So um…I lied: it takes place right before the bridge…don't sue, just enjoy!

They were safe for the moment. They closed the door on a horde of zombies that started wailing on the door, trying to get in to kill the survivors. Nick and Coach started pushing nearby crates in front of the door after Rochelle slammed the bar down. After putting up a barricade, the survivors took a minute to catch their breath and reload their weapons.

"Before we run across the bridge towards the people who have been dropping bombs on us, does anyone else wanna talk about a plan B?" The other three survivors spun their heads towards Nick.

"Well if you got a problem Nick, then you can feel free to start your new life right here in this room."

The survivor in the suit laughed and shook his head before slamming a fresh clip of ammo into his assault rifle. "Alright, let's go." The safe house door flew open, and Nick ran up grabbing the radio sitting in the dead guy's lap, hearing two men talking to one another. "Hey," Nick shouted into the radio.

"That's coming from the bridge," one of the voices shouted. "Bridge, identify yourself!"

"Name's Nick, there are four of us on the…on the west end of the bridge!"

"Bridge, are you immune?"

"We are NOT infected!"

"Negative bridge, are you immune? Have you encountered the infected?" Nick rolled his eyes. They've been fighting zombies for nearly a week and this idiot decides to play twenty questions. "Repeat bridge, have you encountered the infected?"

"Yeah," Nick exclaimed, venom and sarcasm dripping from his tone. "You could say that." Without warning, Coach grabbed the radio from Nick and decided it was his turn to start screaming.

"Boy, I am covered in zombie blood and puke and eyeballs and twenty other parts I don't even recognize. We are immune as SHIT!"

"Are you equipped for carriers," one of the military voices asked the other. After a few more moments of chatter the voice came back. "Alright bridge, everyone else as pulled out, your only chance is to get to the helicopter on the east end of the bridge. After ten minutes we're pulling out."

"Oh right, we're heading over there," Nick said, waving his hand dismissively. "ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FUCKING WATER!!"

"Man, just hit the damn button," Coach exclaimed. Ellis hit the button to lower the bridge, creating a lot of noise. Everyone's heart started pumping before the bridge crashed into place.

"AWE SHIT, RUN MAN RUN," Ellis shouted.

The four survivors sprinted forward, through cars, buses, trucks and every other vehicle known to man with zombies filling every bit of open road. Coach took point, blasting through zombies with his shotgun, roaring and screaming with brutal determination. Rochelle followed behind him, firing at nearby zombies with dual pistols. Ellis was behind Rochelle, hacking away at zombies with a machete. Nick took up the rear, shooting zombies that flooded behind them with a silenced submachine gun. There was no end to the zombies that seemed to spawn from nowhere, but the survivors kept pressing through, killing more and more zombies that came at them.

"God damn it why do so many fucking people drive," Nick screamed. Suddenly, a Smoker standing on a nearby truck shot its tongue out, wrapping it around Nick. "AGH, GOD DAMN IT!"

"Hold on," Coach shouted, moving to aid Nick.

"Guys," Rochelle called out fearfully, standing next to Ellis. Nick was being pulled up the side of the truck, up towards the Smoker.

"Damn son of a bitch," Nick shouted as he tried to fight off the pink muscle wrapped around him. Coach ran up, grabbing Nick's ankles, trying to pull him down. "OW, FUCK!! Coach you're gonna tear me in two god damn it!"

"You'd rather be zombie meat," Coach replied, straining to overpower the Smoker. The lanky zombie coughed and wheezed as it pulled back, trying to bring Nick up to him.

"Fuck this," Nick shouted as he raised up a magnum. The suit wearing survivor aimed the fired a round straight through the Smoker's skull. The zombie exploded, releasing a cloud of smoke and letting Nick drop on top of Coach.

"Agh, god damn it Nick!"

"Give me a minute alright," the survivor shouted back as he quickly rolled off of Coach.

"Hey ya'll, we could use some help," Ellis screamed, still slicing away at zombies.

"We gotta go help em," Coach shouted. "Let's move Nick!" Coach ran over towards Ellis and Rochelle.

"Yeah, sure, just give me a minute to catch my damn breath," Nick muttered as he got to his feet. With the loss of his assault rifle, Nick pulled out his silenced submachine gun. The survivors stood shoulder to shoulder, shooting, punching, and hacking away at zombies that seemed to be never ending. "We can't hold out like this forever!"

"Go, keep movin," Coach screamed, still firing his shotgun. Ellis ran first, followed by Rochelle and then Nick who stayed behind to give Coach some support. Eventually, the hefty man ran to follow the rest of his team.

"Chase this you zombie bastards," Nick screamed as he hurled a pipe bomb down the bridge. The bomb beeped and flashed, getting the attention of all the zombies to follow after it. The survivors ran down the bridge, hearing the explosion that killed most of the zombies.

"Keep movin," Coach shouted. Even though there weren't any zombies that didn't mean the survivors weren't in a rush.

"Awe hell man, this reminds me of this one time me and my buddy Keith-,"

"ELLIS!! I swear to GOD if you keep going with that story I'm going to throw you off this god damn bridge," Nick screamed with no patience.

"Alright, but there was a—TANK!!"

The four survivors looked at each other with confused looks. Suddenly, a car flew over their heads and smashed into more vehicles behind them. Nick and Ellis crouched behind a different car as the rampaging beast came running at them. Coach and Rochelle started firing at the beast as Ellis pulled out a grenade launcher. The Tank hit a nearby car, sending it in Coach and Rochelle's direction. Both survivors were fine, but Coach fell on his back a little too hard. Ellis popped up and blasted the Tank in the face with the grenade launcher, causing it to stumble and a giant chunk of it to be blown off. The Tank roared in anger as Ellis ducked down and began reloading his weapon. The Tank headed towards Ellis as Nick came out from behind the car and began firing at the monster, getting its attention.

"Come on ya big ugly son of a-," Suddenly, Nick's weapon clicked empty. "Awe, shit!" The Tank ran up to Nick, raising its arm above its body before it suddenly roared in pain. Coach ran up on the Tank's side, blasting at the monster with Rochelle. The combined gunfire successfully caused the Tank to keel over in pain. "Shit," Nick sighed out before he reloaded his weapon. "Thanks for the save."

"No problem, now let's get over that bridge," Coach shouted. The survivors continued down the bridge, encountering wave after wave of zombies. A nearby zombie dove forward and tackled Ellis to the ground. "SHIT!" Coach ran towards Ellis, shooting zombies in his way.

"Get off ya son of a bitch!" Ellis rolled the zombie off and began kicked back at the zombies that tried to kick him while he was down. Eventually the survivor got back to his knees. "Oh no. JOC—AH DAMN IT!"

"Hold on Ellis," Coach called out, aiming his shotgun carefully at the Jockey on Ellis' back. "Don't move your head!" Coach squeezed the trigger, releasing a blast from his shotgun and into the Jockey. The back humping zombie fell off of Ellis' back in a dead heap. Ellis fell on his hands and knees. "Come on, we ain't got time for this young'un!" Coach picked up Ellis by the shoulder and began firing at zombies again. Ellis pulled out a pistol then started firing and the two natives of Savannah ran to catch up with Nick and Rochelle.

"Don't make me come out there for you," Nick shouted over the zombies that he kept shooting into. "Seriously though, HURRY UP!!"

"We comin, keep your fuckin suit on Nick!"

"Spitter," Rochelle shouted as she fired up on a nearby diesel trailer. The zombie whined with pain before it fell down, acid pouring from its body.

"Shit, nice shot," Ellis exclaimed as he ran past Rochelle with a goofy smile.

"Keep goin," Coach shouted as he and Nick held the rear. Ellis and Rochelle continued on, climbing down from one part of the bridge and onto the back of another diesel. "Nick, go!"

"Like hell," Nick shouted. "You first fat boy!" Deciding against an argument, Coach turned and ran, following Ellis down onto the trailer. "It's been real guys!" Nick turned and ran after firing a few more rounds into the horde of zombies. Nick jumped off towards the trailer, rolling once he hit.

"There's the chopper," Rochelle called out.

"Get to the chopper," Coach ordered.

The chopper turned on, its blades were audible over the horde and gunfire. The flying vehicle was down off a nearby exit that was riddled with dead bodies. Ellis stood at the mouth of the exit, shooting into the few zombies that Rochelle and Coach weren't holding off for Nick. The conman was running as fast as he could, turning to fire a few rounds into the horde that was chasing him.

"Shit, run man, run!" Ellis fired into the distance, trying to help Nick pick off zombies.

"Get movin," Coach shouted to Rochelle once Nick ran past them. Ro looked reluctantly at Coach before running for Nick.

"Keep goin, I'll stay back fer Coach," Ellis told Nick. The conman stopped for a moment before looking down the exit, seeing something of value. Nick ran down the trail, leaving Ellis on his own. "Don't say thanks or nothin, just riskin my life here."

"Ellis," Rochelle called out, stopping next to him. "COACH!!" The hefty survivor turned and ran as zombies started coming at him. "Ellis, Molotov!"

"Shit, I must've lost mine when that zombie tackled me," Ellis shouted as he looked all over himself for the bottle.

"Where's Nick?!" Ellis looked down the trail, seeing Nick running without a second glance back.

"That son of a bitch is leavin us!" Rochelle turned around with a shocked expression, seeing Nick running away from them.

"No way…"

"Hey," Coach screamed. "I could use a hand here!" Ellis muttered under his breath before turning back to the horde. Rochelle gave an angered look and turned back as well, firing into the horde chasing Coach.

Nick stopped next to a military truck to catch his breath with no zombies chasing him. "Shit…" Nick looked back up the road and could only see flashes of gunfire.

"Get on board," the soldier shouted over some type of intercom. Nick ran around the military truck and punched open the window. "We're taking off, hurry!"

Coach and Ellis turned around to fire at the zombies behind them while Rochelle ran for the helicopter. If that weren't enough, zombies started coming out from the sides and in front of the survivors. Ro stopped and began firing into the horde that was forming in front of them.

"Awe shit, this ain't good," Ellis screamed.

"Just keep movin," Coach ordered, turning to help Rochelle fire into the zombies.

"I swear to god I'm gonna beat Nick down so badly!" Suddenly, Ro and Coach saw a giant truck rolling towards them.

"Oh shit, WATCH OUT!" Ro and Coach moved to the side as the truck ran over a ton of zombies. The truck would've gone further, but it smashed into a chunk of concrete. The door flew open and Nick got out, quickly running into the back.

"You didn't think I'd leave you all did ya," Nick asked mockingly, pulling a sheet off of a heavy machine gun in the back of the truck. The survivor grabbed the gun then started firing into the giant horde that Ellis was trying to fend off on his own. The mechanic turned around, seeing Nick was responsible for the assistance. "Hurry up overalls!"

"Ho-lee shit! Thanks Nick!" Ellis ran down the exit ramp, towards Coach and Rochelle. Coach had trouble getting to his feet, but was helped up by Ro and Ellis. "Come on man, ya gotta keep goin!"

"I'm up, I'm up," Coach shouted.

"You guys keep goin," Ellis ordered. "Nick, come on man!"

"Give me a minute," Nick screamed over the shout of the turret. "I'm enjoying myself!"

"LOOK OUT," Coach screamed. Nick looked to his right, seeing a giant boulder coming at him.

"OH FU-," Nick ran and dove out of the truck just as the massive boulder smashed the rear end of the vehicle. The suit wearing survivor hit with a painful thud, groaning with pain.

"Shit, come on man," Ellis said, trying to get Nick to his feet.

"Ellis, grenade launcher," Coach ordered. The mechanic looked up, seeing a Tank coming at them. Ellis removed his grenade launcher with one hand then tossed it to Coach. "It's gonna be rainin zombie pieces!" Coach fired a grenade, hitting the Tank square in the chest, blowing a massive chunk out of it.

"Shit man, come on," Ellis groaned, trying to keep the half conscious Nick up to his feet. Rochelle ran up, putting Nick's other arm around her shoulders and began moving for the helicopter.

"Keep movin," Coach shouted, throwing the grenade launcher forward as a blunt object. The firearm cracked a zombie in the skull, causing it to have a slight domino effect with the horde.

The survivors started moving towards the helipad and there were no zombies in front of them. Coach continued his one-man assault on the horde from behind while Rochelle and Ellis tried to keep Nick moving.

"Alright, I'm back," Nick said, shaking his head clear.

"You sure," Rochelle asked. Nick turned his head, seeing Coach fending off a sea of zombies on his own.

"HUNTER," Ellis screamed.

Nick's head spun back around, seeing the leaping zombie already flying through the air. Nick lifted himself up by his arms, still on Rochelle and Ellis' shoulders, then lifted his feet up, shooting them both forward. Nick's feet connected to the Hunter's face, knocking it to the ground with a painful thud.

"Scrawny little bitch I'm gonna kill," Nick corrected. Sure enough, the speed the Hunter was flying forward and the sudden stop to its face was enough to kill it. Nick removed his arms then pulled out his magnum, the only weapon he had left. "I'm going to go help Coach, you guys get to the chopper!" Ellis and Ro gave an unsure look to Nick. "GO!" The two survivors then headed to the helicopter. Nick ran forward to help Coach.

'Damn it, I sure as hell wouldn't have done this for anyone a week ago!' Nick threw a right hook across a zombie's face, knocking it to the ground and then shooting it. The survivor continued towards Coach who was slowly making his way back. "Yo, tons of fun, we gotta go!"

"I'm taking off," the chopper pilot shouted.

"Shit," Coach screamed. Nick and Coach then turned around and made all efforts to get to the chopper as quickly as possible. One zombie jumped on Nick's back, trying to take him down. The conman screamed with defiance before he threw the zombie forward, cracking its head in the pavement. Coach made it to the chopper, just as it lifted off the ground gently. "Shit, FUCKING HAUL ASS NICK!" Nick turned his head, then made all haste towards the chopper.

"Come on man, move!"

"You can make it Nick!" The conman ran faster and faster, panting heavily, sweat pouring down his red face.

"You can do it Nick," Coach added. "Get your ass in gear!" Nick's legs and arms were growing weak, but he forced himself to go faster. The chopper was now a few good feet off the ground and started moving away from the helipad. "COME ON NICK!!"

'I have not…' Nick got on the helipad, 'this far…' The chopper was still within reach, and his entire team was waving him on, 'to die…' The chopper was now floating towards the edge and Nick continued running faster and harder. The survivor jumped forward off the ledge and towards the chopper, "NOW!" Coach and Ellis threw their arms out, grabbing Nick by his wrists then pulled him up into the helicopter.

"Holy shit man," Ellis exclaimed. "That was close!"

"Shit, you okay Nick? That was cuttin it close," Coach pointed out. Nick panted heavily, letting the sweat pouring onto the metal floor.

"I'm sorry for thinkin you left us buddy," Ellis apologized.

"Looking back on it now," Nick said between breaths. "I wish I had…" Nick looked up with a smile on his face then began chuckling. The rest smiled back and started chuckling as well. Eventually the survivors all started laughing in disbelief that they had made it through hell.


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