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The Real World

Bella Swan has been living in the subway for two years. Her brother Emmett is one of the well known actors in Hollywood. One day when filming when filming in New York, Bella has to serve Emmett and Rosalie's table. After having no contact in three years, will Bella forgive Emmett?

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Chapter 1



5 minutes later


I was too exhausted to get up, but I had to work and leave before people notice me here. Sleeping on the floor. In a bathroom. At a subway station. I opened my eyes and sat up. I stood up and picked up my small luggage that was torn up and taped to cover the holes.

I walked over to the sink and started my daily routine I've been doing for the past two years. Brushed my teeth, rubbed my body with a wet towel, and put on my uniform. I worked as a waitress so I only had to wear a white shirt and black pants and shoes. I only have one pair. Once I as done, I checked how much money I had left.


I had $2000 a month ago but it was stolen from me. I only have a one job that isnt so great but it's the only thing I have. I get $100 a week. I only use $30 a week. The rest I save so that I could pay the hospital my debts. Two years ago my parents Renee and Charlie were in an accident and put into a coma. I was so convinced that they would wake up soon. But when the bill came up to $200,000 I had to take the life support off of my parents. I had to quit college so that I can use the money to pay it. Now I only have to pay $170,00. I also sold everything of my parents to make some money but it wasn't enough.

I put the money away and unlocked the door and left. Nobody noticed me. The diner I worked at was only a block from the station. It wasn't a very popular diner but the good thing is that I got a free meal everyday. That was all I ate today. I greeted my co-workers. They never questioned me as to why I bring a luggage with me. They figured it out. I was homeless. None of them took pity.

12:00 am

Time passed quickly. I was now eating my free meal. I heard the sounds of bells signaling new customers. I looked up and noticed a bunch of girls giggling and whispering. I finished my food quickly. I told the chef a quick thank you and walked over to my tables. I noticed I the same group of girls at one of my tables. With a sigh I walked over and asked for their order. They didn't notice me and kept talking.

"Omg I cant believe he's here" one girl said.

"I heard he and his wife are here. She is so lucky to be married to him."another girl with short brown hair said.

"Not just his wife but the whole gang!"

"So does that mean THE Edward Cullen is here?"

"Sadly, no but everyone else"

"Their filming tomorrow at the Metropolitan Musuem"

"I can't wait to see-"

I cleared my throat loudly. They all looked up.

"What can I get for you?" I said trying to hide my impatient tone. I took their orders and turned away quickly as possible before I hear his name. It was a pointless effort.

"Can't wait to see Emmett Swan"

I gave the order to the chef. I tried not to cry for the rest of the day.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan but call me Bella. I'm 21 and I look unhealthy. My pale skin looks paler than ever, my brown hair looks dead, and I'm underweight. I have big brown boring eyes. My older brother Emmett is a huge Hollywood actor who doesn't know mom and dad are dead. Doesn't know that his little sister has been homeless for two years and only gets one meal a day. He left without a goodbye. He is living the good life. For three years I've built this hatred towards him. How can he forget about his family back home? How can he break his promise to me? He got married a year after he left to the beautiful Victoria Secret model Rosalie Hale, now a Swan. How much I wished to see my only brother get married.

Now that he is here in New York for the first time I wonder if he will come looking for me. I can only imagine what he will think when he sees me . With hesitation he would take me to go live with him. I wouldn't go with him. He's caused enough damaged not being here with me for the past three years. Although I hate him for not being here he is my brother and I'm always thinking what he is doing at the moment.

The next day


"Cut" Laurant, the director yelled. "Emmett that was great. I'll see you next week"

"Thanks!" I shouted and ran to my trailer. I saw Rosalie sitting there reading a gossip magazine. I took it away from her and started kissing her. She kissed back but pulled away.

"How was it?" she asked

"Fine" I said and went back to kissing her.

She smacked me with the magazine. "Emmett NO I don't want them to hear us"

"But I know you want to" I wiggled my eyebrows at her. She just laughed and got up. I pouted.

"Fine, but just wait till we get back at the hotel" I told her and grinned. She grinned back.

"What do you want to do today? We have the entire week to do something, and no not just stay in the hotel" she said.

I frowned. I could think of just one thing I wanted to do in New York before anything else. Find my little sister. I feel bad for not contacting her for almost three years but that was just because I was busy. Now that I'm here, this is my chance to find her. Aw, Belly Bear how much I missed her. And mom and dad although they didn't support my career choice I still missed them. Rosalie saw my frown.

"Bella?" she questioned

I nodded.

"Lets go to NYU then and ask for her" she offered. I grinned. How come I didn't think of that?

"Come on" We got in the limo and asked the driver to take is to NYU.

On the way I thought if Belly Bear would ever forgive me. Rosalie squeezed my hand and said " She'll forgive you"

Rosalie and the gang were the only ones who knew about Bella. I didn't want the press all over my sister. The gang consisted of me, my wife Rosalie, annoying pixie Alice, her husband and Rosalie's brother Jasper, and the single ladies man also Alice's older brother Edward. Alice and Edwards parents Esme and Carlisle also knew about Bella. They've been my second parents for three years.

"We are here Mr. Swan" the driver said. I thanked him and got out after Rosalie. We tried to avoid the paparazzi as we made our way towards the entrance. Once we were inside Rosalie asked where the main office was. A lot of guys were staring at her and the girls at me. They couldn't help it. I had huge muscles and ofcourse good looking. We made it to the office. I was too nervous so Rosalie did all the talking.

"Hello, how may I help you" some old granny looking women asked. Her tag said Ms. Cope.

"Can you tell me if a Isabella Swan is here?" Rose asked.

"I'm sorry that's confidential"

Ugh, we were going to get nowhere.

"I'm Emmett Swan her older brother. I have to talk to my Belly Bear" I gave her a huge grin.

She blushed. Reminded me of Bella's constant blushing. "Ofcourse Mr. Swan and…" she looked at Rose.

"Mrs. Swan" Rose said with pride. I smiled at her and gave her a kiss.

Ms. Cope typed away looking for Belly Bear's info. I couldn't wait to see her! I wonder how much she's changed.

"I'm sorry its seems like Isabella Swan doesn't attend the university anymore. It says here she dropped out two years ago." Ms. Cope looked up.

WHAT?! Bella dropped out! She couldn't have this was her dream school to become a writer.

"Can you make sure?" Rosalie said since I didn't respond

"Yes, it says she dropped out but it seems like she was failing courses for about a month. She even returned all her books." She said.

"I-Uh-okay-t-thanks. Um is there a number.."

"No" she said quickly

Rosalie said bye to Ms. Cope. I just nodded me head. We left and went back to the hotel in silence.

When we entered the room Rosalie finally spoke.

"Emmett? Its okay we'll find her. She probably-"

"Just leave me alone, please"


I went to bed and cried to sleep.

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