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February 5th

My name is Hannah Thompson and I just turned 22 years old along with my twin sister Haley. This was going to either be a great year for me or a really bad year for me. Some may ask why because to some there is nothing special about turning 22 or nothing bad.. It's just another year, but to me it's a big deal. My life seems to revolve around the number two. I was born on February 2 1985 at 2:22 in the morning and little did my parents know that 2 minutes later another would follow, my twin sister Hailey. So there are two of us although we look nothing alike what so ever. I have brown hair with green eyes and she is blond with blue eyes. Most people don't even know were related but that's ok because growing up we were able to form our own identities with always being know as the twins.

When we were two our parents were killed by a demon named Beherit and we were raised by our mothers parents. When we turned 18 they finally told us who our family really was. We were a family of hunters of the supernatural. My first thought of course was that my grandparent were getting old and crazy because thing like ghost and demons do not exist.

After several day of doing my own research I found out the worst, they were telling the truth. The demon Beherit kill my parent in June when he was at his strongest in order to collect the silver ring that had been past down to my father. This ring was the only thing that could control or conjure him. What the demon didn't know was that Hank Thompson had and heir, two of them and one day we would be coming for him. You know what they say two is better than one and paybacks a bitch!

We have yet to figure out what the ring means or how to use it but as long as me and Haley have each other, there is nothing we cant do and I wont stop until that son of a bitch is dead.

"Hannah are you still writing in that thing?" Hailey asked as she entered the room and I closed my journal.

"There is nothing wrong with keeping a journal Haley. One day maybe someday it will mean something to someone"

"No people will read it and say you were crazy"

"Yeah Yeah where have you been?"

"Well I was going through a box in the attic and found this?" She said and handed me a picture.

"That's mom and dad but who's the guy?" I said and flipped it over. "Hank, Hillary Thompson and John Winchester 1984, this was before we were born"

"I know and I also found this" she pulled out a letter and read it.

Dear Hank

Sorry I haven kept in touch, life is busy right now. I am sorry I couldn't help you with you know what but I have my own demons at the moment but please if you locate the colt please contact me ASAP and I will be there. Be safe my friend and congratulation on the girls. I heard there beautiful just like their mother.

John Winchester-555-0101

"What the hell is a colt? Does he mean like the gun because we have three in the closet."

"I don't know this letter is 22 years old Hannah. Do you think this John guy can help us out?" Hailey asked me.

"I guess it's worth a shot because we have four months Hailey and right now we are at the end of our rope. I'll go call and see if he can come by soon"

"Wait, you want him to come hereā€¦to our house?" she said. She was always the nervous one and I was always the calm one.

"Yeah because here we got home field advantage if the guy turns out to be a nut job" I walked out of the room and dialed the number but all I got was voice mail.

"Hi My name is Hannah Thompson. You don't know me but I think you know my parent. Me and my sister would really like to speak with you about something so if you could come by our house sometime that would be great. We live at 3234 Redus Ave, Huntingburg, Indiana." I hung up the phone and went back into the living room with my sister. I just hoped that John could help us.

Dean was outside cleaning up the impala and getting ready to hit the road in search of another job.

"Hey Dean, Someone tried to call dads phone early when I was in the shower"

"What did they say?"

"It was some girl wanting dad to come by their house"

"What was the name?"

"Hannah Thompson"

"I've never heard of her before, it could be a trap"

"Well they obviously don't know dad is dead and I looked in his journal and the address matches a Hank Thompson"

"So what"

"So maybe we should check it out. She could be in trouble or something"

"Or like I said it could be a trap. Sam we can just go because we get a weird message"

"What would it hurt Dean? Maybe she may know something that can help us out" Dean knew there was no way of talking Sam out of this one. They were running out of options on trying to locate the yellow eyed Demon and this was the first person to call their dads phone and she seemed to know what they do.

"Fine Sam we'll leave tonight. It's about an 8 hour drive from here so we should be there in the morning" Dean said and went to pack. He still thought this could be a trap but how tough can one girl be.

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