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"Alice…let's just…get home, get some sleep and go to the wedding in the morning, okay?"

"That is not an answer, Bella Swan!"

"I don't wanna answer you right now! Not right now! I can't do this right now, okay?!? I've got to be up in 3 hours to drive 4 hours and be ready to be the maid of honor for my best friends wedding!!" Bella shouted, running her hands violently through her hair before slamming both her hands on the wheel, and shutting her eyes, breathing deep, "I just…I can't, right now, Alice."

"Well then I can't be with ya, right now, Isabella." Alice stated, folding her arms across her chest and pushing her back against the seat, blowing a few strands of hair out of her face.

"What do you mean? You're still going to the wedding tomorrow, aren't you?" Bella asked, her heart aching at the thought of having to go there without Alice.

"Well ya already told Rosalie I was goin' so I can't back out now. Just take me home an' I'll see ya there."

"Alice…all your stuff is at my place? Remember?"

"WELL THEN LET'S JUST GO HOME!!" Alice screamed, her eyes wild with anger as she scowled out the window, pressing her forehead against the glass and keeping her body faced away from Bella.

"Okay…we'll go home…" Bella whispered, shifting the car into drive.



"I'm sleepin' on the couch."

"Alice, come on now, really? Don't be ridiculous."

"I'm not bein' ridiculous." Alice mocked Bella's tone of voice, rolling her eyes and laying down on the couch, curling up into a ball and facing the inside of the cushions, her back facing Bella who was standing in the foyer still, shoes barely off yet.

"You're being such a fucking brat!! Why are you the one who's mad???" Bella snapped, losing her patience and temper.

"Why am I mad? Ya wanna know why I'm mad!??" Alice shouted, sitting up on the couch and turning her body slightly to look at Bella dead on.

"Yes!! I wanna know why you're the one who's mad!"

"A'cause the girl whom I love who allegedly loves me won't believe when I am tellin' her the truth!!! That's why I'm mad!! GOOD NIGHT!"

"That's bullshit!!" Bella shouted, throwing her shoes onto the floor and stomping over to the couch, hands on her hips as she loomed over Alice, "I am the one who had to pick your drug addicted ass up-"

"Oh! What?" Alice shrieked, sitting up again on the couch to glare up at Bella who held a resilient look on her face.

"Yeah! Alice! You're drug addicted ass, that's what I said, I had to pick it up at fuckin' practically 1 in the morning from JAIL because someone stashed fucking cocaine in your fucking stripper locker at your stupid fucking slutty stripper job!!" Bella screamed, stomping her foot at the end to emphasis her point all the more. Her eyes were going wild as she glared down at the small girl sitting up on her couch, the girl she could tell she was still in love with by how bad her heart was aching right now but she couldn't stop her words, she was angry and so upset.

"WHAT-" Alice began, her voice loud and intimidating as she got up from the couch, standing up before Bella, her stance was tense and powerful and Bella felt herself take a step back as the petite girl's golden eyes narrowed dangerously, "-DO YOU WANT FROM ME?? ISABELLA?? I have changed a lot of things for you to make this work but y'all ARE NOT meeting me halfway here!? That's bullshit, Isabella! An' y'all know it! I love ya but do ya love me?"

"Don't be stupid! Of course I love you!!" Bella shouted right back, scoffing in disgust at being accused of something so ridiculous. Of course she loved Alice! Alice was adorable and cute and amazing and funny and infectious and bubbly and perfect.

"No, Isabella, do ya really love me? Love all of me? Do ya love me when I'm cranky in the mornin'? The way I whine when I don't get my way? Do ya love it when I'm bein' bitchy a'cause of my mood swings? When I'm not happy? Do ya love all of me?" Alice asked, her tone dying down at the end as her lovely eyes filled with tears and Bella was at a loss for words. Her brown eyes flickered back and forth as the two stared each other down.

"How can I, Alice? I've only known you for a little over a week…" Bella whispered out and Alice stomped her foot, a look of anger flashing across her face as a few tears fell from her eyes.

"Oh, don't give me that bull! Y'know that it's different between us a'cause ya can feel it! I know ya can! It feels like I've known ya all my life but I've been waiting my whole life to meet ya. It feels like I'm supposed to be with ya or I wouldn't be tryin' this hard, Isabella!!" Alice rubbed at her eyes and it reminded Bella of a crying child, "I wouldn't be…like this."

"I know, I know…fuck," Bella ran a hand through her hair, closing her eyes for a moment to calm herself down. She reopened to find Alice had laid back down on the couch, her back facing away from her once more, "Alice, you're…right and I'm sorry, I really am."

"Okay?" Alice mumbled, her voice raspy from yelling, her tone sounding angry.

"Okay? You still sound…upset?"

"Because I am. Sorry ain't gunna just fix everything. Time will. I need time to think about things. You've said somethin's that I need to think about. I'm goin' to bed. I'll see ya in the mornin'." Alice muttered, a few sniffles escaping her and Bella wanted nothing more than to get on that couch with her and hold her forever and take back the past few hours. But she couldn't.

"Okay…I'll…see you in the morning…goodnight?" Bella paused a moment to see if Alice would at least say something back. When she didn't, Bella sighed and walked off to her room, glancing over her shoulder every now and then to look back at the couch were her girl lay. Her heart hung heavy in her chest as she dressed for bed. She turned off all the lights and shut her door, walking slowly over to her bed and climbing inside equally as slowly. She lay her head down on the pillow, staring up at the ceiling. She sighed before looking over at the clock on her night stand. 3:45. She wasn't sleeping tonight. She wondered if Alice was awake still. If she could sleep despite the pain in her heart, if there was pain in her heart.



"Take a left here."

"Are you su-"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm the one with the map, Isabella." Alice snapped, pointing to said map that was draped across her lap. She placed her head in her hands, her elbow against the door as she propped herself up to look out the window. Bella's grip on the wheel tightened.

"Will you stop calling me by my full name?" Bella ground out, her eyes darting from the road to Alice then back again.

"Nope. I'll call ya Isabella 'til I ain't mad at'cha anymore."

"When do you think that'll be?" Bella asked, trying to keep her tone leveled. Alice said nothing and Bella released a low growl of anger. This sucked. This fucking sucked. She wanted to tell Alice how beautiful she looked in the sundress they picked out, how her hair looked perfect today and how lucky she felt to be able to say Alice was her escort. She wanted Alice to compliment her and ogle her; she wanted it the way it was before they fought.

They drove on in silence.


"Ohmygod, I am freaking out."

"Rosalie, darlin', you're gunna be fine. Ya look absolutely gorgeous an' Emmett is one lucky guy." Alice smiled warmly down at the Bride who was standing in front of a full length mirror, decked out completely in her wedding dress and veil. She looked stunning.

"You really think so?" Rosalie asked, blushing a bit as looked down at the petite girl next to her.

"I really do."

"Thanks, Alice. Bella, she is just the sweetest little thing, you oughta consider yourself lucky too." Rosalie stated, beaming over at her maid of honor who was standing at the far of the room, leaning against a dresser.

"Yeah, she's somethin'." Bella stated, looking away to stare off into the corner, a scowl on her face. Rosalie frowned at this, looking between the two girls; she opened her mouth slightly as her mind finally clicked with realization. She cleared her throat, her eyes looking up to glance at the clock, she released a fake gasp.

"Oh! Would you look at the time? Less than an hour left! Bella, can I talk to you for a second?" Rosalie requested, not bothering to be subtle but than again subtlety was not her forte. The other bridesmaids looked at each other, including Alice, than back at Rosalie who was smiling alarmingly. The girls shrugged their shoulders before exiting the room. Leaving Bella and Rosalie alone.

"Rosie?" Bella asked, her tone indicating that she knew what was going on. The bride simply got off of her pedestal, turning to face her maid of honor.

"Bella-bear, What's going on with you and Alice?" She asked, calmly and Bella crossed her arms over her chest, shrugging.


"Bella," Rosalie warned, "I know you better than that, Hun, you two had a fight, huh? What happened?"

"We didn't have a fight! Nothing happened!"

"Bella, dammit, I am getting married in an hour and I'd like everything to go smoothly and if you don't tell me what's wrong with my maid of honor so help me God I will GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT!!" Rosalie shrieked, her hands clenched into claws almost as she looked wildly at Bella who looked officially freaked out.

"I had to pick up Alice from jail last night because some girl at her work hid cocaine in her locker and Alice was cleared but she tested positive for amphetamines because of the adderall was still in her system so they kept her but I accused of her not quitting but she insisted she was telling the truth and she is, I know she is but the entire thing was just so scary and overwhelming, Rose!!" Bella ranted, her words flying out of her mouth at a pace that even the fastest talker would be impressed with, "I was so scared those two hours where I didn't know where she was!! It was horrifying! If something happened to that little thing…I-I dunno what I'd do!! I dunno if I could-"

"Live without her?" Rosalie finished, her words soft but they struck a chord in Bella's heart who lifted her head up to meet her friend's gaze, her eyes wide with emotions, a look of realization on her face.

"…Yeah…" Bella squeaked out, tears forming in her eyes and Rosalie was immediately standing before her, cupping her best friend's face and wiping the tears away with her thumbs, "…it happened so fast but I've fallen so hard for her…is that weird?"

"No, sweetie, that's love. It happens like that sometimes, ya know? It's not unheard of, I know that for a fact. It's just scary is all, love is always scary. But it's always worth it, things that you've gotta work hard for are always worth it." Rosalie smiled earnestly at Bella who laughed albeit a tad pathetically, smiled back at her, placing her hands gently on Rose's wrists.

"I know, I know. I should…go apologize, I don't wanna lose her."

"You won't lose her, Bella. Know how I know that?" Rose asked sweetly and Bella shook her head, feeling babied right now but she liked it.

"Because I've seen the way she looks at you. Even just now, before I asked them to leave. I caught her looking at you and she looks at you like you're the world to her, and you probably are," Rose leant forward quickly, placing a chaste kiss on Bella's forehead before pulling away, "And here I thought you'd be the one giving me a pep talk."

"I know right?" Bella laughed, wiping away at her tears as Rosalie took a few steps back. They looked at each other a moment before they both smiled, "I love you, Rosie."

"I love you too, Bells."

"Go get married."

"Go get your girl."


The wedding had gone perfectly. The ceremony was beautiful and Emmet had never looked so happy and neither had Rosalie. Once they'd said I do, they kissed each other officially. The garter had been tossed as well as the bouquet, which was caught by Jessica who practically fainted. The typical rice was tossed as they ran out of the church, hopping into the limo which took them to reception hall.

"It's a kick-ass reception, huh?" Edward commented a martini in his hand as he came to stand next to Jasper who'd been conversing with Bella.

"Yeah, Hun, the DJ is totally bomb! And cute!" Jasper stated happily and Edward scoffed at him, bopping him on the shoulder, "Oh stop it, you know I've only eyes for you! Now Bella, have you talked to Alice yet?"

"I haven't had the time yet…" She admitted sheepishly and Jasper rolled his eyes at her.

"Well, now you do so what's holding you back? She's right over there!" Jasper grabbed Bella by the shoulder's, spinning her around so that she could face Alice, who was standing alone at the bar. Bella's lips pursed, forming a thin line as she cleared her throat.

"Alright…I'm goin' over there." She stated firmly and Jasper and Edward whistled at her.

"Yeah! You go girl!" They cheered her on as she began to make her way over to Alice. She smiled nervously, her body taking her towards the bar without her really knowing it. She was subconsciously drawn to the southern stripper it would seem. Each step she took felt like slow motion, the people around her a blur and the music a dull thud as she took the steps that led up to her girl. She stopped when she was standing directly behind her, coughing slightly to catch the pixyish girl's attention. Alice's body seemed to stiffen before she turned her head slightly to look back at the person behind her.

"Hey there…" Bella waved slightly and smiled awkwardly. She watched Alice's expression, a wave of relief washing through her when Alice finally smiled back at her, that special 'Alice' smile that was reserved for only Bella.

"Howdy," Alice replied, her southern charm finally showing itself to Bella once more. The brunette closed her eyes briefly to allow the feeling Alice's voice gave her to wash over her, relishing the sound, "So…to cut this short a'cause I'd really like to go dance, I heard what ya said to Rosalie."

"You did?" Bella's eyes widened, clearly surprised. Damn, she was totally prepared to pour her heart out and everything. Alice giggled, grinning as she took Bella's hand with her own, her eyes searching the taller girl's.

"Did ya mean it? All of it?"

"Of course I did, Alice. I love you so much, more than I ever though I could love another human being. And I love all of you, I do. I love the way you wrinkle your nose when you're happy or upset. I love the way you pout and whine like a little kid sometimes and I have no idea why but I still love you even when you get bitchy," Bella admitted, smiling happily down at Alice who had tears falling from her eyes, the good kind, "I love at your worst and I sure as hell love you at your best and everything in between. You could shoot me in the face and I'd still look at you like the sun shines out of your ass. Alice, you're the only person I can see myself with right now. Right now, I don't want anyone else."

"Oh…gosh, darlin', you've done gone an' made me cry!!" Alice laughed out, wrinkling her nose cutely when Bella laughed as well, wrapping the small girl up into her arms, holding her close and rocking her slightly.

"That was not my goal trust me," Bella joked, her heart soaring at finally being able to hold Alice again. God, it felt so good to feel her body pressed against Alice's once more. She missed it even if it wasn't for long. She inhaled the scent of Alice's hair deeply, resting her chin atop the girl's head as said girl nuzzled her face against Bella's neck, "I love you, Alice Cullen."

"I love you too, Bella Swan."

"Not my full name?" Bella teased, pulling away to press her forehead against Alice's, their eyes simply looking into each other's while they smiled happily.

"Hell no," Alice beamed up at her, "I am the farthest from mad at'cha."

"I am extremely happy to hear that." Bella stated, closing the small space between their lips and kissing her girl, slowly and sweetly, her tongue running across those perfect lips she'd missed. Alice let out a small mewl, opening her mouth to welcome Bella inside. They stood there at the bar, kissing each other gently, as though the other was only thing that mattered to them. Finally, they pulled away, their foreheads pressed together once more.

"Wanna go dance with me?" Alice asked, a mischievous smirk on her face.

"I would love to."