So these are just some drabbles that I thought up - most of them are Toothless, expressing his opinion on this or that character or the human race in general. Pretty short for now, but I might be adding more. Enjoy!


1. Bleeding

Outside, it was hailing.

Toothless wasn't surprised. Berk was a place located a few degrees north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death, a place where it snowed nine months of the year and hailed the other three. Where nothing edible grew, and where the people were nearly as unpleasant as the weather.

A place where the only upside, the only thing that kept Toothless around, was sprawled out on a bed in a coma, running a fever and bleeding continuously. Dying.

Toothless sometimes wondered if his heart was bleeding inside of him. Watching the one-legged boy as he faded away, it certainly felt like it. The dragon wouldn't have left that bedside for anything.

So why had Astrid?

2. Humor

They were quite a sight in Berk, strolling the streets on warm days, and they knew it, too. They knew perfectly well that they caused a stir whenever they walked by, drawing curious spectators to watch them pass.

They were, after all, the stuff of legend: Hiccup and Toothless; Toothless and Hiccup; Stoick the Vast's son and his Night Fury; the boy and the dragon. To them, it didn't matter what people whispered when they strolled by—they were just two best friends out on a . . . walk, if you wanted to call it that.

In reality, this 'walk' was a bit more taxing than it sounded, due to the fact that one of the duo could barely stand up and the other was so absorbed with making sure that the other didn't collapse that he didn't notice the approaching tree.

You know, maybe that was why they drew such an audience whenever they went on their strolls—people came to investigate the violent thump of an unsuspecting dragon walking into a tree, followed by the nearly hysterical laughter of his companion.

It didn't really matter though, either way. People always walked away from the spectacle the two created smiling slightly.

That said, Toothless didn't see how anyone could find the situation funny. For the love of Thor, what was so hilarious about nearly knocking yourself out with a tree? That was another thing about humans—they had an awful sense of humor.

3. Friends

Toothless was genuinely fond of Hiccup's friends, he decided, and it wasn't just because Astrid knew exactly where he liked to be scratched, or because Fishlegs was never without food for the dragon to steal, or because Tuffnut was the prime victim of practical jokes.

No, it wasn't just that. Hiccup's friends were, in Toothless's opinion, incredibly fun to observe. Take now, for instance—watching Ruffnut as she mercilessly tackled Snotlout and flung him face-first into a large puddle of mud was endlessly entertaining. The fact that Snotlout had no idea that Ruffnut's unprovoked attack was actually a very warped display of the girl's affection for him made it even funnier.

Hiccup, who had been standing beside Toothless, wrinkled his nose as Snotlout grabbed Ruffnut's ankle and drug her into the mud, struggling to pin her down. "That's disgusting. Do you think it's cold?"

"Well, you're about to find out, aren't you?"

Toothless scooted to one side so that Astrid had enough room to tackle Hiccup around the waist and slam him down next to Snotlout with a splash.

Oh yeah. Toothless definitely liked Hiccup's friends.

4. Obvious

Toothless might not have known much about human relationships, but there were some things that were obvious, even to a Night Fury.

For instance, the fact that his best friend was hopelessly in love. That was pretty obvious. The only problem was that the only two people who hadn't figured it out yet happened to be the two in love.

Well then, that's why Hiccup had a best friend, wasn't it?

Somebody—the only one, in fact—who was willing to wait until the two of them were lined up perfectly with that supply closet in the armory, then go crashing shamelessly into them and send both sprawling sideways into the closet, the girl landing directly on top the boy with only one leg, knocking the wind from both of them.

"Ow, Astrid, get off—"

"Oh, sorry, here—Oh, for the love of Thor, Hiccup, I am going to kill your dragon. You hear that, Toothless? You're paying for this!"

Maybe he'd let them out in a couple of hours. Or maybe he'd just wait for someone to find them. After all, some face time between the two of them certainly couldn't hurt. Human relationships might have been a mystery to him, but that much was obvious.

5. Misunderstandings

If there was one human the Toothless didn't understand, it was Stoick. The dragon found his best friend's father impossible to comprehend, even more so than the Viking girls (Although Toothless had pretty much figured them out—all you needed to do was give them stuff and let them beat you up, and they were happy. Now he needed to teach this to Hiccup).

Hiccup's father was a mystery to the dragon. The Viking cared deeply for his son, but didn't know how to show it. He felt guilty about the loss of his son's leg, and angry at himself for not being the supportive father that he should have been. On top of it all, he still didn't understand how Hiccup thought, and therefore wasn't good at making conversation with his son, which was awkward for both of them.

Toothless didn't know why Stoick was so desperate to prove that he could be a good father, even to a son what was so unlike any other Viking anyone in Berk had ever met. After all, Hiccup had turned out all right as far as the dragon was concerned. He had told Toothless himself—he loved his father. Maybe they didn't understand each other very well, but that didn't mean that he didn't love his father.

Toothless didn't know for sure, but the thought that maybe Hiccup needed to tell Stoick that more often.