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Red-haired Molly Prewett ran through the corridors of Hogwarts trying desperately to stop the heavy flow of tears that fell from her eyes. When she finally made it outside, she ran to the edge of the lake and released her sobs. She hated school. She HATED it! Everybody knew her as 'the plain older sister of Gideon and Fabian'. It was terrible. Sure, it had been like that her entire life, but when her own so-called friends had decided to go to Hogsmeade with her BROTHERS and told her they didn't want her to come, that had been the final straw. She hated her 'friends', she hated her brothers, she hated her parents for HAVING Gideon and Fabian, and most of all, she hated herself for crying over this.

As Molly sat there, she heard rustling beside her and with a sudden pang of embarrassment she realized she wasn't alone. She looked over and saw Arthur Weasley, fellow Gryffindor, fiddling with a little muggle device, squinting through his glasses. His bright red hair flashed in the sunlight of the warm spring morning and his many freckles stood out.

"Hello," he said softly. "Are you all right?"

"I'm sorry," Molly mumbled, ashamed.

"It's quite all right. Look at this! This device brushes Muggles' teeth without even having to scrub! They call it an eleckitick toothbrush! I'm just taking it apart to try and see how it works. I can't figure it out, though. It's like they used magic!"

Despite herself, Molly smiled at Arthur's excitement.

"You should do that more often," he said suddenly.

"Do what?"

"Smile. I've seen you around a lot, but I've never seen you smile. You look even prettier when you do."

"Thanks," Molly blushed. She was rarely complimented about things like that, mostly just about her brothers.

"I'm Arthur." He said, holding out his hand. "Arthur Weasley."

"Molly Prewett," Molly said taking his warm hand. Now she was definitely expecting something like, 'Oh, Fabian and Gideon's sister!' Instead he said,

"Pleasure to meet you, Molly. Do you want to come to Hogsmeade with me and get a mug of butterbeer?"

"I...sure. I'd love to."

"Okay, let's just make a quick stop at the tower so I can drop this off." He gestured to his toothbrush. Molly nodded and stood up, brushing the dirt off of her pants. Together they walked up to the castle, chatting animatedly, mostly about Arthur and his fascination with muggle devices.

When they finally made it to three broomsticks, Arthur said,

"I've done all the talking! Tell me something about YOU."

"Well, I'm Molly Prewett, plain older sister to the famous Gideon and Fabian."

"I don't think you're plain."

"Really?" Molly smiled. "You're the first one. Everybody liked Gideon and Fabian better. Including my best friends."

"Is that why you were so upset earlier?"

Molly nodded.

"Well for what it's worth, I like you."

"Thanks, Arthur."

"You're welcome. I think we'd better be getting up to the castle now, though. It's almost dinnertime."

"Okay," Molly and Arthur stood up, paid and left. They began the walk up to the castle, chatting merrily the way. Molly couldn't say the precise time, put somehow they ended up hand in hand. When they got to the castle and it was time for the two to go their separate ways, Molly said,

"Thank you for a wonderful time today," and quickly kissed Arthur on the cheek. As she walked away, she thought,

Maybe my life isn't so bad after all.