AN: Just a new idea I had for a fanfic, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the other fics – I hope to be updating them all in the next week. I hope that you all like this.
Pairings: Tseng/Reeve, and Rufus/Reno
Warnings: Slightly AU, Mentions of child abuse and torture, bad language, violence, slavery, prostitution and drugs (and honestly, this is a fluffy story)
Summary: Tseng buys Rufus Reno, a youth from the Midgar slums. Rufus sets out to educate and care for Reno, but soon it becomes Reno who is caring and teaching Rufus about how life should be.

Tseng strolled through the slums, feeling all the eyes resting on him and his smart blue suit. He was here with a purpose, and for once it wasn't to commit a murder or injure anyone, nor was it to close down one of the many brothels and crack houses that lined the slums. He didn't even acknowledge the mako dealers that shied away from him in fear or the beautiful men and women who approached.

He knew what he had to do. To start with, he had thought that this was a bad idea, but Reeve had continued suggesting it, saying that it would benefit the poor ShinRa boy who he cared so much about. Rufus had no one in the world other than him and Reeve – his mother was dead, his brother didn't acknowledge his existence and his father merely saw him as a burden and a tool. . Tseng didn't blame Lazard, the young man was too busy trying to survive, but his father had no excuse for the monstrous way that he acted.

Rufus needed something to focus his emotion upon. Until recently, the focus of the teenager's free time had been a puppy, but after it had passed away, Rufus had began to focus just on his work. Not to a reasonable amount, but to excess – often working sixteen or seventeen hour days. Reeve had realised that something needed to be done, and Tseng agreed.

Tseng had still felt reluctant about the idea of purchasing a human for Rufus, but Reeve thought it would be for the best. It would save a young person from the slums and the hell that boiled beneath the plate, and would give Rufus a friend to communicate with. A human would probably also have a better chance of survival than an animal.

Tseng continued to walk, hand in his pocket, resting against the gun and wallet full of Gil inside. His plan was to find someone similar in age to the seventeen year old, and buy them. If they were in a bad way, he would threaten the owner to take better care of his 'girls' or else face a raid by the Turks.

He turned into a building, "Heaven's Angels" written in neon above the door. The bubble-gum chewing girl on reception sat up straight as she saw him.
"You okay sir?"

Tseng nodded, regarding her impassively.
"Get your boss." The girl hesitated, and then, realising that this man was a Turk, and wouldn't take no for an answer, she ran off.

A few moments later, a wealthy and obese man walked down the stairs. Tseng frowned slightly.
"Don Corneo."

"Oh, so ShinRa still has its Wutaian dog. What are you doing here?"
Tseng bit back any anger at the other's words. Instead, he stayed calm.

"I came here to buy a youth of around seventeen."

"Male or female?" Don Corneo asked, staring at Tseng, more than a little surprised. His spies had informed him that the Wutaian Turk was with the engineer, and there had seemed to be no problem between them. "Have you grown tired of your robot?"

Tseng still seemed outwardly calm, but he wanted to get revenge on Don Corneo. It wasn't worth it though.
"They aren't for me. They are for Rufus ShinRa. Male." He didn't think that Rufus had a sexuality, he certainly seemed asexual, but it would be simpler for him to get used to a new male living nearby than a woman – the only women that the vice president knew were Elena and Scarlet, and both of them frightened Rufus a little.

Don Corneo nodded, turning to the secretary.
"Chardonnay, why don't you fetch Reno?" As the girl scampered to obey, he continued talking to Tseng. "Reno is eighteen, a slummer. He is beautiful." He was also a huge handful, and Don Corneo would be glad to get rid of him. Tseng could try and control him. The pimp smirked slightly, imagining Rufus being murdered by Reno. Reno didn't like being ordered around. ShinRa would be plunged into chaos, and he would manage to gain yet more power. It would serve the ShinRa bastard right.

Chardonnay returned, still chewing her bubble gum. Behind her walked a young man with a mane of furious red hair. He stared at the two of them, noticing that Tseng was a Turk. When he'd been little, he'd dreamed of being like that. But now he knew he would never make that goal. He'd still try though.

Tseng gazed at the posing boy, walking over, eyes scanning over him.
"How old are you?" He didn't trust Don Corneo to tell the truth about the boy's age. But he was right about the boy's beauty.
"'m eighteen."

Tseng nodded, turning back to Don Corneo.
"I suppose that he will do at a push. Take good care of your girls or we might investigate. How much is he?"

The Don frowned. He wanted to get the most money possible out of Tseng, but at the same time, he didn't want ShinRa to increase its surveillance on him.
"One and a half thousand Gil." Tseng handed over the money without debate, not looking over at the boy.

Reno stared at the floor, feeling worthless. He was being traded for next to nothing for a Plater, whilst still costing more money than he would ever make.
"Follow me." The Turk's voice was firm, leaving no room for argument, and he obeyed, following wordlessly.


Rufus ShinRa lay in his bed, staring blankly at the wall. He was tied, his wrist fastened to the bed post, and whilst he was able to reach a glass of water or his notes, he couldn't move very far. He closed his eyes, trying to break the monotony, and hoping that Tseng returned soon to free him.