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Rated T to be safe. There is some blood (Not excessive or very graphic, but some), fighting, and some mild language (Just some cursing, not a ton and no derogatory words).

Sometimes the past cannot be changed, the future cannot be saved, until the present has been destroyed beyond repair.

Sacrifice is always necessary. The future is not set in stone and can always be changed, but the actions taken to do so will never be forgotten by those who were there...

By those who saw....


He didn't understand it. Nothing made sense. It wasn't as if the world had turned inside out. Everything he knew was true, his eyes would not lie. He had plenty of information on the matter as well. No... What Train didn't understand was how he could have let this happen.

The wind whipped around him loudly, swirling through the area at speeds no normal day could produce. There was a warmth in the air as well. It was not from the heat of the sun, but from something else entirely.

He could feel it, energies flowing on the currents of wind, instigating the movements. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. This is what made him remain at his spot, regardless of what was going on around him.

That and the smell... Though the latter was definitely worse.

Blood. It was in there air all around and he was snapped from his thoughts, not realizing how deep he had begun to dwell in his regret. Now all attention returned to the carnage that lay around him, golden eyes laying focus onto two subjects.

But attention can easily be split. There was a shout from nearby and his head instantly jerked to the side, trying to find the source. Train knew that voice, even though it was nearly whitewashed by the other sounds.

Eve was shouting in vain, rubble strewn around her. He could see her injuries, numerous as were his own. This battle had cost them dearly and it chilled him to turn and see the bodies that lay on the ground.

Seeing the faces, familiar and once friendly, made his heart ache. He knew every one of the people who now lay strewn on the ground, dying alone and without a single hand to guide them through the pain.

It was terrible.

Eve was still shouting, tears streaming down eyes filled with anger unhindered. "Let him go! Make it stop, please!" It hurt Train to hear it. It hurt him too see her fall apart as he knew the same pain. But he also knew that there was nothing they could do.

If he could change it... if he had one chance to go back and do something over, make the slightest change that could make this moment nonexistent, then he would. But as it were, he was now watching as his future was going to be torn asunder.

Wind whipped even faster, biting at his cheeks as well as Eve's. Something sharp flew past the blond girl's face, grazing her skin, but the pain she didn't notice.

He however, did notice something. It was picking up speed, he could feel it.

Larger objects, though thought of as small under different circumstances, were now being pulled into the clearing. The heat was stronger, the sensation of energy growing, filling the area. Train felt not like he was facing an oven, but a reactor. The kind of tingle that you could only get from an energy that is dangerous and unnatural.

All this from a different point of view could have been pinpointed as some form of ungodly natural disaster. The temperature shift, high wind, debris strewn all around... But it was far from it. Nature had never intended for such things to occur, and never with something as insane as this.

Standing off to the side, those that had caused all this seemed smug, as if the deaths and the horrors they had brought on were of no consequence. Of course after what they were wanting, what they were achieving... a single life was meaningless in their eyes.

To them, it meant nothing to just take a man's life... which was precisely what they were doing. Train's eyes found what he'd been watching before once again. Regardless of how he tried to turn away, to distract his stinging eyes, they always found their way back. It looked so beautiful, images and colors swirling in and out in a way that defied logic. Beautiful, yet it could be so dangerous.

It was a portal, or more a rift in the fabric of time. Nothing else could be said to describe it. Something that shouldn't have even existed now threatened to consume them all. But not until it's master was destroyed first.

And not until the controllers were satisfied. For that, they wouldn't just be creating this swirling mass. They planned to go through it.

That was why in the center of everything, standing before the portal yet untouched by it's wrath, was Sven Vollfied.

It was as if Sven was somewhere else, the pull of the rift not effecting him in the slightest. Leaves were sucked into this vortex, branches torn and grass sliced where the opening touched the ground, but he remained unharmed.

All this power had come from Sven himself, his eyes staring blankly as if in a trance whilst the scene played. He couldn't stop it, all energy gone into this one divine power. It sapped his own strength, dragging him under from the inside.

Such power, forced upon him, couldn't be controlled. His expression was sad now as he remained glued to the spot. He could only watch as he was used for such an evil thing as this.

"Run..." The single word was whispered and forced from his lips. But no one could hear him, his voice torn from his throat into the gate. The images were becoming clearer now as the energy grew. The portal itself was no longer shifting sizes, but it still swirled and churned inside.

"It must be stabilized or there will be no crossing through." One of the men was saying. He wasn't the leader, only the information holder. His master nodded, going closer to Sven though his distance was still decided in regards to his own safety.

"The time must be set correctly, do you understand?" He shouted harshly. Able only to comply to demands, Sven nodded slowly. If he tried to stop what was happening, not only would it kill him but the rift would probably engulf half the continent, no longer calmed by another's will.

The images started to settle, people and places easily recognized by those who had been there. Train could see where the destination was set and it chilled him to understand where they planned to go.

Or more importantly, when they planned to arrive. Who knew what they planned to do with a second chance at life as it were?

Everyone who had been hoping for this cheered but a wave from their leader's hand silenced them.

"Stabilize the portal." He ordered. Sven however, began to waver. No strength was left in him and he could feel his own life slipping away. Soon unconsciousness would claim him, but if he let that happen, the portal would collapse on itself, and the enemy would only wait until next time.

But for his friends, there would be no next time. Threats were eliminated if the chance was given, and Train and Eve were in no condition to fight. They would be killed on the spot or even taken to torture later. He wouldn't put it past these men.

"I said to stabilize the portal!" The head man shouted angrily. "If you don't you now what will happen." Once again the rift began to calm down, wind slowing and heat now contained to one area. The puppeteer smiled contentedly. It was just how he wanted it. Total control and manipulation fueled his lust for this moment even further.

His mind the only thing still in his control, Sven wondered briefly if his last hope would yield in his favor. The likelihood was slim but there was a chance that this could be stopped...

But it was only to get worse from there. Train was torn from the awful sight as his peripheral vision caught something. A flash of light, glinting off of a smoothed metal surface. When he'd turned to look he saw that Jenos Hazard, Chronos Number VII was holding something in his hands.

He had been with them, one of the few who were not yet a fatality, though that could easily change.

Now, he stood over a body, easily seen as that of a woman. Her blond hair splayed about her, covering her face and hiding most of the damage that had been done. Sephiria Arks was motionless as Jenos gazed down at her for a moment, his expression hidden.

He spoke something, though it could not be heard, and sword in hand, drew Ichthus from it's sheath. Train watched as he examined it for a moment then turned towards Sven, a look in his eye reflected in the blade he held.

Blood lust.

Once a joker, all humor was wiped from the man's face as he cleaned off the blade on his torn jacket, walking slowly towards the group of men and the puppet they controlled. All eyes were on Jenos as he headed towards the portal's power source. The man's own eyes stared back at them, hatred seen behind brown irises.

"What are you doing?" One of the members asked, his voice full of doubt. Jenos's eyes were hidden under shadow from his bangs now, but his body stance told them enough. The portal was ready now, a single image showing through, rippling slightly as if a leaf had broken the stillness of time's pond.

Before action could be taken, there was a sudden flash, a shadow disappearing into that very same pool. Everyone was caught off guard, realizing that something had already occurred while their guards were let down.

"Stop this!" Their leader shouted furiously. "No one is allowed through the gateway until I have ordered it!"

"That's too bad." The voice had come from Jenos, silencing the sudden outbursts. All eyes were on him now, expecting something.

He gave them exactly what they wanted.

By the time they realized what he was doing it was too late. Jenos was no longer in front of them, instead he was standing parallel to Sven. The sweeper just stood there, eyes calmly watching Number VII. It was as if Sven had given up, no longer caring to learn the man's next move.

Their eyes met briefly, something unspoken passing between them. Perhaps it was a silent goodbye from Jenos, a last sign of decency now hidden behind betrayal.

Train's eyes grew wide and he could hear Eve scream as the blow was dealt. One moment Jenos was standing in front of their partner, and the next Ichthus was protruding from Sven's back.

Cloths and grass were tainted as the wound made itself known.

Jenos's face was still hidden behind the shadows as he removed the sword, Sven falling to the ground, as motionless as the blade that landed at his side. Mismatched eyes stared serenely, no longer seeing the sky they faced as all life slipped from the sweeper's body.

Though everything seemed to slow down until life itself was frozen, time could never truly be stopped. With his last breaths gone, the gateway's energy source vanished. Light seemed to pour from it, as the images spun furiously, the portal shrinking.

Jenos stood over Sven's body, staring at it for a moment as panic spread through the other onlookers. He could see Train and Eve running towards him. But that didn't matter. He took one last look at the broken body that lay beside his feet and then did the unthinkable.

The images seemed to be flashing in a sequence, moving through time periods, days flashing by. Jenos stared at it, waiting for something. The opening was getting smaller and smaller, but it appeared he had found what he'd been searching for.

Jenos turned, taking a single glance at the group of men and then at the sweepers. He shouted something and without another word, dove into the rift.

Just as he disappeared, the gateway collapsed, vanishing so completely that it was as if it had never existed. Instead, it had dissolved leaving death in it's wake, the destruction a terrible reminder of its former presence.

Now Jenos was gone too, his final deed done.

Eve clutched Sven's body, her own form wrenched with sobs. Trying to hold back his own sorrow, Train closed his eyes, no longer able to stand seeing the two colored orbs that endlessly stared up at the sky before him, sightless as glass.

Suddenly, his own pain was gone, forgotten and insignificant. Train stood up unhindered, and slitted eyes turned on the men responsible for all of this happening. A black and gold gun with the number 'XIII' engraved upon it was in his hand.

Hades was cocked and aimed, its targets in full sight. Train glared, his opponents staring down the barrel in actual fear. Sweepers took in bounties alive... but as of that moment, the sweeper in him was gone.

Black Cat tensed his finger on the trigger. "I will never forgive you for this." He said, voice hissing through clenched teeth. "The past can never be changed. And it's time you learned that a life is more precious than anything in the world!"

There was an almost unheard click, and gunshots rang out through the air, mingling with the sound of sobs. Train fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face, his body shaking.

"A life... can never be returned. Not once it's gone." He gasped, looking at his own tainted hands, tears splattering soundlessly on them.

His eyes found the spot where the portal had been, all senses feeling completely numb. He hadn't been able to stop anything of this. Despite everything, he had never seen it coming. And now...

"I wonder..." He chuckled slightly, though more out of self pity than actual humor as Hades dropped from his hands. "What do you plan to do Jenos?" He didn't even notice as his head hit the ground, body finally collapsing as darkness moved in.

"What will you do now... to the future?"


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