To Each their Own : Part Two - Chapter 1

Incase you just decided to pop up to read a couple of your favourite pairings here, this is the second segmant of To Each Their Own, Vexen through Marluxia. Enjoy. :D

Warnings - So many. Pedophelia, cheating, boylove, character death, alcohol, tons of stuff. Just, not the same in every chapter. That would suck. :D




Vexen smirked with imaginary pride as his experiment took in its first, gasping breaths, small chest rising and falling in spasmodic rhythm. The Chilly Academic began to dance silently to congratulate himself on his triumph. His body stopped moving, however, when a pair of hands slipped down on to his hips, a light brush of breath dusting over his ear, causing his chest to thump heavily for a reason he had yet to figure out.

"My body is getting so warm. Do you think you could cool it down?" The voice was deep and the blonde leaned back into the touch, wanting to hear more.

"Depends. How would I go about doing such a feat?"

"Same as always." Again the emotionless Nobody smirked against his nature, turning around in those large arms. Pressing himself in close, he moaned Lexaeus' name, feeling the hands moving over his back. He found himself being guided back to lean against the stainless steel table where his experiment still rested.

"I think I can manage that." He leaned up, dusting their lips together, being pushed up onto the table with a few grunts and moans. Vexen yelped, however, when he felt something collide with his back. He jumped into his lover, staring back at the table he had just leaped from. A silver-haired teen was glaring daggers at him, a scowl on his pretty features.

"Hell-oh. Alive here."

"Already has that punk's attitude," Lexaeus sighed, releasing his lover so that the blonde man could go prod at the experiment.

"Oh my god, my puppet lives."

"I'm gonna guess that I'll have to leave now?"

Vexen glanced back at the redhead, a grimace on his lips. "Could you? I would like some time alone to study my creation."

Lexaeus scowled, pouting. "Fine. I see how it is. This stand-in means more to you than I do."

"If you don't shut up, I just might find myself tempted to make a copy of you, too, you oaf."

No needing an argument with the one he sexed up at times, Lexaues left the laboratory, getting over the disappointment in a matter of seconds. A plus to being a being that couldn't feel.


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