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Theresa blinked vigorously. Her vision was blurred, and all she could hear was a loud rush of noises surrounding her. She slowly became aware of one voice breaking through the noise.

"Zelda? Zelda!"

Theresa groaned and put one hand on her confused head. She looked up and the face of a young woman came into focus. Theresa became aware that the woman's gloved hands were supporting her. She was wearing a poofy pink dress, and had long, blonde hair, on top of which perched a golden crown. Her face wore a concerned expression. "Zelda, are you okay? I think you passed out for a second."

Theresa shifted into a stable position and the woman let go of her. Theresa looked up at her. "Thanks for helping me, but who's Zelda? And who are you?"

The woman just sighed. "Oh Zelda, you've lost your memory again?" She shook her head lightly, then smiled and continued in a friendly expression. "Well, it's okay, don't worry. We'll get you help after the match. For now... you're Princess Zelda, I'm Princess Peach, and we're about to watch a fight between Mario and Kirby... you agreed to go with me. Does that ring any bells?"

Theresa stared at Peach for a moment, before looking down at herself. She realized that she was now wearing a white and purple dress with gold markings, and her hair was now brown and tied back. Her head felt heavier than usual, and when she touched her forehead, she realized it was because she was wearing a crown. Theresa looked back at Peach. "No, you don't understand. My name's Theresa, not Zelda. And... wow, this place is huge. Are we in the air?" Theresa was suddenly distracted by realizing where she was. It looked like a huge football arena suspended in the clouds. Every seat was filled with noisy fans, most of which were moving around as the match hadn't started yet.

Peach gave a small giggle. "Your name's Theresa now? That's funny, I don't think you've ever changed names before! And yes, of course we're in the air. This is the Midair Stadium." Peach was looking amused at Theresa's awe in the stadium. "You've been here plenty of times before. You fight here all the time."

Theresa continued to stare around the area. "Wow Odie, this is amazing." She whispered. She looked around for her friend. Where was he? And where was everyone else? And why was she even in the game anyways? She wasn't suppost to be playing; it was a four player game, and Odie, Archie, Herry, and Atlanta were going to play.

From beside her, Peach sighed in frustration. "Gosh, it's so annoying not having Toadsworth here. He's afraid of heights, so he never comes with me here." She explained. Theresa didn't know who that was, but nodded slowly anyways. Peach glanced over. "Oh, I'm sorry Zelda, I forgot. You probably don't know what I'm talking about! Toadsworth is my personal butler." She smiled. Suddenly, the roaring of the stadium intensified. Peach looked up anxiously. "Oh, they're coming out!"

Theresa looked over towards the middle of the stadium, where two figures were walking out. On one side, there was what looked like an oversized round pink marshmallow. On the other, there was a man wearing a red shirt and overalls, and a red cap with an M on it. He had a mustache and a large nose. Theresa slowly recognized the character.

"Oh, that's Mario!" She said excitedly.

Peach grinned at her friend. "Right, you're getting your memory back!"

The wheels started turning in Theresa's head, and memories of the nintendo 64 she had as a child started slowly coming back. "Oh duh, that's Super Mario, and you're Princess Peach! I knew that! You two are married or something, right?" She asked excitedly.

Peach blushed. "Well, um, no, uh..." Mario and Kirby walked to the middle of the stadium and shook hands. The crowd cheered in anticipation. "Oh look, it's about to start." Peach said quickly.

The two fighters began their duel. Mario shot what appeared to be actual fireballs at the pink puffball, who dodged into the air by puffing up like a balloon.

Theresa stared in awe at the fight. It was literally inhuman what they were doing. Impossible. She knew it was because it was a video game, but it looked so real.

The fight continued until one good punch from Mario sent Kirby flying into the ground. The round character didn't move for a moment, then, with a ripple of light, was transformed into what appeared to be a statue. The crowd went wild.

Peach was on her feet, cheering excitedly. Theresa stared at the scene. "What's happening?" She asked.

"Kirby turned back to trophy form, so Mario won." She explained, smiling.

Mario acknowledged the crowd briefly before touching Kirby's trophy. In another flash of light, he was turned back into his normal self. Mario helped him up, and both posed to the crowd, who continued to cheer intensely.

Suddenly, the sky overhead darkened as billows of red clouds came out of nowhere, and what appeared to be a large airplane with giant purple bat wings appeared overhead. From the plane, a large quantity of what Theresa at first thought was purple rain from the clouds poured down onto the ground. From the ground, the substance moved and started clumping together, forming human-like shapes. From these shapes, a mass amount of odd creatures were formed, all looking the same; they wore a faded green outfit with brown gloves and boots, and a faded green hat, which was flat on top, giving them an almost rectangular appearance. Their faces and skin not covered by the outfit was a very dark blue, and they had red eyes that stared straight ahead.

These creatures started walking slowly forward. The crowd panicked, and terrified yells and screams echoed through the stadium as they scrambled to get away. Theresa turned, alarmed, towards Peach. "What's going on?" She had to yell to be heard over the noise.

"I don't know!" Peach yelled back, also looking alarmed. They could see Mario and Kirby starting to try to ward off the army. Peach turned briefly towards Theresa. "Come on, let's go help!" And she ran towards the hoard of odd creatures.

Theresa hesitated. She had expected the princess to suggest fleeing, not fighting... Then again, this was a fighting game. She decided to follow, and ran into the stadium.

Mario and Kirby were showing no mercy to the onslaught, and attacked with everything they had. Every time a creature was defeated, it disintegrated back into the purple blobs, which then instantly evaporated. Peach joined in just as violently, attacking the creatures with various kicks, along with her parasol and... a frying pan?

"This is a weird game, Odie..." Theresa muttered to herself, before starting to attack as well. She ran towards one of the creatures, preparing to launch a couple punches on it like she'd been trained, but before she could land the attack, she felt a sort of power surge through her. She suddenly changed her attack plan, and instead threw both her arms out in front of her, and ran into the creature with her hands. Electricity flew from the palms of her hands with enough force to send the creature flying away.

Theresa stopped and stared at her hands. She hadn't been expecting that. It had felt almost instinctive to her to use her hands that way...

She turned and experimentally threw her hands out in front of her. She felt the power move through her again, and she focused on releasing it. Then time, it came out as a small wall of fire, which burned two of the creatures back to purple blob form.

Theresa noticed that the army was considerable smaller now, and looked back in time to see Mario finish the last one off. Theresa ran over to where the other three were standing and waiting in a defense position for more action.

An odd, green cloaked and floating figure descended out of the plane towards them. It was carrying a round, metal object beneath it. What looked like two robots with arms, but without legs, floated down after it.

Theresa, Peach, Mario, and Kirby tensed, watching them carefully. The green-cloaked figure surveyed them for a moment, then dropped the metal object it was carrying and flew back to the airship. The two robots that had followed approached the metal object, one of them on each side of it. Simultaneously, both inserted their arms into the device, and pulled.

The metal object stretched out, revealing a timer. It started at three minutes, then slowly ticked as seconds passed. 2:59... 2:58...

Theresa gasped. "It's a bomb!" She exclaimed, having had experience with bombs before.

Peach gasped as well after Theresa said that. "You're right, it is! What do we do? Mario, what do we do?" She asked frantically.

The plumber hesitated, then ran at the device at full speed.

He had almost reached the bomb when a loud bang echoed from behind everyone. Mario glanced back in time to see the cannonball soaring towards him, but he wasn't fast enough to react to it. The cannonball collided with him, and he was catapulted away.

Peach screamed, "Mar-!" But was cut off as she was swiftly captured in a cage.

Theresa gaped, and her eyes shifted to the creature who captured Peach; it was what looked like a giant, walking plant, with a huge mouth containing rows of teeth. It roared violently, and flew towards Theresa, who was too slow to react and was also captured in a cage.

Theresa yelled out in surprise and immediately got up and attempted to escape, looking for an opening between the bars. She looked across to see a stunned Peach trying to stand up in her cage as well. The cages were too small to lie down in, so she was kneeling uncertainly.

Theresa was suddenly knocked backwards. She glanced out of the cage to see that the plant had picked her cage and Peach's cage up.

Peach stood up, clinging to the bars of the unsteady cage for support. "Kirby! Help!" She cried. Theresa glanced down, finally noticing the pink creature, who was running around frantically, unsure what to do.

The vicious plant finally noticed him too, and roared in apparent frustration at having missed him earlier. It lunged mouth first towards Kirby, who rolled out of the way and retaliated with a couple of insanely fast punches with his short arms.

Theresa and Peach were knocked over again from the plant's sudden movement. Theresa rubbed her head, annoyed with being tossed around. But what could she do...?

Suddenly, she remembered the fire she had produced earlier. That was it! If it was a plant, it should be easy to burn...

Theresa concentrated on the power she had felt before, and released it through her hands. The flame went straight through the cage to blast the giant creature in the head.

The plant flopped over onto its back, stunned by the attack, which continued to burn over its body. In shock, the creature dropped both of the cages. Kirby quickly took advantage of this, and jumped in. He first went and unlocked Theresa's cage, then Peach's. The three of them stood in fighting positions opposite to the plant, but it had collapsed.

Peach grinned. "You go girl! Remind me to repay you later... oh!" She said, looking suddenly in the opposite direction with a startled expression. "The bomb!"

Theresa looked as well and gasped. 0:29... 0:28...

"We have less than thirty seconds to get out of here!" Theresa exclaimed, looking panicked. "How do we get out?"

Peach looked very alarmed now. "There isn't any way off! There's ships that take you here, but they won't be here for another hour!"

A different voice suddenly broke up their thoughts. "Well, well, well, look what we have here! Escaped, have we?" A fat man with a bikers helmet sneered at them. Theresa immediately knew not to trust him. The fat man pulled out a huge gun that was grey with high-tech looking red and fuchsia buttons. "Check out this baby - a state of the art dark cannon!" He laughed darkly. "Say goodnight!" He aimed the gun towards Theresa, and fired.

Something huge, dark, and fast came soaring out of the dark cannon, and straight towards Theresa. Theresa immediately dove to her left, and the blast flew by her and smashed into the stadium wall. Theresa took the opportunity to glance at the timer: 0:11... 0:10...

"What? Why you little..." The fat man growled and took aim again.


"Guys, quickly, we have to get out of here!" Theresa yelled, trying to tell herself that it was only a game... but it seemed so real...


"Zelda! Jump!" Peach yelled. Theresa looked up to see Kirby and Peach on some sort of flat, yellow, star shaped floating object.


Theresa leapt and Peach grabbed her and pulled her onto the star. The star jerked upwards to avoid another blast of dark matter that the fat man had fired from his cannon.


"Kirby! We have to go, now!" Peach shrieked. Kirby nodded in a determined way, and suddenly both Theresa and Peach were clinging to the star for dear life as it zoomed out of the stadium.

Behind them, there was a huge explosion. Theresa glanced back to see the entire stadium covered in darkness that enveloped the area in a sphere. Theresa closed her eyes, hoping that they would be safe, as the trio zoomed away from the stadium.


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