To Each Their Own - Part Two : Chapter 36


When the dog was up lapping at his chin, shoving a whisker-covered muzzle at his unknowingly sensitive skin, Marluxia was reminded painfully of an ex-boyfriend he had once had. So as the dog gave up on licking the teen to death, taking up a new lodging with his head laying on Marluxia's stomach, warm breath reaching in past the fabric that covered his groin, the teen couldn't help but let out a small moan, envisioning his ex-lover once more.

It was at that moment that the blonde he was babysitting came over to gaze at him with big, blue eyes.

"Are you okay, Marly?"

Striking blue orbs shot open at the voice as Marluxia realized he wasn't in his own little world as he had tricked himself into believing. He was in a twelve year old's bedroom at eight thirty at night while the child's parents were out to a movie, not expected home for another hour or so. Roxas looked him over, his eyes stopping at the bulge in the teen's pants as he lay out on the younger's bed.

"What's that?"

Marluxia stiffened, shoving the dog off of himself, sitting up and backing away from the advancing younger. "It's nothing. Roxas, why don't you just go back to playing your game?"

"I beat it."

"Go beat it again."

"I don't feel like it."

"Well, just, do something other than stare at me, kiddo."

"But I feel like staring."

"Don't. It's rude."

The blonde shrugged, still keeping his eyes trained on the elder teen's crotch. Marluxia glared at the boy, backing against the wall. "Roxas, stop staring at me."

"I can stare at you if I wanna stare at you. You're in my bed. Just tell me what that is! I wanna know."

Marluxia, unable to back up anymore with his back against the wall, found himself cornered by the boy that had moved up to be in front of him. "Roxas, what do you think you're doing? Hey, get your hand off! Ahh! Ro-Roxas!" The pink-haired teen gasped, arching his back and scrambling to remove the younger's hand when Roxas reached out to grip him. The blonde looked puzzled, sitting back and feeling himself where he had just touched Marluxia.

"Marly, we have the same parts, right? We're both boys. So, why is yours hard and mine not?"

Worried for his criminal record, Marluxia forced his way off the bed, standing far enough away from the blonde so that the younger couldn't touch him again. "Because I was thinking about something. Are you okay in here by yourself for a few minutes?"

"Where are you going?"

"To the bathroom."

"Fine. I'll stay in here and be all scared."

"You don't have anything to be afraid of. Look, you have Pluto."

"Which one are you going to?"

"Just right across the hall. Promise I won't be too long."

Roxas nodded, watching as Marluxia eased through the door, closing it behind him before dashing to the bathroom, falling to the floor beside the tub. Speedily unclasping his jeans, he couldn't help the moan that left his lips as he exposed himself. He knew he was doing wrong, but he couldn't help it. He couldn't let Roxas anywhere near him when he was feeling so needy.

Eyes closed, breath coming in short, wispy gasps, Marluxia was oblivious when the door opened and a little blonde peered in to find his babysitter sprawled on the floor. Before Marluxia could clue in to what was going on, Roxas was beside him, down on the floor, gazing at the elder teen in fascination, reaching his hand out to touch the attended to member. Marluxia's eyes shot open when he felt fingertips brush over his.

"R-Roxas? Roxas! Wh-What do you ... What do you think you're d-doing?" He couldn't force his body away from the touch. "Roxas, stop! If a-anyone ... If anyone finds out, I'll get in t-trouble."

Roxas smiled, ignoring the elder teen's words. "I won't tell."

"Roxas, I'm warning you!"

"Aww, come on. Please?" Roxas stopped his movements, sitting back on the floor beside Marluxia. "I just wanna know."

Sighing, Marluxia leant his head back against the cool tub, rolling his eyes. "You can't just jump into touching someone, you know. You gotta kiss them first."

"I'll ... I'll kiss you then!"

"Roxas, we'll get in so much trouble."

"Then don't tell anyone. I won't."

"You're twelve!"

"I'm almost thirteen."

"You don't even know what would be so bad about this, do you?"

"You're only sixteen, so, nope. It's not like you can go to jail or anything."

"Roxas, please, just go back to your room and let me finish in here."

"I'm old enough to kinda understand what's goin' on. See, here, feel this." Marluxia gasped, groaning softly as he felt Roxas rub against him, something hardening between the younger boy's legs. "See, Marly. All grown up. Show me what feels so good, please?"

How could he resist those perfect cerulean orbs; that puffed out, pouty lip; that tiny, breakable body? He couldn't. "Promise you won't tell?" He couldn't believe the words that escaped his lips. Would he really do anything with the small boy?

"I promise. Show me now?"

"Fine." Marluxia groaned once more as he guided Roxas to sit on his lap. "Ugh, I can't believe I'm still hard after all this. This is disgusting. Here, put your hand here." Marluxia stiffened at the feel of those fingers on his skin. Roxas ran his finger over the tip, causing the elder to writhe. "Okay, don't do that, not yet. You're too young for that. Just .. yeah, up and down, just like ... just like that."

"Can I kiss you?"

"Why not? You're already jerking me off."

Roxas leaned forward, pressing his lips against the elder's in an inexperienced kiss. At this point, Marluxia couldn't care less. He gripped the younger's free hand, pulling his own shirt up with the other. Roxas followed orders easily, fingers latching on to squeeze and twist at the little pink nub.

"Ugh, R-Roxas," Marluxia cried.


"So, did you boys have fun?"

Roxas glanced over at the nervous pink-haired teen. "Oh yeah. It was a blast. Marly played with me lots. Can you guys go out more often?"

Marluxia stiffened, but smirked, not minding the prospect at all.

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