive flesh to the air and his body. She struggled, pushing up against him, writhing beneath his strength. He grabbed one hip with his right hand, pulling her back against the heat of his cock, sliding it up and down against her cunt and ass. She bucked and cried out, throwing her head back.

Grabbing her short hair with his left hand he pulled her up roughly, forcing her to kneel in front of him so that her back was flush against his chest. She cried out and pulled away, only causing him to tighten his hold and pull more forcefully. He could feel the pulsing of his cock, screaming to be inside of her, to release the pressure that had been building ever since he first saw her tonight. No matter how many times he came it would never be enough to relieve his need for her.

"Justine," he growled against her neck, causing the soft short hairs there to stand at attention. His breath was hot against her skin making her shiver in the cool night air of his apartment.

"Yes..." she purred, stilling herself and leaning back against his strong hold. He still had one hand on her hip, the other wrapped around her chest holding her close.

"Do you want me to let you go?" his voice was low and menacing. If she said yes, let me go he would release her but chances were he would end up breaking something in his apartment after she left just to try to release some of the violence and need building in him.

"Fuck..." she groaned hating that he was going to make her say out loud how much she needed to feel him inside of her, how desperately her too long unused cunt wept for him to fill her.

He growled again at the obscenity and felt as she reached her hand back and slid it between their bodies. He gasped as she maneuvered her hand to grab his balls and squeeze them.

"If I wanted you to let me go, you'd have no fucking choice but to do it," and with that Justine squeezed harder and twisted her wrist slightly causing Jake to exhale sharply, his entire body stiffening as the twinge of pain ran through his testicles. Slowly she released him, allowing her fingers to fondle his sensitive flesh.

Jacob closed his eyes and allowed his hips to start moving against her ass, lost in the sensation of her hand and body working him higher and higher. He pushed hard against her, feeling the bones beneath her sensitive flesh. Suddenly he pulled away and grabbed her hips. He lifted and twisted her body over, throwing her back onto the bed, not caring how hard she landed.

Justine sat up on her elbows, looking up at Jake from beneath her lashes and he hesitated, no longer sure if he was actually the one in control. Was she really just playing with him? Her eyes never left his as he loomed over her, his cock standing at attention, her body dripping with anticipation.

Without a word Jake reached into his bedside table drawer and pulled out a condom. Opening it and smoothing it over himself he held her eyes. He came to her, his hands next to her shoulders, his body hovering just above her. Justine brought her hands up to his face, and in an unexpected expression of intimacy, she stroked his cheek. Her fingers felt the rough skin, the days without shaving giving his face a dark shadow. Jacob closed his eyes, leaning into the sweetness of the touch. In the throws of such passion, this moment was outside of expectations and they both took it for what it was.

Soon Justine's thumb found his lower lip. As she swept across his mouth he opened his eyes and lowered his weight onto her. Hands on his shoulders, she tilted her hips up to meet him. His hand slid between their bodies, guiding himself to her entrance perfectly, easily. Expertly he entered her, slicing her open, breaking her into halves.

Justine's nails dug into his shoulders as he moved inside of her, only halfway in he was gliding in and out of her, torturing her, making her beg for more. She pulled him down to her and kissed him, kissing his lips as if they could save her from this desperate need. He moved further into her, sliding in and out, each time entering another millimeter deeper, each time making her moan and arch for more.

Soon Jacob was pushed as deeply into her as he could go, but still it wasn't enough, he felt there was something more for him here, something deeper, something sacred. Her walls tightened around him and Justine sighed, leaning away from him slightly, making him rotate his hips at another angle. He worked her faster, hard enough to drive her insane but not hard enough to satisfy her increasing need.

"Fuck, baby..." she moaned and lifted her legs, bending at the waist and bringing her knees high against his side. With her hips at this angle Jacob could push further into her, no barriers between them. He pushed harder, trying to climb inside of her, trying to bury himself, save himself in her.

Sweat dripped from him onto her but Justine didn't notice. Her own body was slick with heat and desire. Leaning back Jacob pulled her knees higher, placing them beneath his arms, folding her in half as far as possible. With this new leverage he could kneel slightly, lifting his body and bringing the base of his cock directly against her opening.

Justine grabbed at his arms, nails deep in the flesh of his muscled triceps. She moaned and tried to move, her passion pushing her to the point of unconsciousness. She rocked up anticipating each time he would slam down into her, she squeezed her eyes shut as he hit up against her just a little too hard, but still not hard enough.

Her thrashing made Jake crazy, she was losing control and he was the one riding her, pushing her. He leaned down, his weight on her now, his arms wrapped up under her shoulders. Quickly his hips thrust into her and then pulled back, so far out of her that he was almost out, but his size kept him firmly in place. Each time he thrust into her it was perfect, a re-entry that took his breath away.

They rocked, rolled, swayed, and moaned together. Jake's hold on his control was slipping and when Justine's arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer, he shuddered with the attempt not to cum.

Oblivious to her partner's tentative hold on sanity, Justine pulled her feet free and placed them on the bed. Although he could no longer enter her as deeply she was able now to move against him, lifting her hips high up off of the bed. Powerfully she met him, slamming up against his body as hard as he thrust into her. Her clit strained as it pulled against his skin seeking release. Inside and out Justine was on fire.

With strength and grace she wrapped one leg up around him and lifted herself onto the other.

"Roll," she commanded and he complied.

Changing position smoothly, they reoriented themselves. Their passion was strong and they were high on each other's bodies. Justine took her position astride Jake's hips easily, lowering herself down onto him, rolling her hips back so that when she lifted off of him his cockhead stroked her inner wall.

Jacob groaned and brought his hands to her breasts. He could hold each easily in his large hands, squeezing and massaging them as she worked herself against his cock. She was wet and panting, lost in the blur of desire.

Spreading her knees wide Justine lowered herself down onto Jake deeply, moaning and falling forward. His hands against her chest held her up and gave her something to lean against as she pounded against his body. She relaxed into trusting him to hold her up as he submitted to her movements, rocking his hips to the rhythm she set. Together they allowed themselves to fall.

The bliss of their passion extended past their bodies and up into their hearts and souls. Each found comfort and pleasure in the embrace of a stranger.

"Jus...Just..." Jake gasped as his orgasm lit inside of him, clawing to the surface, desperate to break free.

Justine leaned back and he grabbed her hips pulling her down against him and he began to grind inside of her. Placing her hands on his chest she moved against him, up and down, in and out, pulling his release from him as he fought to maintain control. Just as he was about to give in to his body's demand he brought his thumb to the top of her opening, stroking the soft center between her pink folds.

He pressed against the hard nub he found and slammed up into her causing Justine to lose herself into him. Her orgasm broke free from her body, her clit lighting up like his touch was an electrical current, pulsing along her skin, matched only by the sensual throbbing of her inner walls around her lover's body.

With a scream Justine arched toward Jake, falling against him. His hold on her body lost, he grabbed at any part of her he could find, needing leverage for just one, two, three...fuck...four more thrusts. With her body against him, her cunt clutching and pulling on him in the final throws of her orgasm Jake pushed hard against her, grabbing her ass and wrapping and arm around her lower back, reaching so far into her he thought he could feel hear heartbeat.

With a final shudder Justine collapsed as Jake grunted and lost his breath. Eyes closed, he allowed the moment of perfection to flood out of him and into her, his strangled cry a plea for the torturous pleasure to finally come to an end. With a final spasm his hands fell away from her skin, lying next to them on the now tangled mass of sheets.

With him still inside of her Justine sighed and relaxed against his chest. His body so large and warm, she felt safe and content. Her hand traced patterns lightly on his skin as she smiled despite herself. Soon Jake's breath returned to normal and he placed a hand on the small of her back, a solid, strong touch. He asked nothing of her, enjoying only their silent moment together.

Pulling up, Justine looked down at the man who defied all definitions of what she wanted and needed in a lover and smiled before kissing him softly on the lips. His mouth was soft and their kiss languid, the fatigue of a night well spent settling in. Slowly she pulled away and climbed off of him, finally removing his body from hers and severing the often sought but rarely found connection they had created.

Without a word she sat up and stretched, her muscled back arching up and out from her hips. Jake sighed and reached out to touch her, rolling onto his side his slid his hand up and down her back, massaging the well-defined body before him. His smile was sleepy and content.

"Where's the bathroom?" she asked turning toward him with a smile.

"End of the hall," he said with a gesture of his head, his smile brighter then it had been in years.

"Okay." Justine stood up and walked out, the sway in her hips unmistakably sexy.

When she returned Jake had pulled on a pair of loose boxers and straightened the bed. She stood in the doorway and looked over at him lying comfortably under the covers in the bed that looked as if it had been made just for him.

"Come to bed," he said, holding one arm out.

"I...I don't know if I should stay..."

Jake sat up and eyed her knowingly. "Come on, we'll have breakfast and I'll take you home."

With a sigh, she submitted to what she had wanted all along. In his bed she found warmth and acceptance. She wrapped around him, an arm thrown over his waist, her head lying gently upon his shoulder. She sighed and relaxed with a quiet passion that soon passed and drifted into sleep.