(Note: In this essay, I am going to refer to Chrona as a "he." The pronoun "it" sounds too impersonal and out-of-place, as if I were referring to an inanimate object rather than a person.)

Many anime nowadays have that one androgynous character, that one character that makes people wonder and puzzle over their gender. This puzzling leads to arguments among the show's fan community, and may ultimately lead to no-lifes like me writing long essays about their opinion of this character's gender.

Chrona is one of those characters. In all of his (her?) pink-haired, black dress glory, he is that one character that Soul Eater's fans argue over. It causes spats among fangirls, not to mention heterosexual fangirls/boys' reluctance to have an anime crush on Chrona, because it would be quite awkward for a fangirl to find out her anime love is actually a female, not male. Also, to a lesser degree, it allows hentai artists to get creative...

...and trust me, although you may not believe it, Chrona DOES have that fanbase.

Moving on, here is a list of traits pointing to being male or female.


- Wears dresses

- Pink hair


- Past of being abused

- "I don't know how to interact with girls" comment in episode 8.

There are possibly a few more points out there that I haven't caught yet. But let me devote some time to destroying some of the stupider arguments.

Before people start to get on my case for not including the "Chrona uses the pronoun 'boku,' which is male in Japanese!!!' argument: "Boku" is a unisex pronoun in Japanese and both men and women can use it. From what I have heard, the manga artist Hoshino Katsura is a woman who uses the pronoun. So, based on this, the argument is rendered invalid. Yay!

People have used the timid argument to say that Chrona is a girl, which is a crock of bullcrap, because most of my male friends are extremely timid and shy. I'm a girl, and I'm also very timid in real life. This argument is also nullified.

Also, some people say that Chrona is a boy because of his crush on Maka. Well, Chrona could be a lesbian! The crush has nothing to do with anything.

Now that we've gotten that cleared up, let's move on.

Chrona's dress and appearance plays a big role in the argument.

Chrona, as you can see, came from an extremely abusive family. Forced to kill small animals and punished by being locked in a dark room whenever he refused to kill rabbits and baby dragons, it is not impossible that he was forced to act like a girl.

Many men from abusive families report that their parents - usually a mother - were upset that they had borne a son instead of a daughter. So, as a result, the mother would dress them up in dresses and skirts and teach them how to act very feminine.

Medusa could have been angry at the fact that her child was not a girl, so she began to do this. This could also explain why Chrona tends to wear pants and boy-ish shirts, because he might be experimenting with wearing what most boys do. It also explains his low-ish voice.

...Or Chrona could be a cross-dresser or, indeed, a girl.

Also, that "I don't know how to deal with girls" comment could be interpreted in two days. He could be male and, having no experience with women besides his own mother, has no idea how to talk to them. Or he could be female and not know how to deal with his peers.

Is Chrona a boy or a girl? Like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know.