A/N: Alright so if you've read any of my previous stories before, you may feel as though this concept is familiar. Well, trust me. Just because I'm bringing back the whole stripper thing doesn't make it similiar to any of my older stories. It's very very different. I promise. I just like strippers is all.

4 Play.

They were celebrating a bachelorette party at a strip club called 4 Play. The four girls stood out side on the front side walk; all four had their heads aimed up at the giant neon sign with the cheesy blinking light bulbs reading the saying that was on sign below the name. "50 beautiful girls and 1 ugly one," the last bit was probably true considering the small town they lived in. Forks wasn't exactly a huge city.

"Alright, ladies! Who's ready to see the darker side of being a female?" A classically beautiful blonde girl named Rosalie asked, looking to her left at her fellow bridesmaids Jessica and Angela who nodded enthusiastically then to her right at her maid of honor, Bella, who blushed vibrantly before shrugging.

"Oh come on, Bells! It won't be that bad! Just relax and have fun!" Jessica squealed out in her high-pitch voice. The rest of the girls, sans Bella, all cried out in agreement before linking arms and walking inside to rather large, ominous building.

"Oh wow." Angela whispered, all four girls' eyes widened upon entering the building. Internally, the place looked like every strip club one has ever seen on T.V. It was like a combination between a hotel lobby and a rave club. The main stage was ringed by the usual golden tip rail. Above the main stage was a glass floored second stage, allowing anyone standing below to look up and get a great visual of a girl dancing above. A two-story pole connected the two floors and Bella watched with great unease as a tall, slender girl with fiery red curly hair slid vertically down the pole, pausing every now and then to do some acrobatic move that Bella could never even dream of executing.

"I'm gunna get a drink." Rosalie quipped, pursing her lips in slight disturbance at the sight before her. Jessica volunteered to go with while Angela set her sights on Bella.

"Wanna get a lap dance?" She asked casually and Bella's eyes grew wide.

"A lap dance??? From a-a girl??" She sputtered, her hands shoved in her tight jean pockets, looking borderline tomboy though her looks suggested otherwise.

"No, Bella, from the many men who work here. Duh, from a girl. We're at a strip club, remember?" Angela teased, placing a hand on Bella's elbow and leading her over towards the tip rail. The two girls took their seats and watched the girl who was currently on stage. To Bella, it felt like she was front row in a movie theater only it wasn't a screen she was watching but a scantily clad woman who was sweating and grunting and showing everything Bella kept hidden unless she was in the shower.

"This is so embarrassingly awkward." Bella muttered, slouching down into her seat as a DJ's voice began to boom out over the speakers.


The abundance of horny men and select few women all cheered rowdily at the words.


The lights in the club flashed and flickered, fluorescent colors of light pink and dark purple and blue covered the darkly lit room. The music blared throughout the club, the bass drowning out most all noise. The song was a mash-up done by the artist Milkman and Bella gave kudos to the club's taste in music(1). Her chocolate brown eyes wandered around the room, locking onto Rosalie and Jessica who were doing shots with the bartender. Her head whipped around when she heard the most melodically beautiful voice she'd ever heard in her life.

"Sweetie, the main attraction is up here."

"Uh…" Bella's eyes dragged themselves up and down the small petite girl who stood before her, her small hands on her knees as she leaned forward to bring her face closer to Bella's. The girl had short, spiky black hair and small features that made her look slightly pixyish. Actually she could almost be taken for Yulia Volkova's twin if it weren't for her eyes which were a delicious liquid honey gold color. Her tanned skin stood out against her plaid button up shirt that was pulled to expose her lean stomach, her wonderful legs were completely shown off in impossibly short jean shorts.

"Awe, you're a first timer, huh?" The girl asked with that beautiful southern accent, a sexy smirk dancing across her full lips.

"Uhm, well, I-I'm here for my-my best friend's bachelorette party." Bella stammered out, nearly paralyzed by the girl's beauty. She'd never been affected by anyone like this before in her life, especially from a girl. Not even her old boyfriend made her feel this way.

"You're such a sweet lil' thing, aint'cha?" The girl asked, placing both hands on the back of the chair, Bella could feel the heat from them radiating onto her neck. The girl gracefully pulled her body from the stage onto the chair, her thighs straddling Bella's waist, her stomach pressing itself flush against Bella's own.

"Wha-what're you doing?" Bella squeaked out, her cheeks burning a bright red color, her heart thudding in her chest at a million miles a second.

"Giving you a slap dance, sweetie. Don't worry, I'll take it easy on ya seein' as it's your first time and all," The girl said nonchalantly, her southern accent making her seem so innocent and endearing despite the obvious fact that she was a stripper, "What's your name, hun?"

"My name's Isabella," Bella replied, her breathing starting to pick up as the stripper began to grind herself against her core, bringing out feelings she'd never experienced thus far in her 19 years of living, "But I-I prefer Bella instead."

"Bella, like beautiful in Italian right?" The girl asked, arching her back and tossing her wild hair back before pressing her center right against Bella's own, the brunette trapped beneath her merely nodded her head dumbly, "Suit's you. My name's Alice."

"Alice." Bella repeated, getting a taste of the wonderful name of the beautiful half-naked girl grinding on her. She watched mesmerized as Alice bit her lip, moaning a bit as she ground particularly hard against Bella.

"Mmm, the way you say my name get's me kinda hot." She stated as though it were an average everyday statement.

"Uh…I-uh" Bella stammered, feeling herself become aroused and scared because she was becoming aroused by some strange girl. Alice leaned forward, dipping her head at the last minute to lick Bella's neck slowly.

"No one's ever gotten me hot from just saying my name." She whispered, nipping at the soft flesh on Bella's skin.

"You're just saying that." Bella attempted to flirt back yet some part of her felt like she'd be hurt if Alice were really and honestly just saying that.

"I don't just say things, Ma Bella," Alice breathed out, pulling away slightly to gaze into Bella's chocolate eyes. Her golden eyes were smoldering and Bella squirmed beneath her, the steady throbbing between her legs increasing. The music ended and Alice winked before climbing off of her, "So, how was that for a first time lap dance?"

"I wouldn't have wanted it from anyone else." Bella flirted boldly, unsure of where her confidence came from and why she was hitting on a girl in the first place. All she knew was that this girl, Alice, was the most enchanting human being she'd ever laid eyes on and she just had to get to know her, to learn everything about her.

"Well, that's very sweet of you. I do declare you're my favorite customer so far!" Alice flashed a bright white grin and Bella was brought back to reality at the word customer. That's right. She'd forgotten she was at her best friend's bachelorette party getting a lap dance from a stripper at a strip club called 4 Play. So then why, when Alice turned to leave back on stage, did she grab Alice's wrist to stop her?

"Can…can I see you again…sometime?" Bella asked, her cheeks burning up when Alice's eyes widened at the question though her voyeuristic demeanor never changed.

"Of course, I'd love to see you again," Alice admitted and to Bella it seemed like she hadn't meant to admit that last part, "If you meet me back stage after the underwear contest, I can give you my number, okay?"


"Please don't just leave me, okay sweetie?" Alice winked, her sweet voice and her beautiful features making Bella melt.

"I won't leave you." Bella said sweetly, her shy smile gracing her lips before turned to go sit by Rosalie, Jessica, and Angela who apparently got too freaked out by her lap dance and left partway through.

"So, how was it?" Jessica asked, stirring her drink with her straw.

"It was….different." Bella said calmly, biting her lip nervously as she took a seat at the bar, right next to Rosalie who was giggling away as she downed another shot.

"That girl was pretty fuckin' hot, not gunna lie." Rosalie slurred out and Bella blushed, part of her feeling proud of that statement and another part of her getting protective over the fact that someone else thought that Alice was hot.

But goddamn, Alice was really really hot.

As Angela ordered the four of them another round, Bella listened as the DJ announced the underwear contest. She downed her shot to calm her nerves, her body starting to panic with anxiousness as she thought of what she was going to do after the contest. She was really going to go back stage at a strip club called 4 Play to get a southern stripper named Alice's phone number so they could hang out.

She swallowed thickly as the contest came to an end and she stood up, making her way back stage at strip club called 4 Play.

1.) The song is 'Hustler' by Milkman. IT'S AWESOME.

A/N: Alright, this is my first real Alice and Bella story. It's going to be great, I can feel it. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Sorry it's short, the rest won't be as short, this is really just the beginning.