Hello guys! So that's the translation of my little One Shot with a little Cassie/Pritkin moment ^^

Betaed by Onedaytoday. I LOVE you so much for translating, although you had such a stressful time.


"Do you really want us to be killed?" growled the angry war mage as he grabbed meand pushed me behind him. At least I should be safe there, at least for a while, and out of the firing line.

I, Cassie Palmer, the reigning pythia, had managed to get us into trouble once again.

"I didn't want this," I tried to justify myself. "Sometimes it happens by mistake, when someone messes with the time line or I feel threatened."

Colorful spells lit up the night and flew around both of us. All with the same intention: to destroy Pritkin and me.

Immediately the half demon reached into his coat and pulled out his pistols while breathing life into his tattoo, a sword. Thoughtfully, I looked at my bracelet and then at my bodyguard. The two didn't get along really well, so I dropped my arm again. A dead Pritkin wouldn't help me.

"Explain it to me later, when we're safe," he hissed between clenched teeth, concentrating on his shield. It was his second fight within half an hour. Even Pritkin, with all his strength and stubbornness, couldn't last forever. This fight had to end as soon as possible. Yes, I worried about him.

"When are we ever safe?" was my own growled reply.

Unfortunately, I had to give up hearing his answer, because Pritkin was too busy fending off some dark mages. We were clearly outnumbered - two to eight - but who needed an army, if you had John Pritkin at your side? The man in his faded jeans, complete with holes and stains, black T-shirt and knee-length leather coat didn't exactly look as if he could kill an opponent with a spoon 20 different ways, but anyone who underestimated Pritkin had already signed his own death sentence. I knew what I was talking about. I had seen him in action many times .

"Cassie, shift! Get out of here, get away!"

"Pff, yeah sure, I'll leave you alone," I snorted and reached for my own weapon, a sword with a small but deadly blade.

Although I wasn't so sure I could actually strike anyone, my opponent didn't know that little but essential fact. Someone with a gun or a sword in his hand was a lot more impressive than someone who hid, trembling. At least that was my opinion.

A war mage with a malicious smile plastered on his face walked past a fully engaged Pritkin and came straight at me. This guy clearly had a few dirty ulterior motives.

Just don't lose your nerve. Do not flinch. Always keep an arm's length between your opponent and yourself. And most importantly, don't allow him to kill you! ' I grumpily reminded myself and swallowed a scream as my opponent lunged at me.

I dodged some magic, danced around him and I actually caused him some injuries, but apparently just like Pritkin, war mages were hard to kill. Nevertheless, I noticed that in this real combat my training with my crazy mentor had already paid off.

I shiftedbehind the dark mage and just like my training had taught me, stabbed him, piercing through his heart. Cold, empty, brown eyes looked at me in disbelief, accusingly. Disgusted with myself, I stepped back from the corpse and pulled my sword out of the body and wiped it on my dark blue tank top.

I didn't want to get used to killing anyone, even though my inner voice praised me for it. My life depended on my skills, I reminded myself. I didn't have a choice. A long time ago, I had learned that my welfare was paramount.

You aren't allowed to feel compassion for someone who is after you. It's a weakness that can be exploited easily. Pritkin's voice echoed in my mind.

At the thought of my bodyguard my head shot up towards the battlefield, where seven mages were down, a lot of blood sloshed around and a man was kneeling in the middle of the clearing. He was breathing hard, but I could feel his strong aura.

"John!" As fast as I could, I ran in his direction and fell on my knees before him. "Are you hurt? Do you have any missing body parts?"

I inspected him critically, but found everything still in its original place. The blood had already become a familiar sight on his body and hair. Suddenly he grabbed me furiously by my arms and looked for any signs of injuries on me. Of course, he saw the long cut on my leg and the bruise on my cheek.

"Didn't I tell you that you should shift? How can I do my job, if you involve yourself deliberately in such dangerous situations?" Exhausted, the blonde man stood up and ran his fingers through his short hair, while smearing the blood even more. "Where have you brought us?"

Both of us looked around. We had landed in some forest. To be exact, we were in a clearing in the middle of a camp consisting of dark mages. Typical luck for me and anyone near me.

"Billy Joe! Please come out. We need your help."

A ghost, wearing a cowboy outfit and visibly upset, floated up and down in front of my face.

"I'm just about to gather strength," his eyes darted about the dead men all around us. "What the hell was going on here? Where are we?"

"I just shifted and we landed here. Now it's your job to find out where we are and perhaps even in which time we are stuck. I for one can't shift until tomorrow," I replied wearily and continued to consider Pritkin with worried eyes.
With a nod the ghost flew off reluctantly. Even if he didn't really like the half Incubus, he was confident that I was safe with him.

"We should get out of here. I don't think that this camp was composed of only eight people. Take food and ammunition. We can use everything,we can carry with us. "

Thoughtfully, I walked around the campfire, rummaging in jars, bags and coats, until my bodyguard limped up to me and glared at me with ice-green eyes.

"If we are in a different time, we could have changed history."

"I don't think so," I thoughtfully frowned and looked around. "I've shifted us here, but I actually had a different goal in mind. I wanted to take us to Dante's, not to this forest in the middle of nowhere. Did one of these guys talk to you? My opponent didn't even say hello." Only this nasty smile that gave me to understand, I would be a nice diversion for the night.I shuddered. My guy had only smiled a nasty little smile that had let me know I would have been a nice diversion for his evening.

Reaching out for my hand, Pritkin led me deeper into the forest.

"One said something in Italian," he muttered, looking for a suitable hiding place where we could spend the night safely. "Your vampire won't be thrilled when he learns about this."

Mircea, the damned sexy, quiet, serene Mircea. If he knew, he would probably want to lock me up in some tower or dungeon with a few null bombs (with this word I'm a little confused. In German it's called "Nullbomben". I mean these bombs, which turn magic to nothing.), so I couldn't endanger myself again. I focused on the strong hand that held mine.

"Nothing will happen to me when I'm with you," I said determined and already steeling myself for the impending discussion with Pritkin, but to my surprise he remained silent.

"And he's not my vampire."

"The mark on your neck tells a different story."

Inwardly, I groaned. How often did he want to discuss this topic? I already knew that I wore Mircea's mark and I also knew that I was theoretically his wife by vampire law. But was anyone interested in my intentions? No.

"Back then he wasn't quite all himself when he gave me this. I don't want anyone to think I would belong to him."

"It's too late. Only Mircea can take back his mark, and now everyone knows that you're his," Pritkin muttered without emotion, only he said 'his' a little strangely.

And of course my opinion wasn't taken into account, I thought grimly. I wasn't so sure of my feelings. After all, I had been influenced by the geis and for a very long time. But what I had with Pritkin was a totally different story. There was no geis, but the funny thing was that I was attracted to him. Wasn't my life complicated enough?

After half an hour he finally found a safe place. Tiredly, the man pulled off his coat and slid down by a tree and inhaled sharply, when he tried to stretch his leg.

"Let me see your wound." Clumsily, I cut the jeans with a short dagger, which I had stolen earlier, and took a good look at his knee. It was swollen and red, but I couldn't see any blood.

With one finger I gently stroked the middle of his thigh down to his knee joint. Immediately our energies rubbed against each other and sparks flew around. A tingling sensation starting from my stomach made its way through my whole body, followed by a soothing shiver that chased goose bumps over my arms and legs. When I looked into his eyes, I knew that he felt the same. There was longing and lust, desperation and hope. I had seen the same look weeks ago, before Rosier had tried to drain my energy. The memory of that moment, when we almost had sex, plus the memory of our 'emergency' made me blush furiously.

I wasn't prudish, but such a connection with the man who had wanted to kill me in the beginning, who neither respected or liked me, was somehow grotesque. Without realizing it, I had grown fond of this half demon, war mage and man. I really shouldn't like him, but I couldn't bear the thought that he might leave me. I wanted him to trust me, to respect and care for me. He was my partner, my friend. He was the one who showed me the truth, whether I liked it or not. He was the first one to take part of my burden. He pushed me forward, so I had to test my limits again and again. I had to improve.

Before our arousal could shut down all of my brain functions, Pritkin grabbed my hands and shook his head.

"Why not? You can feel the connection too," I stared at him in disbelief. "This time you can't blame it on your father or your wounds. Damn it, admit it finally! "

Furious, I stood up and began to pace. A stupid habit that I owed to this man.

"Here we are. Alone. Without vampires who want to collect their claim on me and kill you. Without dark mages who want to kill us both. Without the Silver Circle that wants to bring me under their control and kill you. Without anyone who might disturb us. And you say NO? "

Angrily, Pritkin tried to get up, but remained seated after he couldn't make it.

"Then I could shoot you at this very moment." His sharp words hit me like a slap in the face.

"You won't kill me. You know I trust you," I began gently and fell on my knees in front of him again. "Your wife didn't know who or what you are. You didn't even know the risk at that time yourself. Today, we both know it better. I know that you could kill me, but that won't happen."

"You can't be sure!"

Reluctantly, I took his hand, put our palms together and looked him in the eye, challenging him.

"Tell me you don't feel this and I will never bring this up again'. I don't want to scare you away or hurt you, nor do I want to put our relationship at risk, but I must know. I need to know if only I feel this way," my voice was a whisper.

The seconds passed, while my anxiety was growing stronger and my heart shrank. If he gave the wrong answer, our connection was gone, nada, away.

"Cassie," I quickly withdrew my hand and turned around to Billy, "we are only a week back and somewhere in the south of Italy. No signs of other dark mages around this area. Tell me, did I interrupt something?"

Yes, you did!

Without further ado I got up, walked over to my personal ghost and almost imperceptibly shook my head. I didn't feel like talking, because Pritkin was still silent and just watched me. His gaze was intense, like never before. It stroked gently over every part of my body. His energy seemed to envelop me like a blanket. With Pritkin everything felt so right and natural. It cost me all my strength to keep a clear head.

"Take a rest," I said to both of them. "I am going to look for firewood. It has become damn cold."

Uncertain, but saying no other word, Billy got back in the cruelty of my necklace.He had to be really weak if he simply gave in. With Pritkin it was just stubbornness, why he didn't want to say anything. I was so exhausted that I couldn't spend more time with rage. I was so tired of this eternal struggle with my feelings, let alone with my opponents. I would love to chuck that all, to run away screaming and hide with my teddy bear in my bed, but I had this stupid, unnecessary conscience that didn't want to let go of me. Sometimes I hated my life.

As I stomped through the undergrowth and cursed Pritkin in all the ways and languages I knew, I thought about our current situation. Why were we here? I felt no other time travelers in this time line. In my mind I repeated this question over and over again.

After a few minutes I stopped and was surprised by my own unconscious desire. I had wanted to be alone with this half incubus when I had shifted in a blind panic. But a week in the past and somewhere in Italy?

Oh God, not because of that damn magazine? Inwardly I groaned and thought of an article about Italy. The magazine was a week old, when I had read it yesterday. I loved the pictures. Beautiful hills and forests, sand beaches and crystal clear water. 35 degrees (Celsius = 95 degrees Fahrenheit). It sounded so much like heaven that my subconcious brought me here.

The question of how we ended up here finally settled and with some suitable pieces of wood under my arm, I returned to our camp.

"I can see, your knee is better," I muttered, as I discovered the blond man drawing a circle of protection around the fireplace. I noticed that he still hobbled slightly.

Silently, I built a fire and checked my pockets for a lighter. The cold was driven into my bones by now, and had set my teeth chattering together. When I looked at my outfit, it was no wonder I was freezing. My tank top and my short skirt didn't provide much heat.

Pritkin was now back under the tree, watching a while he said some words that were unknown to me. Suddenly the wood ignited itself and a nice camp fire crackled cheerfully. I quickly got up, walked once around the fireplace and sat down next to my bodyguard. Even if I wanted to be angry, I couldn't. I understood his fears and doubts, besides I noticed my eyes almost closing by themselves. Today I had shifted in total six times. Yay, a new record!

"You seem to be exhausted. Better sleep a few hours. Tomorrow you will need the energy."

"Nice, that you'respeaking with me again." Aw, I really love sarcasm. "I still want to know."

"What?" he asked, somewhat irritated.

"All the gods of this world assist me with this man," I sighed theatrically. "If I can survive you, I most likely will survive the apocalypse. What do you feel for me? Do you feel a connection between us or not? "

I hoped fervently that he made up his mind as quickly as possible, because I felt my consciousness slowly but surely slipping deeper into dreamland. Tiredly, I turned my head to look him in the eyes. His jaw muscles were tense and his eyes seemed darker than usual. Was it really that cruel of me to ask such a question and to demand an answer?

"It was over two hundred years ago. I'm sure that she forgave you a long time ago. It's time to forgive yourself," I whispered to him gently, while his typical smell of magic, power and gunpowder inspired my imagination a little too much and vied with my fatigue. „The past can't be changed."

While he once again preferred silence, I leaned my head against his shoulder. With his rough voice Pritkin pulled me out of my dim state.

"It's our energies, which react with each other. My demon side wants to combine with your power as pythia. It's a natural thing for demons to search for more powerful sources."

"Blah, blah, tell me something I don't know. If it's only because of that, then it would feel different. Believe me, I was under the influence of a geis. I know how it feels, when magic supports desire. It feels strange and alien. With you ... "

I left the end of the sentence hanging in the air. He should find out the rest by himself, I didn't care. At the moment, nothing mattered to me. I just wanted to sleep.

Before I fell asleep, I felt him putting his arm around my shoulder and giveing me a kiss on the hair.

"Believe me, I can feel it too," his quiet words echoed happily in my mind until I fell into one of my nicer dreams.

It was exactly such moments that lightened my days and encouraged me that John Pritkin was worth fighting for. My world would look pretty bleak if I lost this man.

This night had revealed some ugly, but also some nice, surprises for me. Tomorrow, I would probably wake up far away from my bodyguard and we would argue, like every day. I loved our quarrels and reconciliations. I loved his presence, his energy and smell around me. Maybe, just maybe, our bond could grow to something more than just attraction, lust and companionship. I really hoped so.