As the four headed down the highway, Hailey and Sam traded information and was doing some research while Hannah and Dean watched each other through the rear view mirror. Hannah bit on her bottom lip has she ran her hand slowly down her body. Dean was beginning to find it harder in harder to focus on the road. He looked back at Hannah again as she let out a soft moan and mouthed to him, "I want you."

Dean bit his lip and let out a small grunt, "I am gonna tear you up." He mouthed back.

"Dean!" Sam said.

"What?" Dean asked and looked over to see a frown on Sam's face.

"How about you keep it in your pants and watch the road before you kill us all."

"You are such a prude Sam." Dean said and Hannah let out a small laugh. "You are helping the matter any Hannah." Hailey said to her sister, "Me maw would turn over in her grave if she saw you acting this way."

"No she would. She would hand me a condom and tell me to enjoy myself." Hannah smiled and Hailey shook her head, "I am kidding. You need to loosen up a little."

"Well I will loosen up when all of this demon crap is over and done with and we can move on with our lives." Hailey said and began to read over her book again.

Hannah shook her head and looked at Dean once more and winked. She just couldn't help herself. She looked to tease him.

It was close to eight when the four pulled in front of an old Roadhouse, "What is this place?" Hailey asked.

"It's a bar that's owned by a friend of our." Sam said and they all got out of the car.

When they walked inside, they were greeted by a small blonde who was smiling, "Just can't stay away, huh?" she said to Dean.

"Yeah, looks like it. How you doin', Jo?" Dean chuckled.

"Where's Ash?" asked Sam.

"In his back room."

"Great." He said before walking away.

"And I'm fine." Jo called out to him before turning back to Dean.

"Sorry, he's…we're kind of on a bit of a timetable." Dean said and Jo nodded and looked at the girls, "Oh sorry. Jo this is Hannah and Hailey Thompson."

"Hey" Jo said

Dean turned to Hannah, "Ok so I am sure girls can hang out and talk about boys and nails or something. I am going to catch up with Sam. Cool?

"I think we can manage without you Dean."

"Are you sure about that?" he winked.

"Just go." Hannah said and pushed him. Dean smiled and walked around Jo and into the back.

Hannah and Jo stood there and just looked each other over, "So….you guys are friend with Sam and Dean?" Jo asked.

"More or less. We just met them a few days ago." Hannah said, "What about you?"

"I met them about 4 months ago so year you could say we are friends." Jo answered. Hailey looked at her sister and knew that look. She was seeing Jo as a competition and this wasn't going to go well if she was.

"So can we get a beer?" Hailey stepped in.

"Sure. Follow me." Jo said and turned away. Just as Hannah was going to follow, Hailey grabbed her sister by the arm, "Please behave." She begged.

"Relax Hailey. I promise to be on my best behavior while we are here." Hannah said and walked over to the bar and grabbed a stool. Hailey joined her sister and wondered how things were going with the guys.

In the back of the bar, Sam knocked on Ash's door. "Ash!" he called our and knocked harder, "Hey, Ash!"

"Hey, Dr. Badass!" Dean called out. After a few more knocks, Ash opened the door naked, "Sam? Dean? Sam and Dean."

"Hey, Ash. Um, we need your help." Sam said.

"Hell, then…I guess I need my pants." Ash said and closed the door.

Dean rolled his eyes and they headed back into the bar. Dean saw Jo over with the girls at the bar and he stopped Sam, "Hey, what are the chances we will between Hannah and Jo?" he smiled.

"Really Dean?" Sam said in a tone, "Only you would wish for something like that." Sam said before walking away.

Jo stood in front of Hannah and wiped down the bar, "So, you and Dean huh?"

"Me and Dean what?" Hannah asked, taking a swig of beer.

"You guys like…dating or something?"

"Oh here we go." Hailey mumbled.

"Oh god no we aren't dating. I just met the guy. Why? Do you already have a thing with him or something?" Hannah asked.

"No. I mean he is pretty damn hot but I don't see it going anywhere. Doesn't mean he isn't fun to look at" Jo laughed.

Hannah nodded at her. Now that she knew Jo wasn't a threat she knew she could pull back the attitude a little, "Isn't that about all a guy like that is good for." Hannah said and Jo smiled, "Ok maybe they a re good for something else but that's about all right?"

"I couldn't agree more." Jo said. Hailey watched as the girls joked and she knew she didn't have to worry about Hannah getting into another bar fight.

Dean and Sam walked over to the girls and sat down, "So did you find your friend." Hailey asked Sam.

"Yeah. He should be out in a few." Sam smiled. He looked at Hailey and every time he looked at her she was becoming more and more beautiful. He hasn't met anyone like her since Jessica. There was something about Hailey that made him feel good. He was looking forward to getting to know her better.

"So what have you ladies been talking about?" Dean said as Jo handed him a beer.

"Boys and nails just like you said." Hannah winked at Jo.

"What boys?" Dean asked.

"Sam." Hannah said and Dean gave her a look, "Sam is hot." She said and winked at Sam who was turning red in the face.

Jo couldn't help but laugh at Dean's reaction. "Are you kidding me?" asked Dean. Hannah didn't say a word. She just smiled and grabbed her beer, "Hannah" Dean called out.

A few moments later Ash came out with his lap top and sat down at a table. "You must be Ash?" Hannah asked and Ash looked her up and down slowly, "I am whoever you want me to be baby."

"Ok Ash lets just get to the point here." Dean said as he, Sam, and Hailey joined Hannah and Ash at the table.

Sam pulled out a piece of paper that had a drawing on it and hands it to Ash, "can you tell me what this symbol is."

After a few minute, Ash pulled up a website, "So, I got a match. Let's see…it's the logo for the Blue Ridge bus lines –- Guthrie, Oklahoma."

"Okay, do me a favor. Check Guthrie for any demonic signs or omens or anything like that."

"You think the demon's there?" Hailey asked.

"Yeah, maybe."

"Why would you think that?" Ash asked.

"Just check it, all right?" Dean snapped and Hannah looked over at him, "Do you have to cop and attitude?" she asked him before looking back at Ash.

"No, sir. Nothing, no demon." Ash said.

"All right, try something else for me. Search Guthrie for a house fire. It would be 1983, the fire's origin would be a baby's nursery, the night of the kid's six-month birthday." Sam said and everyone but Dean looked at him crazy.

"Okay, now that is just weird, man. Why the hell would I be lookin' for that?" Ash said and Sam placed a beer bottle in front of him. "Cause there's a PBR in it for ya."

"Give me fifteen minutes."

Later on the four were headed out and Hailey and Sam were once again reading over paperwork.

"Andrew Gallagher –- born in '83, like me. Lost his mother in a nursery fire exactly six months later." Hailey said

"Also like me." Sam said.

"You think the demon killed his mom?" she asked.

"Sure looks like it."

"How'd you even know to look for this guy?" Hannah asked from the back.

"He gets these….visions." Dean said.

"Oh….ok then." Hannah said and sat back.

"Every premonition I've had - if they're not about the demon, they're about the other kids the demon visited."

"How do we find him?" Dean asked.

"I don't know. No current address, no current employment. He still owes money on all his bills –- phone, credit, utilities."

"Collection agency flags?" Dean asked.

"Not in the system."

"They just let him take a walk?" Hannah said.

"Seems like it. There's a work address from his last W-2, about a year ago. Let's start there." Hailey said. They were finally getting somewhere. Maybe finding this guy would let them know if there two demons were connected in someway. Time was running out and they need to find out something and fast.

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