Hell Week

"Looks like we're going to have sunny weekend folks! But don't let that fool you, rain and thunderstorms will wash us out by the middle of the week."

Robin clicked the radio off as she turned onto the long gravel driveway leading to her house tucked cozily away in a patch of woods off the beaten path. It wasn't dark yet, but the sun was almost down. Sanji-san was going to be sad she had missed dinner again. There was no helping it though, this was a busy time of year for professors.

After killing the engine in the garage, she gathered her laptop case and purse from the passenger seat. She hadn't even closed the garage door before she heard the usual commotion her live-in house guests always had.

"What do you mean you want a cotton candy sandwich for lunch tomorrow? There's no way I'm allowing that!" Sanji scolded a forlorn Chopper in the kitchen. Chopper had his school books spread in front of him on the bar counter and was angrily aiming a pencil at Sanji's head.

"But Sanji, puhleeeeeeese! You let me have them in the summer!" he argued back.

"Is it summer yet, huh? No. You're going to get the healthy lunch I made you and you will like it, baka." Sanji playfully tapped Chopper on the head with a pan he was cleaning. "Oh hello, Miss Robin!"

"Hi, Sanji-san," Robin grinned back, dropping her purse and laptop case in the seat next to Chopper. "Thank you for not allowing my nephew to eat garbage all the time."

Sanji instantly perked up from the praise. "Well, you know, it's a very important job keeping this lot fed properly. Speaking of which, I have a plate in the fridge for you, want me to heat it up?"

"Sure I would love that." Robin laid a hand on a grumpy Chopper's head. "I'm sorry I missed dinner again."

"It's fine," Sanji replied, fighting with the cling wrap that was covering the plate of food. "You're working hard for your students, and that's important to you."

"I'm telling you, Franky, buying a 3-D printer for your private workshop would be worthwhile," Usopp said while him and Franky entered the kitchen.

"You're just saying that so you can play with it! No, I'm not spending that much money on something that's going to be broken in 30 seconds once Luffy gets his hands on it. He'll think it will make him meat or something."

"We could lock it up like the fridge!"

"Hi, honey! You're finally home!" Franky walked up to Robin and kissed her on the forehead. Usopp kept defending his position about the 3-D printer to Chopper who agreed enthusiastically.

"Yes, my students are making me work long hours." She smiled up at her husband as Sanji handed her the plate of warmed food. She set it back down on the counter-top. "I'm going to run upstairs really quick and change before I eat." She grabbed her purse and laptop bag and headed up the large staircase to her bedroom.

She reflected as she sat on the bed and removed her shoes. It was oddly calm and quiet in the house tonight. Almost like a normal family. That's can't be right. It even seemed a few residents were missing. Well, Nami had strange hours, being a college student and all, and Zoro would be gone for days sometimes if he was at a Kendo tournament. But—

Robin stood up and walked over to her closet to grab a hanger for her cardigan. She slid the door back to find more than her clothes and shoes.


Luffy was bound, gagged, and stuffed in the back of her closet. He grunted a few more times, wriggled, then fell face first into a shoebox.

"Ah, an omen," Robin said to herself. "Nami has finals coming up."

She hung her sweater and shut the door.


"Ok, now these are the rules for this week starting tomorrow," Nami announced when everyone had gathered in the living room. She held a stack of papers in her arms and began passing them to each member of the Strawhat household. "I will also be posting these at various places in the house in case you forget. It's beneficial for your health to follow these simple rules."

The room was quiet a few moments save the shuffling of the papers in everyone's hands as they read over Nami's house rules for finals.

"No videogames?!" Usopp read out loud.

"No fighting, challenging, or battles?" read Luffy.

"No horsing around?" read Chopper, meekly. "Nami, how are we going to have fun?!"

"Chopper, there's plenty of ways to have fun without making all the noise that you guys make," Nami explained with a smile.

"Che, like any of us ever listen to this. You're always yelling about everyone being too noisy. What good will pieces of paper do?" Zoro crumpled up his list of rules and leaned back in the recliner, closing his eyes.

His mistake.

Nami stomped down on the footrest causing the recliner to buck forward. She grabbed the top of the chair as it came flying forward and leaned into Zoro's face nose to nose.

"Because I will maim you if you do not comply."

"Rule number 10: 'Failure to comply with the aforementioned rules will result in loss of a body part'," Usopp read, voice shaking a little.

"Huh, it does say that," Sanji said, surprised.

"Nami! What's 'aforemotioned'?" Luffy asked waving his arm in the air like in a classroom.

Zoro simply scowled at the red-head who was still boring holes through his skull with her eyes. The tense moment remained until a white triangle crashed into the back of her head.

"WHO DID THAT?!" she screeched forgetting Zoro and whipping around. Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy all pointed at each other, mouths contorted to hold back their laughter. Nami snatched the paper airplane off the floor and crumpled it in her fist. "SEE?! THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!"

"BWAAHAHAHAHAAAH!" the three boys laughed, falling over on top of each other.

"Alright!" Robin raised her voice. Everyone shut up and gave her their attention. "I know it sounds impossible, but we all need to try hard to behave this week. Nami is going to be working hard to do well on her finals and we should support her."

Everyone's look became sheepish followed by mutterings of agreement.

"Good," Robin concluded, smiling. "Nami, we wish you luck in your studies this week."

The first couple days went without incident. Nami mostly holed herself up in her bedroom or the library at school, and the boys would go outside to play. Nobody annoyed anybody; no body parts needed to be harmed . . . yet.

Per usual, nothing could go according to plan at the Franky House.

Tuesday was a scary day where Nami's computer crashed:

Usopp closed his laptop in satisfaction and leaned back in his desk chair to stretch. His English paper was finished and submitted to his professor. Only a Calculus exam and two engineering projects (which were almost completed) to go. He glanced over at Luffy who was still napping on the bed across the room. Usopp learned to schedule his school work around Luffy's circadian rhythm since it was the only way to get anything done with Luffy as a roommate.

Suddenly the door opened softly, and Chopper came in, still wearing his backpack from school.

"Hi, Chopper!"

"Hi, Usopp! Want to go to the park and poke around the pond? It's so nice outside!" Chopper dropped his backpack on their floor and sat at the end of Luffy's bed. Luffy remained asleep.

"Yeah! I just turned in my English paper so I need to get out of here for a while anyways."


Both boys sat straight up like they had been electrocuted. Luffy snored and turned over onto his stomach.

"Usopp, what did you do?!" Chopper's eyes were wide with panic.

"I don't know! I don't know!" Usopp was panicking too.

"USSOP!" Nami was standing in the open door to his room.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! WHAT DID I DO?!" Usopp cried crawling onto the floor towards the door.

"IT CRASHED! FIX IT!" Nami screamed again.


"MY COMPUTER! IT CRASHED!" Nami was close to tears.

"Heh heh, okay, okay," Usopp stood and made calming motions with his hands. "Let me look at it and see what needs to be done."


"Then let's go look at it, alright? Chopper, give me a few minutes to fix this before we head to the park."

"Ok," Chopper agreed as Usopp and Nami left the room. He turned around to see that Luffy was still facedown on the bed. Chopper poked him in the foot a few times. "Sheesh, he can sleep through anything."


"Why won't it turn on? I didn't even save it on a flash drive, whatamigonnado?!"

"Nami! Be quiet! I need quiet to work. You have to trust me, I will get it working for you." Usopp sat down at Nami's desk in front of her lap top and looked at it a long while, going "Hmmm," the whole time.

Nami decided to pace in the space between the bed and the desk until she jumped at Usopp's declaration of "Found it!"

"YOU DID?! WHAT WAS WRONG? DID MY PAPER SAVE?!" Nami was gripping the back of the chair and jumping up and down.

Usopp smirked at her. "Watch and be amazed at the Powerful and Mighty IT Specialist, Usopp!" He plugged the power cord in and hit the power button.

"EH?! THAT WAS IT?!" Nami slid down the back of the chair into a puddle on the floor.

"Seriously, Nami, you forgot to charge it. It just went to sleep. Ah, see? Your paper was successfully submitted." Usopp folded his arms over his chest, quite proud at his find.

Suddenly Nami had his shirt twisted in two fists and was shaking him back and forth violently. "DON'T BE SO SMUG MAKING ME LOOK STUPID! GET OUT! GET OUT!"

Wednesday went rather pleasantly believe it or not:

Zoro lumbered up the basement steps and entered the kitchen, still dripping sweat from lifting weights downstairs. He dabbed at his forehead with the towel draped around his neck, then went to the cupboard to make himself a protein shake. Sanji came into view all of a sudden, scowling and waving a knife around. Oh wait, he was saying something.

"Repeat that," said Zoro, yanking his ear buds out.

"Ugh, I said take a shower before you loiter around my kitchen all sweaty and gross like that. You'll spoil the food."

"Last time I checked, this wasn't your kitchen. It's Franky's. I'm just using the blender, then I'll leave."

Sanji opened his mouth to reply when a bunch of cheering erupted in the living room. Apparently the others were watching some sporting event on TV, and rather loudly for it being hell week and all.

"Are they allowed to do that?" Zoro asked, pulling the blender out.

"Nami left an hour ago to study at a coffee shop with some friends."

"Huh." Zoro measured out some of the powdered protein mix into the blender.

Mmm Mmm Yeah Yeah All that I can say was Mmm Mmm Yeah Yeah. Sanji's phone rang in his back pocket.

"Hello? Oh, Nami-swan! Did you miss me already, my beautiful ang— oh? The yellow spiral? . . . Yes. . . . No, I promise! . . . .Ok, I'll be there as fast as I can!" Sanji hung up his phone and started leaping around the kitchen. "I get to go in Nami-swan's bedroom!" he sang, before exiting the kitchen. Zoro continued to mix his protein shake.


"Oi, Sanji, where are you going?" Usopp called as Sanji gathered his keys and wallet in the living room.

"To Starbucks. Nami-swan forgot her notebook and she called me to find it in her room and bring it to her," Sanji replied, puffing out his chest.

"Wait, so you got to go into Nami's bedroom alone?!" Luffy exclaimed.

"Nami's room? The forbidden zone?!" Chopper gasped.

"The Paradise Island of the Franky House?!" Usopp joined in. "Did you get any souvenirs?"

Sanji straightened up with a wide grin and held out his hand to show the boys his "prize." A trickle of blood ran down his nose.

"Bobby pins?" Usopp sighed. "But she leaves those everywhere."

"Yes, but these are special, they're from her dresser."

Usopp, Luffy, and Chopper exchanged glances. "Uh huh."


"Sanji, can I come with to the coffee shop?" Chopper asked, pulling Sanji from his fantasies.

"Huh? Why? I thought you didn't like coffee."

"I don't, but I'd like to show some support for Nami by working on homework there too."

Sanji looked at Chopper, perplexed with his reasoning. "Uh, alright. Get your stuff, Nami's waiting for us!"

"Can I come too, Sanji?" Usopp asked suddenly springing to his feet. "I have things to work on too!"

"And me?! And me?!" Luffy shouted.

Sanji was irritated now. Nami would explode when she saw half the house show up at the coffee shop, and being in public never stopped her before from beating on her house mates. "Fine fine fine. But you have to behave! Nami will not hesitate to kill you just because you're not at home, understood?"

"Yeah, whatever," Luffy jammed a pinky up his nose. This was going to be an interesting trip.


"Oh thank God!" Nami exclaimed jumping up from her seat by the café window to run towards Sanji who was coming in with the yellow spiral in hand. "Thank you so much! All my notes for my art history paper are in here."

Sanji grinned like an idiot. "Anything for you, my Nami-swan!"

"Nami! I came too! To support you in your studies!" Chopper announced, coming out from behind Sanji. "I brought some of my own homework to work on. I promise I won't distract you."

"Chopper? Aw, how sweet. Thank you." Nami cooed, bending slightly to hug him.

"Oi Nami! Don't forget about me!" Usopp stated, stepping up and jabbing a thumb in his chest. "In addition to having my own work to do, I'll be your tech support!"

"NAAAAAMMMMMIIIIIII!" The Starbucks was suddenly silent as a dark haired youth wearing a straw hat came crashing through the front door. "I'm here to say good luck!"

Nami couldn't help but smile at her row of friends standing before her, with determined grins on their faces, showing her in their way that they were there for her. "Thank you everyone! I will do my best!"

The four boys whooped and cheered, much to the irritation of everyone else in the coffee shop.

"Ok, time to get back to work. Thank you again Sanji-kun!" Nami headed back to her table where her friends were.

"Wait, Nami-san! Can I get you or your friends anything?" Sanji offered with hearts in his eyes.

"No thank you, we refilled before you got here."

"Sanji! I want a hot chocolate, please!" Chopper looked up at Sanji with his puppy dog eyes.

"Me too!" Luffy yelled from a perch by the window. At some point he had scooted across the room to a large square table.

"Chai tea for me, please," Usopp chimed in, ushering Chopper towards Luffy's newly claimed table.

"I was asking Nami-swan, you ingrates!" Sanji yelled back, shaking a fist at them as they comfortably seated themselves. Noticing the stares from the other patrons, Sanji cleared his throat, casually rolled up his sleeves, and turned toward the front counter.

"What can I get you today, sir?" a young brunette asked.

"Yes my lovely lady," he began. "I would like 2 hot chocolates, a hot chai tea, and . . ." he tapped his credit card twice on the counter while he glanced quickly over the menu, " I will take a vanilla latte." He smirked at the cute barista, handing the card over . . . like a playa!

She returned a bashful smile. "And whose name shall I call?"

"Sanji, and I am at your service." He tilted his head toward her.

"Sanji! Quit flirting with girls! We want our hot chocolate!" Luffy yelled out. Usopp and Chopper also yelled in agreement.

Sanji's eye twitched. This. This was why he hadn't had a date in 3 months.

The brunette's smile faded slightly as she handed back his card. "Your drinks will be ready at the other end of the counter, thank you." She dismissed him with a slight hand wave. Sanji wanted to punch somebody.

Grinding his teeth, Sanji made his way to the table expertly carrying all four of their drinks. Chopper already had a pair of beats headphones on and was doing Algebra problems. Across from Chopper, Usopp also had a pair of beats on and was working on some technical drawing in his sketch book. Sanji plopped down across from Luffy and handed out everyone's drinks.

"HOT!" Luffy yelped. "Hothothothothot!"

Sanji reached over and knocked him in the head. "Let it cool down, you idiot!" Sanji sat back and sipped his Latte, eyes wandering to where Nami and her friends sat. Nami-swan had such a cute look on her face when she was working hard. An Ed Sheeran song came on over the sound system completing the moment.

"Oi, Sanji, I'm bored," Luffy said.

Sanji simply sipped at his Latte. "You said you wanted to come with and support Nami."

"But I didn't know it'd be boring!" Luffy threw his arms up in the air in desperation. Nami's head whipped over to their table, eyes flashing warnings at them.

Sanji sighed and tapped Usopp on the shoulder. Usopp nodded and reached into his bag as he pulled his headphones down around his neck.

"Here, these should keep you occupied," he said handing a stack of comic books to Luffy.

"Yay! Thanks Usopp!" Luffy cheered, grabbing the stack and immediately reading while sipping his hot chocolate.

Usopp kept his gaze on Luffy, well more like over Luffy's head. Across the room sat a pretty, young girl. A blonde. Thin, of average height, with large brown eyes and perfect pale skin. She was smiling over a book she was reading. It was the perfect pose. Usopp quickly flipped the page in his sketch pad and began to draw her.

"Oi, Usopp, that's pretty good," Sanji whispered, leaning over to get a closer look at what he was sketching.

"Huh? Oh, it's that girl over th—" She was gone. "Wha—? Where did she go?!" Usopp jumped up and ran over to Nami.

"Usopp? What do you want?" Nami asked, irritatingly tearing her ear buds out.

"The girl sitting behind you, do you know her name?" he asked, showing her his unfinished sketch.

Nami studied it. "No, I don't recognize her. Mikasa, do you know this girl?" Nami grabbed the sketch from Usopp and showed it to her friend across the table.

Mikasa shook her head, black locks swishing over her shoulders. "No, I don't know her, but I think I've seen her around campus."

"Sorry, Usopp." Nami handed the sketch back to him and popped her ear buds back in. Usopp looked back at the table the girl had been sitting at.

"Come on, Usopp! We're leaving!" Sanji called as Chopper was packing up his books.

"Ok," Usopp replied and headed back to their table to also pack his things, still focused on the girl he had sketched.

Thursday was almost a day to go to the hospital:

Franky didn't bother parking his truck in the garage this time, knowing he was just going to take off for the peace of his workshop after dinner. He pulled up in the driveway and shut the engine off, noticing a few droplets of rain on his windshield. He got out and headed for the front door as more drops came. Suddenly, Franky stopped in his tracks, noticing something lying on the front lawn. Geeze, what did those kids leave out now? They never picked up after themselves! Should he teach them a lesson and let whatever it was get soaked or be the nice guy and pick it up? Maybe he should find out what it is first.

He deviated from the front path and crouched near the object. Wait. This wasn't an object . . .


"CLEAR THE COUCH!" Franky bellowed, crashing in through the front door.

Usopp and Chopper scrambled off the couch just in time for Franky to set down the person whom he was carrying in his arms.

"Nami?!" Usopp and Chopper said together, now getting up to look at her. She was pale and wet from the rain.

"Hey, Nami! What happened?!" yelled Luffy, also coming over to poke his head between Usopp and Chopper's.

"She was out cold in the front yard," Franky excplained, carefully turning her head this way and that with his massive hands. "Nami? Nami?"

Chopper ran around to the back of the couch and clambered up onto it, straddling the back and leaning over Nami's face. "She looks asleep," he said putting a hand to her forehead. "No fever."

"Hey, what's going on—" Sanji began as he came out from the kitchen. "NAMI-SWAN! WHAT HAPPENED?!"

"Hush!" Franky warned. "I found her in the front yard like this."

"She looks so pale," Chopper said quietly, worry in his voice. "Sanji, when was the last time she ate?"

Sanji blanched. "Well, um, I-I don't remember. She's always in her room or at school."

"Yeah, she told us to leave her alone this week," Usopp chimed in.

"But no one's seen her eat or drink in a while?" Chopper asked again.

"Can't say that I have," said Franky, looking at the others.

The other boys looked from one to the other with the same look on their face. No body had seen her eat for the past few days.

"Chopper, she said she'd bite off our legs if we bothered her at all!" Luffy said, rocking back and forth on his heels in his crouch position.

Chopper punched the back of the couch. "But we haven't been making sure she eats! Look at the dark circles under her eyes; her pale face! She's malnourished!"

"But she—"

"I don't care!" Chopper punched the couch again. "We should risk getting our limbs ripped off to make sure she's taking care of herself! And we call ourselves her Nakama?!"

The room was quiet, digesting this information.

"Chopper is right," Sanji said finally. "Nami is our Nakama. It's my job to keep everyone well fed around here and I haven't been doing that."

"It's all our faults," said Usopp. "We all agreed to support her this week and part of that is making sure she eats regularly."

"Wha—" a quiet voice said.

"NAMI!" Chopper yelled and slid down from his perch on top of her, burying his round freckled face in her neck. "I'm so glad you're awake!"

"Oof! Chopper, you're heavy! What's going on?"

"Nami, are you alright?" Franky asked, his hand stroking her forehead. "I found you passed out in the front yard."

"Huh?" Her eyes got really wide. "I-I don't remember. . . um, I just got back from turning in my Botany project and I was going to try to take a little nap. Heh, I guess I didn't make it to the house."

"Nami, when was the last time you ate a meal?" Sanji asked, leaning over her. She tilted her head back to look up at him, Chopper's messy brown locks tickling her chin.

"Uhhhh, I don't remember."

"I don't understand," Usopp said as Chopper pushed himself up to a sitting position, still on top of Nami. "You work so hard all semester, why are you so unprepared for finals?"

"I'm in all these hard classes this semester, Usopp!" Nami snapped at him, also trying to sit up. "Plus, they assigned me papers and projects instead of exams. Wait, what time is it?!"


"Crap! I've got a powerpoint presentation to turn in by eight tonight!" Nami shot up and ran up the stairs.

Franky shook his head. "Sanji, make sure you bring her some dinner to her room tonight."

Friday almost saw bloodshed:



"Luffy! We're supposed to be on a team! Why'd you crash into me?!" Usopp shrieked.

"WAAHAHAHA!" Luffy continued to laugh.

"Geeze Luffy, this is super Mariokart, not Grand Theft Auto," chided Zoro while still pounding on a game controller. "Hey! Shit-cook! Watch where you're going!"

"What was that, Zor – I mean Princess Peach? I couldn't hear you over my high score."

"Hey! Everyone knows Princess Peach is one of the fastest characters!" Zoro quipped back.

"AH! Sanji!" Usopp panicked once again.

Nami couldn't take it anymore. This was going to end, NOW. She dashed from her spot at the kitchen table to Usopp's room. Geeze, the door was shut and she could still hear them like they were in the kitchen with her. Alright, these animals were going to get it.

"I SAID NO VIDEO GAMES UNTIL I WAS DONE WITH FINALS!" she screeched while pounding on the door.

No one responded. Fine, she'll just beat them to a bloody pulp, get some peace and quiet as well as relieve some stress. It was a win-win situation!

She grabbed the door knob and turned. . . . Locked. Ok, fine, we'll play this game. She could rip down any door. Nami leaned back, stuck her foot in the air and slammed it into the center of the door, but all she did was bounce off and fall over.

"What the—" she said, incredulous. She continued kicking and beating at the door, threatening the seventh circle of hell for all of them.

"Good thing we baracaded that door," Usopp said from within. "I think I would have burst if I couldn't play a game another minute!"

"You guys do realize we will have to be in here all night, right?" Zoro mentioned after a manly belch. "She'll kill us the minute we remove all that furniture."

They all nodded, perfectly okay with this option. "VIDEO GAMES ALL NIGHT!" Luffy cheered.

A strangled demon-scream came from outside the door


"Is it safe?" Luffy asked, hiding behind Zoro as they peeked out from Usopp's room. It was 2 in the morning and no one had heard Nami's screams of fury in a while.

"Hallway's clear," replied Zoro.

"Good, I've had to pee for an hour!" Usopp crawled out from the small opening they had cleared in order to exit and ran down the hall toward the bathroom.

"Me too!" Chopper also squeezed through and ran after him.

Zoro shoved his way through next, with Luffy in tow. They were to scavenge for provisions since they were judged the bravest (or dumbest Sanji had said) of the group to risk running into Nami. She was probably lying in wait at the bottom of the staris. Silently, they crept down the stairs and through the door into the kitchen where they froze.

There was Nami sitting at the bar, with books all around her and the blue light of a laptop illuminating her slumped over form. Very carefully, Zoro approached and poked her. Asleep.

"Phew!" Luffy whispered loudly. "I thought we were goners!"

"Shhh!" Zoro motioned Luffy over to where he was next to Nami. Zoro began closing books and gathering papers. Luffy caught on and shifted Nami around so he could scoop her onto his back.

Slowly and softly, the two headed back up the stairs, Luffy with Nami on his back and Zoro carrying all her books. They went into her room and Zoro helped Luffy gently place her on the bed.

"Zoro?" Luffy whispered as they were arranging covers over her.


"I think Nami was glad she could rely on us this week."

"Yeah, probably. Woman shows her gratitude with fists and screaming, though."

"Shishishishi," Luffy chucked as they left, quietly shutting the door behind them. "She is scary when she's happy, isn't she?"

Saturday it was all over with:

"I'M DOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNE!" Nami yelled, bursting into the living room.

Everyone paused for a horrifying minute, then cheered along with her.

"YOSH! Finally!" Luffy yelled, slapping her on the back. "We should celebrate!"

"YEAH!" cheered Usopp, Chopper, and Franky. Zoro simply grinned from his usual spot on the recliner. Robin laughed gently.

"Yes, we should have a feast," she said. "Someone should call Sanji-san."

"I'm just so happy it's all over with," Nami sob-laughed, embracing Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper at the same time.

Zoro got out of the recliner and walked to the bottom of the stairs, pulling out his phone.

"What the hell do you want?" Sanji spat upon answering.

"Are you on your way home?" Zoro asked, ignoring Sanji's greeting.

"Yeah, why?"

"Pick up some food and a keg or two."

"Since when do I run errands for you? Huh?! Go get your own damn booze!"

Zoro curled his free hand into a fist. God, he was so annoying! "What's got your balls in a twist, shit-cook? It's for Nami, she's done with finals and we want to celebrate."

"Oh? Fine, I'll go get a bunch of food and beer. We haven't had a party in a while."

It was a night of much revelry at the Franky House. Even Grandpa Brook stopped in to provide some musical entertainment. All in all, it was a great way to end hell week and begin a lovely summer vacation.


A/N: Yes, I am back from the dead. This isn't my favorite chapter from this series, but I liked all the different character interactions I guess. I'm really out of practice with this stuff, so bear with me! I have another one that I half finished eons ago that I would like to update at some point too, like before I die or something. Because I lack creativity, let me know if you have any funny/cool/weird scenarios to introduce Trafalgar Law into this series. KThnxBye!