The Beginning

"Trust me, yeah?" Cal tilts his head to the side and gives her one of the most intense looks she has been on the receiving end of. "Play along. And please, please don't hit me."

She doesn't quite know what to make of the man yet but she nods anyway and follows him inside the interrogation room. Under his gaze, her nerves are all over the place, but that's nothing compared to when he suddenly steps into her personal space and wraps his arms around her while kissing her passionately.

She doesn't react at first, too stunned to move, and then hears his words in her mind.

(Trust me, yeah? Play along. And please, please don't hit me.)

She doesn't understand why but she does feel she can trust him and his mouth feels hot over hers, almost nice. She's not blind - he is an attractive man. She gives in and kisses him back.

When he pulls back, she is breathless but still is alert enough to notice the suspects' reaction and flush red. "!" She holds a hand to her mouth.

Cal grins. "Don't tell my wife, yeah? She's a jealous one, you know." As he speaks, he studies the suspect and she is left bewildered about what just happened. She also has the urge to go against his pleas and slap him hard across the face. She resists.

"You're married?" she finally has sense to ask.

"Name's Zoe,' he confirms. He nods towards the guy seated at the interrogation table. "And we're done here. This one's innocent, he is. He was horrified when I told you I have a wife after our little snogging session there. He's not having an affair."

"I...what?" the guy asks.

"You can go," Cal informs him, shooing him off with one hand. "And you, Dr Foster, I'd like to see in my office in say, half an hour?"

When the guy is out of sight, rather than leave, she marches up to him. "What was that about? Was that all to solve this case? Dr Lightman!"

"It's Cal. And you just answered your own question there, love." He grins and pats her on the shoulder as he moves past her. "I can tell you loved every minute of it."

She stares after him in stunned silence, hating the fact that he's right. She did enjoy it. It was different, exhilarating and it had solved their case in the matter of a few minutes.

Working with Cal, she decides, has the potential to be very, very interesting.