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Hikari Maiden: "These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people's hearts." - Rachel Joy Scott.


By: Hikari Maiden

Jasmine Clearwing and Lotus Wood leisurely strolled the streets of Italy one morning around nine o'clock or so when Jasmine abruptly stopped and Lotus didn't react fast enough, so he accidentally ran into her. She didn't seem to mind, for she didn't get irritated with him, or maybe she didn't notice.

Concerned as to why his girlfriend stopped so suddenly, he asked, "Jaz? Something wrong?"

She responded to his question with, "Lotus…I…" and she began to walk off.

He quickly took his hands and grabbed her arms. "It's not safe to run off."

She pulled forward against his grip, tears in her eyes. "Let…go…I…" Tears fell from the bottom rims of her eyes, trailed down her cheeks and dripped off her chin. "I…feel…" Her heart ached with such intense sorrow, the pain in her chest unbearable. It had become difficult to breathe and she panted the words, "I…must…" Her head pounded and she felt dizzy. Her vision blurred and sparkles crossed her vision. Determined, she yanked forward.

He let her go. "I'll follow behind you."

She didn't respond, for fear of losing consciousness any moment and what she was about to do wouldn't be complete. She closed her eyes and concentrated the intense emotion she felt from her to its source. After which, she opened her eyes and began to approach the source. By the time she reached the source, her body felt heavy, for she was so weak and so tired. She smiled at the man, her pale, blue-green eyes gentle. "I…have…" She struggled to keep her eyelids open, but her eyelids vibrated and the pain in her head had become unbearable. "Found…you-huu…" Her eyelids closed and she collapsed with a sigh, the 'you' in her sentence a whisper and the 'huuu' a sigh.

Lotus caught her in his arms. He gently lowered himself and his girl to the ground, his lap a pillow for her head.

The boy who stood before them stared at the girl with confusion. "What's going on?"

Lotus reflected his confused expression. "My girlfriend is acting weird all of a sudden. I don't understand why."

Eyes closed, Jasmine murmured, "Ce…"

Lotus stared at her with concern. "You should rest. You'll wear yourself out."

She murmured, "Ce…Cesare…"

I haven't seen her before now. How does she know my name? "I haven't seen you before now. How do you know my name?"

I must tell him. I want him to know. He feels so much pain. It hurts so bad. It's unbearable. He's not alone. She opened her eyes, turned her head and smiled as tears slid down her cheeks and off her chin. "I want you to know. I feel your pain. It hurts so bad. It's unbearable. You're not alone."

This girl… "What…Who…Are…you…?"

"I am Jasmine Clearwing and Lotus Wood is my man." She sat up and loosely wrapped her arms around his neck. Then, she looked at Cesare and said, "Promise me something, Cesare."

"What is it?"

"Promise me never give up hope. No matter what."


"You have to promise!"

He sighed. "Okay, fine, I promise. Are you happy?"

"Jeez! Is that as sincere as you can be?!"

"I promised! Is that satisfying enough?!"

"Guys! Please!"

"Right. Mature adults."

"Ch! As if one would call you mature!"

"Ha! You're a child yourself!"


"Who're you callin' 'Shorty', Shorty Mc. Short-Short?!"


"Guys! You're killing me here!"

Hikari Maiden: A compassionate girl reaches out to melt the icy heart of a boy who feels intense sorrow. Her heart feels what his heart feels and this is how she is pulled towards him. I type this in memory of Rachel Joy Scott. She wanted to create a chain reaction with love and compassion. She wanted to reach out and touch the hearts of those who struggled.