iBecome a Private Eye

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Author's Notes: Okay, I'm aware that Sam's middle name is Joy, but I like my pick better! Isn't the author's word final? At any rate, this is the epilogue. Hard to believe it's already over...

Epilogue: iAm a Private Eye

One month later, we walk alongside each other into the redesigned Ridgeway. The place, I hate to admit, looks great! Well, the last I was in here, it was mostly burnt up, so of course it looks better now. The school board used the fire as an excuse to remodel Ridgeway. Apparently, they've been planning that for a while and just needed an excuse to do it. Huh, so Howard and Melanie's evil plan benefited some people.

Freddie's right by my side, holding my hand. We've been going out for nearly a month, and we managed to stay together. Marissa and Spencer finally found out. Spencer's exact words were 'You go little dude!', while Marissa started lecturing us about safe dating. Ugh, honestly, were not stupid, woman!

Carly's on my left. We're still good friends, though I don't think I can honestly call her my best friend for a while now. I still sleep over at her house, but it's more likely I'll just go over to the Benson's place. Not that I don't trust her, it's just that I trust Freddie more.

If this were a month ago, I'd slap myself to see if my brains were functioning properly.

Valerie stands right next to Carly. Our friendship had began to grow in the past month, it was almost as strong as my friendship with Carly is at the moment. We hang out, paint each others nails, etc, etc. When I'm going to go out with Freddie, Valerie is the first person I call to help me pick out an outfit, or go shopping. But unlike Carly, she doesn't mind fighting and stuff, so we practice martial arts together. That was what brought us closer together.

To everyone's surprise, was Nevel on the side of Freddie (Carly doesn't trust or like him, and I really can't blame her). He convinced his mom to let him come to a real school, just in an upper level. And he just 'happened' to test equivalent to our grade. How... coincidental.

We went to jail to visit my sister and Howard over the month. Melanie was pretty cold, and I can't say I blame her. I mean, I just put her in jail. Howard... well, he just wasn't happy. End of discussion there.

My mom... she took the news rather hard. In fact, she went into denial. Then, she got angry with me for putting Melanie in jail in the first place. Then she became really sad. Then, she just went all quiet and didn't speak to anyone. I think she's still trying to accept the fact that her baby girl (Her other baby girl) is in prison. She'll be in there for a long time. In my own way, I sorta feel sorry for her. Not Howard though, I couldn't care less about him.

"Attention, attention students," Principle Franklin calls out attention over to him. He's in the center of the hallway with a bullhorn, "Welcome back to our beloved school of Ridgeway!" A bunch of people cheer. I just 'meh' at it all.

"Now, I know you're not going to be quite used to the remodeled school, so please pick up a map and your schedule at your homeroom classes, which I shall now post," And he posts them on the wall.

The others, minus Freddie, Nevel, and myself, flock over to get their new homeroom numbers. This is gonna be confusing, I can already tell. Once the crowd clears down a little bit, the three of us start looking for our names.

I knew Ted secretly favors us! We're all in the same class.

"I'll go to homeroom now, leave you two lovebirds alone for a bit," Nevel smirks at us, before heading off into one of the hallways.

"Should we tell him that he's going the wrong way?" Freddie asks me. I pause and think about it, then chuckle.

"Nah, that can wait," I pull him in by the shirt for a kiss. A random passing teacher (Must be Howard's replacement: I've never seen him before) passes, yelling back at us,

"No public displays of affection," And, in my shock, I accidentally push Freddie to the ground. Oops.

Just another normal day for a girl called Sam Puckett.

Yeah, wasn't quite sure how I wanted to end this. Seems like cheesiness is really affecting me. Also, shorter, but hey, so was the prologue.

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