Definitely Not my best work, but my very first fanfic, so bear with me. I prefer my own stories, but my friends are all into this, so yeah. And its good practice.

Men are so stupid at times.
I watched the fight progress. The room was dark; in not only a light related way, but also in the atmosphere. Several men were flinging each other in haphazard directions. The stupid part was, the men who were flung always came back. Drunk, most likely.
A tavern definitely wasn't the best idea I ever had. I don't even see any pirates.
Supposedly, pirates came here often to drink, and look for new crew members. I intended to be one of the chosen.
My name is Emma.
I come from a poor family, my father had seven daughters, and no sons.
My family owned only one thing of value, a silver necklace, which was to be my eldest sister's dowry.
My family couldn't handle all of us anymore.
One of the men fighting stepped on my foot. I deepened my voice.
"Watch it." I growled, attempting to sound tough. It didn't matter, because he ignored me.
I frowned. It was time to get out.

Outside, the air smelled fresh. Fresh fish. Air next to the harbor did tend to have a certain fishy flavor. I sighed.
"Nice evening, isn't it?" A Scottish voice said from right behind me.
I jumped, whirling around. The man sitting there was just as a Scotsman should be. Tall, strong, redheaded, with a thick beard, and a kilt.
"You look a nice lad, how is it that you ended up in this God-forsaken port?"
I shrugged. "I was looking for work. This place was nearest my home."
"Work, eh?" the man thought. "Are ye any good?"
"I don't know sir, but I will try." I said, still struggling to keep my voice deep.
"Whats your name?" He queried.
"Emm…" I froze, thinking fast. "ett. My name is Emmett." THAT was close.
"Well, then Emmett. My name is Declan Ross. Welcome to my crew."
I followed Declan Ross to his ship, the William Wallace. An old ship, but sturdy.

I was in awe as I was introduced to his men, though I tried not to show it. There was Steede, the quartermaster, second in command, the ships cook, Nubby. He was missing an arm, cut off at the elbow. 'Cutlass' Jack who (obviously) excelled with his use of the cutlass. Midge of the bad breath, ships carpenter. He ate raw rats. Gromwell, the boson. And last, but definitely not least, Jules. Tall proud, and muscular, he nearly broke my hand when he shook it. apparently, that was his, 'gentle' grip. Gromwell told me he never used a weapon, he killed with his hands.
I was also introduced me to Anne, Ross's twelve year old daughter; she had a spirit as fiery as her scarlet hair.
I looked around. Well THIS was certainly going to be fun.

Not much, i know, but it will get MUCH more interesting, I promise.