CRASH. I bashed into someone, my books and papers spilling everywhere as my bag split. Fucking great. The guy I'd collided with was still standing, looking even more bad-tempered than usual.

"Five points from Gryffindor for not watching where you are going, Miss Granger" He sneered. Snape brushed himself down and stalked off.

I climbed ungracefully to my feet and began collecting my stuff, muttering about bloody Snape and worrying about being late for the next lesson. 7th year was a nightmare. I had too much homework and not enough time, and exams were soon. Everyone thought I exaggerated, but I wanted to be a teacher, and for that I need the best grades possible, plus an apprenticeship. I could not decide what to go for as my teaching subject, but knew that it was between Transfiguration, Charms, Arithmancy and Potions. I needed to work doubly, no triply hard.

After collecting my books, I walked down the corridor to my next lesson, Transfiguration. I sat down next to Harry and Ron, who for once were there before me and started taking notes as soon as Professor McGonagall started talking.

At end of the day we all piled into the Great Hall for dinner. Dumbledore stood up.

"Students I have something very serious to discuss, before we tuck in. Due to the wizarding population dwindling, the Ministry of Magic has decided to pass an extremely unfortunate law. The law states that anyone over the age of 17 should be married within the month. They will have to produce one child every year until they have both a boy and a girl, who are both gifted with magical abilities. Talk to your heads of houses for more questions, and I am truly sorry. Enjoy your dinner."

There was a moment of silence before the houses were in uproar. I stayed silent, thinking of my options. I had turned 17 last month. Fuck. Ron would marry Lavender, Harry would marry Ginny. Padma and Parvati would marry Fred and George. Fuck. Neville had his eye on a Hufflepuff. Fuck, fuck. I would be married this month. But to who?

McGonagall came up to our table.

"Miss Granger, the Headmaster wants to see you."

I followed her up to the Gargoyles, which opened at once. She left me there whispering "Good Luck" with sympathetic features.

I trudged up to his office as if in a daze. This could not be happening. Christ on a stick, I was going to be married. To who?

I knocked on the door and entered. Snape was inside looking grumpy and bored. That was not a good sign.

"Aah, Miss Granger. Please take a seat." Dumbledore greeted me. "Would you like some tea, I know this has been a shock for everyone."

"Sure" I said, and the tea was conjured up onto his desk. The only seat available was next to Snape who sat glaring at me, his arms folded across his chest. I sat by him and sipped at the tea.

"As you know the new law has just been passed. This puts you in a very dangerous situation, being a close friend of Harry's and associated with the Order. You will need to marry very carefully so that no one can use you to gain secrets. Therefore, we have been left with extremely few options. Only one in fact."

Snape suddenly said "Headmaster why am I here, this is about Miss Granger, not me." He sounded utterly bored, if a little suspicious.

"Well, as a matter of fact, Severus, you are the only trustworthy person in the Order who will be able to protect Miss Granger sufficiently. As it happens, I believe you to be the only person available to marry her."

Snape seemed to choke. "Granger! Me? What about Potter?" He snarled.

"With Ginny." I said.




"Some Hufflepuff."

He slumped back in his chair practically spitting. I stayed silent and thought. Dumbledore was right of course. But seriously, me, Hermione Granger married to Snape? 'Hermione Snape'. Ew.

"There's no other options?" I asked Dumbledore, my voice steady.

"No, I'm sorry my dear." He seemed to sympathize.

"Why me? Fucking hell, she's my student apart from anything else! I can't fucking believe this!" Snape cried.

"How are we going to tell everyone? I can't go round as Hermione Snape!" I wrinkled my nose at the thought. Sure this must be hard for him, everyone would think he was a fucking pedo, but how the hell would everyone react to me? They'd think I was trying to up my grades by shagging the potions master. Why me?!

"No one can know, as you are probably both thinking. The only people who can know are me and Professor McGonagall. Hermione, I am sure you will want to discuss this with someone. I will talk to Ginny Weasley as I know you two are close friends and will inform her of the importance of secrecy. Is that ok?" Dumbledore finished.

"Sure." I was a bit spaced out. Snape looked livid. Then it dawned on me. I was going to have to sleep with that dungeon bat. Shit. He wouldn't look at me. He just glared at Dumbledore. It was a little scary.

"In two weeks you will have a secret wedding, with only Me, Ginny and both your parents attending. You will start sharing quarters in one week, to get to know each other. Is that clear?"

Albus's eyes pierced mine.

"Parents?" Severus choked out. Sweet Merlin. The idea of Snape's parents terrified and fascinated me. My parents would probably kill Snape on sight. Oh crap.

"Ok." I breathed.

Severus just left. Probably to brood in his dark, damp, dungeons. That in one week I would be living in. That shouldn't be a problem to keep secret; no one knew where my Head Girl's rooms were anyway apart from Ginny; I usually met up with everyone at breakfast.

"You may go, Hermione."

I nodded and left.

As I suspected, Ginny was waiting for me outside my rooms. She looked me over and hugged me, checking I was ok. Suddenly, my steely control left me and I started crying. We went into my room and lay in the bed fully clothed.

"Snape." I choked out, forcefully drying the remaining tears. "Who'd have thought I'd be marrying Snape in two weeks. Ginny, I'm going to have to sleep with him. Fucking hell."

Ginny stroked my arm, comfortingly.

"It could be worse I guess. It could be Mundungus or someone. At least he's clever, Hermione. And you know, he's your teacher; he's not going to hurt you." She said.

"You don't know that. He may have some leather fetish or something for all I know. I have to fucking have sex with Snape. Fuck."

"I bet he's good in bed." Ginny grinned. "Just look at him; deep sexy voice, prowling around the place. I mean seriously, let's look on the bright side!"

"Ginny, what the fuck? Although, he does seem pretty ripped, I bumped into him earlier and his chest is… hard." I grinned, wickedly.

"You see? How 'big' do you think he is?" Ginny said mischievously.

"Well, I'll soon find out won't I? Jeez. Ginny, I just want to go to sleep and forget about it now. Shit, of all people I get Snape." My voice shook slightly.

We fell asleep still full clothed.