"Who are you…again?"

"You'll be…better off now…Roxas…" Xion said breathlessly. She collapsed and I rushed to catch her. "Am I…the one who did this to you?" I asked. A lump formed in my throat. "No…it was my choice…to go away now…"

"Goodbye Roxas. I'm glad…I could meet you…Oh… and Axel too…" Xion brought her hand up to my face, pausing shortly, as if she were in pain.
Why does it hurt so badly? It feels like my heart is going to rip itself out of my chest…it's pounding so hard…

But that's silly. Nobodies don't have hearts.

"You're both my best friends…never…forget…" Her eyes clouded over. "That's the truth…" Her hand went limp, and I caught it, my "heart" pounding.

WAIT! Don't leave!!! I still...want to be together! We haven't finished our story together yet…

"XION!" I screamed anxiously. Her body remained limp. "Wait! Who will I eat ice cream with?!" So many other things rushed through my head.

Who will sit with me on the clock tower?
Who will play pranks on Axel with me?
Who will help me on missions?
Who will stand by me?
Who will be my friend? Who will remember you? Who will…
How will I live without you?

The strange crystals moved up her body rapidly, eating away at her…my best friend! Suddenly, the heat that was in her before disappeared, and a strange light filled up her limp form. I looked up at the remaining pieces of my companion, floating silently into the sky.

Abruptly, the light flashed, and I was left with nothing but me and my empty arms.

A single drop flew down my cheeks, followed by many more. For a long time, I only sat there, shedding tears, shuddering, looking down at the empty space that Xion lay before. But there was no denying it. I had fought her, and I had won. But in winning against her, I lost everything else.

I looked at the clock tower that loomed high above me, a reminder of everything that had been ripped away from me. It felt like Xion looked at me from there, waving…and all of a sudden she was there, and she was pointing towards the slowly setting sun. As I turned, I saw it was the perfect sunset, almost like the one that we had seen on that day…that day that we were completely happy. I glanced back at Xion and she mouthed something. I couldn't hear it, but her mouth looked an awful lot like she was mouthing…