AN: This is based on the Note Book... I haven't read the book (I want to) but I've seen the movie. ALL HUMAN PEOPLE! NO VAMPS AND WEREWOLVES (but i do love them ;) Oh, and Mitch Hansen is a Twilight inspired band. This song is really from Edward's POV about Bella :P But i skipped the long stuff lol, i thought it'd fit

"There you were a silent mind

but beauty that I thought I'd never find.

Something strange is happening

and I don't know what to do."

The Mitch Hansen Band, Lullaby

When I heard that we were going away for the summer, I had to admit, I was pretty upset about it. Let alone on where we were going. From California to Forks, that was a huge jump for me. What were you SUPPOSED to find in this waste land? It was so green, so rainy... my own personal Hell.

Bella and Edward are my parents, we are filthy rich. We're not movie stars or anything, well, I wasn't.

My parents, especially my Mom, wanted me to fall in love with someone with a load of money and who could take care of me. I couldn't agree more, I wasn't used to the country life, so why should I marry a poor country boy? Really, would kill myself first before that ever happened.

The only poor one in my family would be my grandpa Charlie. He was the one we were visiting for the summer. I didn't know him all that well, he was old fashioned and just... grandfather-y.

I knew it would be impossible to find anything in this god awful town, as soon as I smelt the air, I knew I would hate it here. Call me a snob, I say I have expensive feet and taste.

Three days with Charlie, my parents were out visiting some old friends and Charlie wasn't home either. I was bored out of my mind and there was nothing to do. Not even a stupid old board game or cards. The house was small, how could I live two months here, i barely made it through a week.

I needed to get out of here, it was surprisingly sunny out. I couldn't stay inside, that would be a waste. For the first time in almost 3 days, I felt something happy inside of me. I wanted to go somewhere, anywhere.

I got into my car for a nice beach. I knew there had to be something to do, at least some decent cute guys. Fifteen minutes later, I saw a sign that said "Quileute Reservation beach: La Push".

Native American boys? Well this had to be interesting. There were a few people out there, not in bikinis, but some built boys were shirtless. I thought they were crazy, it maybe be sunny but it was still cold enough to need a sweater.

I was half surpised when none of the boys stared at me for at least 20 seconds recognising who I was or my look. In my opinion, i wasn't that pretty, but everyone else seems to disagree.

I got out a towel and pretended I was in California soaking the sun and getting a tan like I should've been.

Later on, I actually did end up meeting a really cute guy. He was native American, and unlike the others, he had a shirt. He was a sweet guy, we walked a while around the beach. His name was Quil Attera. But i really could tell, he was the ladies man type. Someone who thinks he's all that but really wasn't. I guessed the only reason why he was flirting was because of my looks, no one here knew who the hell I was. Was anyone here ever going to take me seriously?

Jacob's POV

I actually like it here in Forks, quiet and not crowded, that was the way every town should be. I can't imagine myself living anywhere else. The weather isn't that bad either, even if it is the rainiest place in the world, Forks can grow on you.

I've lived here my whole life, i'm not rich and I don't have a big family either. Heck, we don't even have a good house. I've never had a girlfriend in my life because no one here was my type. The closest thing i've ever gotten to a girl is Leah, I don't even like her that much. She's just my friend, Seth's sister.

My dad is in a wheel chair so he doesn't go around much, my two sisters are married and my mom died in a car crash. I was young so I don't remember much, so I can't say anything about it.

I was glad it was summer vacation because that would mean I had more time to work on my car and motorcycle. Today, I didn't feel like it. It was sunny out, unusual weather in Forks, and my friends were inviting me to the beach. I shrugged, why not?

I finished fixing my bike so I decided to show it off at the beach. Why not, right? Besides, Embry and I made a bet, I surely one this one.

I really didn't bother wearing a helmet. So when I got to the beach, I met up with Seth and took the beer can out of his hands, when i was about to take a swig, i noticed it was empty. We got in a little wrestling match for it.

"Where's Quil?" I asked when I saw my cousin was missing.

"He's out with some hot chick." Embry said. He pointed at Quil, the girl Embry was talking about was fighting with Quil to get her towel back. She was laughing and smiling, it all seemed slow motion for me. I was sure Embry was talking to me but I didn't hear him.

The girl had bronze hair waves to the middle of her back, she had perfect curves and... everything about her was perfect. I couldn't tell what color of eyes she had or what her laugh sounded like, all I knew was that she was beautiful...

"Dude... helloooo?" Embry was waving his hand in my face, but I couldn't look away from her. My heart was beating so fast and my breathing was laboured. I knew this feeling, I just never thought that it was real.

The girl finally got her towel back and started walking away.

NO! I thought. She can't go away! I haven't even spoken to her yet! She can't get out of my life so quickly!

It looked like it was about to rain and she looked very sad... she probably isn't from around here, let alone Forks. She didn't even look at me.

Her phone rang so she had to dig around for her cell phone, well I assumed that from her surprised expression and her digging in her bag. I saw she dropped it and was still digging, now was my chance.

Nessie's POV

Damn phone, damn weather, damn bag! I was seriously going to rip this apart this bag if I couldn't find it. I prayed to god that I wasn't doing this for nothing, stupid exboyfriend probably was never going to leave me alone.

"You dropped this?" I expected it was Quil who was talking to me, but instead when I looked up, it was this really cute boy, almost looked like Quil but way cuter. He had brown eyes and messy spiky hair.

He looked awestruck when I looked at him... what ever that was. Maybe he recognised me, I hoped not. Last thing I needed was an attack on a beach I actually had some fun at. I was planning on coming again sometime, even if the weather wasn't good. I also met a girl named Niki, her boyfriend, Seth, and her were planning on going on a date sometime and asked me to go to the movies with them. I didn't say yes yet, but she gave me her number just in case.

"Thanks." I said, I was about to take the phone from him but then he took it and ran to the forest and climbed a tree.

"HEY! GIVE IT BACK!" I couldn't climb a stupid tree. He was laughing and threatening to drop it. I growled. "You wouldn't."

"I would." I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You." He said. I laughed.

"Excuse me?"

"When I see something I really like, I have to have it... And I like you." He was impossible.

"No." I said.

"Well, then say good bye to your phone." He was about to drop it. No, I had to save it!

"DON'T!!" I yelled. I didn't even try climbing up the tree, I would look like an idiot.

"Say you'll go out with me." He said. I rolled my eyes.


"MEAN IT!" He was holding it with two fingers, on the edge of dropping it.

"FINE! I WILL GO OUT WITH YOU! GIVE ME THE DAMN PHONE!" he shrugged and climbed down the tree and I grabbed it from him. The phone stopped ringing, I saw it really was my ex... great, i had to put some kind of special ring tone for his number.

I stomped my way to my car, then I notised something in my phone, it was his name and number. His name was Jacob Black.

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