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SUMMARY: Bella changed her entire image for Emmett. Her dreams finally came true. Emmett, friends, popularity; she now has it all, but when she's given the responsibility of a lifetime, will her heart lie with her loyal boyfriend Emmett or Edward, the guy who has no limits and absolutely nothing to lose? Who will save her when her world falls apart?

Bella's P.O.V

I was wandering around campus aimlessly, trying to find something to do. I stopped by the football field when I saw him. Emmett McCarty. The hottest guy in school and the star quarterback of the football team. Sadly also my ex boyfriend. I sighed and watched him dreamily. He pulled off his helmet and tossed it to the side. His thick, curly brown hair was matted to his forehead and he looked oh so sexy. I don't even know why I bother drooling over him. He's most likely over me by now.

He grabbed a water bottle and dumped it onto his head. I froze at the sight before me. He pulled off his uniform and before I knew it, he had stripped down to just his shorts. When he poured more water on his bare chest, I almost died. Can he get any sexier? I wanted to jump over the fence and go press myself against his body.

Earth to Bella, that's never going to happen. You might as well go back to being the geek that no one but Alice associated with. Emmett is the guy every girl wants. What makes you think he'll make the mistake of settling for you again? My conscience said to me. I sighed in disappointment and began my walk home. I pulled out my IPod and put it on shuffle. My walk home was filled with music and more thoughts of Emmett McCarty.

I know you're probably wondering what the hell I'm going on about, right? Well you see, Emmett used to be my boyfriend. I know, I'm not girlfriend material, especially not for Emmett, but I swear we used to have something special…well, special for me anyway. I actually thought he loved me for a while. I'll elaborate… You're in for one hell of a story. This is how it all started.

.: Flashback :.

I tried to ignore all the whispers and snickers as I made my way across campus. At school I was a big nobody. I was the loser that the snobby girls picked on and the one the stuck up jocks laughed at. My life is basically pathetic. I'm practically a loner. The only friend I have is Alice Brandon; she's my other half. We could even be sisters. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice someone standing directly in front of me and I ran right into the person.

"Hey watch where the fuck you're going!" The voice of an angry male sounded. I looked up and glared at Edward for a second. I then looked over and saw the most gorgeous guy I had ever had the privilege to lay eyes on. He was tall and very muscular with short and curly brown hair. The thing that captured me the most was his bright ice blue eyes. I stuttered for a second before I heard the very annoying voice of Edward Cullen.

"What the fuck are you standing around for? You ran into me and made me drop my shit, so pick my stuff up and apologize." He said in an angry voice. I rolled my eyes and flipped him off. Edward and I both harbor a mutual hate for each other. He talks shit and gives me hell, so I piss him off and give him hell.

"Fuck you Cullen." I said angrilly and walked away. The handsome guy next to Edward burst into laughter, his deep voice booming down the halls. Edward hissed as I ignored him and walked away. I turned around and stole one last glance at the handsome blue eyed stranger standing next to a very pissed off Edward, before running off to the parking lot and walking home with Alice.

When we got home, there was a note on the fridge from Charlie.


I'm down at La Push with Billy and Jacob. Don't worry about dinner for tonight, I'll eat with Billy. Don't wait up for me, I might not get home until tomorrow morning.



"Bella, please, I really want to crash that bitch's party!" Alice whined. Rosalie Hale was throwing a party at her boyfriend Edward's house and as usual, we weren't invited. I honestly have no idea why Alice wants to go to that stupid party anyway. I rolled my eyes and she laughed excitedly.

"Fine Alice, we can go, but only for a little bit." I said in a stern voice. She squealed and hugged me. We sat in my living room and watched tv for a while. I pulled a frozen pizza out of the freezer and put in the oven to cook. Alice shot out of her seat and headed straight for the oven when the buzzer went off. As soon as I pulled out the pizza, she tore of a slice and began eating.

"Calm down Alice. Let the pizza cool down, there's more than enough for the both of us." I said and she smiled.

"Bella you have to hurry up and eat, we have to go shower and do our make up for the party." She replied.

We finished the pizza then went up to my room and looked through my closet. Alice reached into the back of the closet and pulled out two identical dresses, one red and one black. My jaw dropped to the floor. The dresses were cute but they were very short and looked very expensive.

"Alice where the hell did you get those dresses?" I asked a bit alarmed. I didn't know those were in my closet. Alice smiled and batted her lashes.

"I bought them a while ago." She said with an innocent smile.

"What? Why?" I practically shrieked.

"Because I knew Rosalie would throw a party soon and I knew we would need hot dresses." She said and pulled out two boxes of shoes from under my bed.

"So you had to hide all this in my room?" I asked, lightening up a bit.

"Bella, my mother would kill me if she found dresses this short in my closet." She said with a wink.

"What if Charlie had found them?" I pressed.

"Charlie never goes through your stuff, so I figured they would be safer here. Now come on, we have to get ready." She said with a big smile.

"Alice we can't wear those dresses, they are way too short." I complained.

"Bella, we have too. How will Jasper ever notice me if I don't look hot?" She asked with a sad face. Alice had been in love with Jasper Hale since middle school, but she'd never asked him out. I let out a big sigh.

"Only because I love you." I said and Alice jumped into my arms.

"Bella, I will eternally owe you after this." Alice said and kissed my cheek repeatedly. I took a quick 5 minute shower and washed my hair while Alice heated up the straightener and the curling iron. When I finished, Alice hopped in the shower while I dried off and took the dresses off the hangers.

After Alice dried off, we sprayed ourselves down in perfume and body glitter. Alice blow dried my hair and curled it, and then she did my makeup. I straightened her hair while she did her makeup. After hair and makeup, we moved on to wardrobe. We slipped into our dresses and strapped on our heels. I was a bit scared of walking in heels, but these ones were cute and not very high.

We went over to my full length mirror and checked ourselves out. Alice looked more beautiful than usual, if that was even possible. For once in my life I actually looked and felt pretty. Hell, we looked hot. I could barely recognize the girl in the mirror staring back at me. I squealed and hugged Alice.

"Thank you so much! We look freaking hot!" I shouted and she jumped around with me.

"While I try and get things going with Jasper, you try and get things going with someone. It's about time we find ourselves boyfriends Bella." Alice said and handed me a red clutch. She grabbed her matching black clutch and led me downstairs.

"Bella, we have to talk." She said as she sat down and patted the spot on the couch next to her. I took a seat and waited for her to continue. "Rosalie and her girls throw the best parties, get the hottest guys, and most importantly, run the school." Alice said and I nodded.

"Yeah, I know." I responded glumly. Why don't you just throw salt in the wounds while you're ait it Alice, I though.

"Rosalie and Tanya are the queen bees and it's about time someone took their crowns and their thrones." Alice said with a determined grin. I don't like where this is going.

"And who exactly is that someone Alice?" I asked slowly.

Alice smiled and rubbed her tiny hands together. "Us." She said. Okay I really don't like where this is going. For a second I could almost see an evil glint of fire in Alice's eyes. I swallowed and shook my head.

"No Alice. Why can't we just go to the party and content ourselves with that?" I asked.

"Because Bella. You and I are just as pretty as those girls; we can have just as much confidence as them if we wanted to. I don't want to remember our high school years as miserable ones Bella. I want us to have fun, I want us to be invited to parties, I want us to be able to go to the football and baseball games and not be laughed at, I want us to be able to flirt and pick up boys." Alice ranted. Her speech was really getting to me. "We should be at the top, hell; we should be above Tanya and Rosalie for crying out loud. What do those girls have that we don't?" She raised her voice.

"How exactly do you plan for us to get to the top?" I asked.

"First we go to this party, then we work our way up. Rosalie and Tanya won't know what hit them." Alice said with an adorable smile. Part of me was really looking forward to this. After our chat, I locked up the house and we made our way to Edward's house.

There were cars parked down the entire block and we could hear the thunderous music from the house. Alice grabbed on to my hand as we made it up the driveway. "Alice there is a man at the front door asking for names and invitations. How the hell are we going to get in?" I asked. I was starting to panic.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." She said reassuringly.

"Name?" The man asked.

"Alice Cullen and Bella Swan." Alice responded.

"You're not on the list." The man said rudely.

"I know we're not on the list, now let us through." Alice snapped.

"No name equals no party." The man said and turned to talk to the other people trying to get in.

"We're not leaving, so you might as well let us in." Alice said.

"Listen, as much as I would love to let you beautiful ladies in, I can't." The man said apologetically.

"Just let us in damn it!" Alice whined.

"Is there a problem?" a beautiful voice asked. We turned around and saw Jasper Hale standing there looking more beautiful than usual.

"Yeah, we can't get in, because somebody won't let us through." Alice said and glared at the guard.

"They're not on the list." The guard said to Jasper.

"Put them on the list, they're with me." Jasper said with a big smile and slipped his right arm around Alice's waist and his right one around mine. Alice giggled and winked at me as Jasper escorted us into the house. I felt hundreds of eyes on me and my face burned up.

"I'm going to go grab some water." I said, trying to give Alice some alone time with Jasper. Lots of guys stared as I made my way to the kitchen. I ignored all the looks and got a soda, then went upstairs to have a look around. I know I shouldn't go snooping around, but I might as well, since I am in Edward's house and all. This opportunity doesn't come around very often.

I walked straight up to the third floor and opened the first door on my right. It was a very big bathroom. I closed it quietly and moved on to the next door. It was an office. I figured it must be Edward's dad's study. I walked past a few door and opened the one at the very end of the hall.

There was very little light in the room, but from what I could tell, it was a guy's bedroom. There were posters of football players, baseball players and a few soccer players. I walked in further and silently closed the door behind me. The whole front wall of the room was replaced with glass. There were a couple bookcases, music shelves, and a huge plasma TV on the far right wall, with a massive collection of movies piled right under it.

There was a huge bed with black and gold satin sheets and comforters right across from the TV. I walked over to the tv and looked through the movies. Just as I was walking over to the bookcase, the door to what must have been the bathroom opened and a guy walked out.

I immediately recognized him as the handsome blue eyed stranger that was with Edward earlier at school. Shit. He was wearing nothing but the towel around his waist. I didn't think he noticed me until he turned to look at me. "Hey." He said with the sexiest voice, accompanied with the sexiest grin I had ever seen in my life.

My mind was racing. I couldn't think of anything to say so I made my way towards the door. Just as quickly as I pulled the door open, he pushed it shut. "You don't have to leave you know. You can stay if you want." He said with a perfect smile.

I looked around for a bit, then went over to his bed to take a seat. He walked back into the bathroom, then emerged a few minutes later, fully clothed. "What's your name?" he asked as he reached under his bed and pulled out a laptop.

"Um, it's Bella." I said nervously.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Bella. I'm Emmett." He said and stuck his hand out for me to shake. I stared at his hand for a bit before I reached over and shook it. After I released his hand, he focused his attention back to his laptop.

"You uhh…have a lot of movies." I practically stuttered.

He smiled and nodded. "I like to stay home and watch tv a lot, so I just buy all kinds of movies." He said as he pushed his laptop to the side. "I remember you from earlier." He said and I blushed.

"You probably have the wrong person." I said, playing dumb.

"No, you're definitely the right person. You practically told Edward to piss off earlier at school." He said with a laugh, and I blushed even more. "You umm… You look great tonight." Emmett said with a cute dimpled smile. I turned as red as a freaking tomato.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

"Do you want a beer?" He asked, motioning for us to head downstairs.

"No thanks, I don't drink." I said casually.

He quirked his eyebrow and gave me a weird look. "Come on, It'll be fun." He said and held my hand in his own. Just one innocent touch from him ignited a fire in me. My whole body felt as if it were burning in blistering red flames.

"Okay, but just one beer." I said calmly. He gave me a big goofy grin and led me down to the kitchen. He wrapped his big arms around my waist and lifted me onto the counter. After opening his beer, he took two big gulps and handed it to me. I couldn't believe I was about to drink from the same bottle he had.

The second the beer hit my tongue, I spit it out. "Ewwww, this tastes like cat piss!" I said and wiped my tongue with the palm of my hand. Emmett laughed and reached for a bottle of Vodka. He poured some into a shot glass and handed it to me.

"Down this real fast and you won't taste the beer at all." He said as I sniffed the Vodka. "It'll burn your throat at first, but it'll feel good soon after." He said with a reassuring smile. Why the hell am I listening to him? I bet if he asked me to go jump off a cliff, I would consider doing it.

I pinched my nose and downed the vile liquid. My throat was on fire. It felt as if someone was scraping the inside of my throat with a hot Iron. I began to feel dizzy and shut my eyes. When I opened them, Emmett was right in front of me with an apologetic look on his face. "You okay?" He asked sweetly.

"Never better." I lied. He saw right through me and began laughing. He helped me off the counter and led me towards the living room.

"Come on, let's dance." He whispered in my ear.

I immediately stopped walking and tried to yank my hand out of his grip. "I can't dance at all." I said, almost hysterically. "Me dancing will result in an embarrassing evening." I said and he smiled. He ignored my protests and dragged me into the middle of the crowd on the dance floor. He put his hands on my shoulders and let them slide down to my hips.

He slowly began to move to the beat of the music. Before long, the alcohol had kicked in and I was swaying along with him. I pressed myself impossibly closer to him and ground my hips into his. Emmett grabbed my thighs and pulled me harder against him. I squealed in delight when I felt his erection. I couldn't believe that I had done that to him.

After dancing to a few songs, Emmett took me back to the kitchen and sat me on the counter. He stood in between my legs and pulled me closer to him. His strong hands slowly slid up my dress and began to rub my thighs. I didn't think it was possible to get as wet as I was in that moment.

He leaned in and kissed my neck. He sucked on the sensitive flesh below my jaw and I moaned in pleasure. All of the sudden, we were yanked out of our trance by Rosalie and Tanya. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Rosalie shrieked.

"You were so not invited." Tanya said with a deadly glare. Oh if only looks could kill….I would probably be on the floor writhing in pain and begging for mercy. I didn't know how to respond. I mean what am I supposed to say; 'I hate you two skanks so I totally crashed your party'? Not likely.

"I invited her." Emmett said and continued his attack on my neck.

"Well she's now officially uninvited!" Rosalie yelled.

"Shut up Rose." Emmett said and led me out to the front. At first I thought he was kicking me out, but he put his arm around me and we walked to the park that was a few blocks down. When we reached the park, he sat on the slide and pulled me into his lap.

"Where are you from Bella?" He asked.

"Phoenix." I said, remembering how warm it was back home, how the sidewalk would burn my feet on hot summer days. He smiled and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

"Do you like it here in Forks?" He asked.

"This town sucks, but I can't complain." I replied. "At first I hated my mom for sending me here, but after I befriended Alice, everything became worth it. Even though I personally hate Edward's guts because he makes me so damn miserable, I can bear it with Alice by my side." I said honestly.

"So she's your partner in crime huh?" He asked jokingly.

"Yup." I replied.

"Where is she?" He asked curiously.

"Last I saw her, she was with this guy she really likes; Jasper." I said and Emmett smiled.

"He's a friend of mine you know." He said and moved us over to the grass so we were facing each other.

I yawned a little and stretched out my legs. My feet were killing me. "Stupid heels." I grumbled to myself and Emmett smiled. He reached for my feet and removed my heels. Thank god Alice had given me a pedicure a few days ago; otherwise I would have been screwed.

He held my right foot and began to rub it in a slow circular motion. Oh god, that felt amazing. If feet could orgasm, mine would be doing so right now. Soon after, he switched to my right foot. Tonight was the best night of my life. Although Emmett would most likely never speak to me again after today, I was soaring with joy.

We stayed out at the park for a couple more hours, talking about ourselves. Emmett had lost his parents in a fire and so he came to live with his cousin, Edward. At about 1 a.m. we headed back to the party so I could find Alice. Emmett gave me a piggyback ride the whole way.

As we reached the driveway, I noticed Alice and Jasper sitting on the porch, holding onto each other and talking. They looked so cute together. As soon as Emmett put me down, Alice hopped up and ran over to hug me. "Bella, I'm so sorry for leaving you to fend for yourself tonight." She said apologetically.

"It's fine Alice, I didn't mind." I said and motioned to Emmett without being too obvious.

"You better spill when we get home." She whispered and winked. "We better get home, in case Charlie comes back early." She said as I yawned.

"Okay." I agreed.

"I'll go say bye to Jasper." She said with a grin and walked off.

I turned to Emmett and smiled. "We have to head home; you know…in Case my dad comes home… he doesn't know we went out." I rambled. Emmett smiled and closed the distance between us. He wrapped me in a tight embrace held me for a while.

When he pulled away from the hug, he leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips. I gently kissed him back and before long, we were full on making out. It was the single most amazing kiss of my life. I felt as though time had stopped and we were the only ones not frozen.

He gently bit down on my bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth. I surrendered to him completely as he dominated our intense kiss. He had reignited the fire on my skin. When he finally pulled away, we were practically gasping for air. He planted another small kiss on my lips, and just like that, I was on cloud 9.

With one glance back at Emmett, I took Alice's hand and we went home. I couldn't wait to get home and tell her about everything. Man, life can be good.

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