The plastic twisted between his fingers. Technology, it was a no-brainer to him. Who would have known that one day it got the better of him?
A harsh tug ripped the chip from the gadget and in one sweep was cleanly scratched by long and trained claws so that it would do no more harm.
He had been so blind… not only because he lacked his glasses.
Therefore his hearing had been all the better.

"I'm not quite done," Speckles stated before his visito- visitors revealed their presence.
"Well," Juarez, "We thought you might want some company?"
The mole remained stiff for a moment until Darwin walked up to him and ripped the chip out of the next gadget. It proved to be of no danger anymore since the system was down.
Speckles glanced over at him, blinking with an expression that the red guinea-pig found hard to read. Darwin, however, put a paw on his black friend's shoulder.
"I told you we're family, right?"
The mole gave a weak jerk and turned back to the next device, sniffling the air nervously.
"Don't make it worse than it already is."
For a second the three guinea pigs exchanged a lost glance when a strange noise reached their ears.
"Sorry I'm late!" it called and as the four small animals turned around they spotted a blur of brown and white rushing into their direction. The new cavy carried a piece of cake in his paws and almost stumbled over his own feet.
"Hurley!" Darwin called, "This really isn't the time for-"


"Sorry," the big fur-ball bit his lip as Blaster and Juarez fought away some giggles.
"Hurley…" the red guinea-pig hissed venomously, cream and biscuit dripping from his fur.
The one addressed hid his paws behind his back, guiltily playing with the shaggy fur.
"This was for Speckles, actually," he explained, "But it suits you almost better."
At this Blaster burst out laughing, challenging the commander's nerves.
Biting back a grump, Darwin wiped the not particularly healthy food out of his fur and tossed a paw-full over at the black cavy. The mole immediately ducked for cover.
Stopping his outburst, Blaster removed the sweet from his fur and took a bite of it.
"That's good, Hurley. What is it?"
"Strawberry cream!" the fluffy one answered and took a chunk off from Darwin, who responded with a hopeless sigh. With the new load, Hurley then crawled down to meet up with Speckles. To him after all, it shouldn't have been any matter how the cake looked; it still smelled great and tasted all the better.
Hurley quickly demonstrated that for him and gave the mole an – empty – hand to come out from below the machine.

Speckles only reluctantly got back to his feet.
"I…" what was he supposed to say?
"It's okay," Juarez cooed and playfully ran a claw through their commander's new cream-skin, who then decided to shake the pastry off.
"Bucky almost found it," the fluffy cavy explained, "I saved it from him for you."
"Looks like this mission's aborted," Darwin stated, attempting to keep his voice perfectly dry.
"Well if you're so crazy about it," the mole then spoke up freely for the first time and was immediately confronted with the cake's remains.
Not bothering to wipe the present from his face, Speckles found himself giving off a genuine laugh, the first since a long, long time; and his team, his family, was all too glad to join in.