Alex walked in the blazing heat, across the while sand of the desert road, her golden blonde hair floating behind her in the humid breeze. She was carrying a small brown suitcase which swung as she trudged along slowly.

She turned slowly as she heard a vehicle approach her from behind and squinted across the white sand. A red truck was driving towards her with three or four men seated in the open back, it was playing loud Latin music, which echoed in the desert.

As it got closer the men stood up and leered at her, wolf-whistling and shouting lewd comments.

"Hey baby, id gusta golpear que ," they called after her. She looked up and smiled as they drove past, shaking her head.

This outfit may have been a mistake. She looked down at her short denim skirt, white tank top and brown boots combination. But the sun was blazing today, and it was too hot for any more clothes. She sighed to herself as she heard the men still whistling in the distance, now just a mere speck on the horizon.

She felt beads of sweat running down her neck. The heat was unbearable, even with the cool breaths of wind that came at intervals.

Suddenly she heard the rumblings of a car in the distance, she turned around and saw a slick black convertible skimming across the sand towards her. She stopped and waited for the car to approach.

It pulled up next to her and Alex leaned against the car door, resting her arms upon it. In the driver's seat was a dark haired man wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and a rumpled cowboy hat, he flicked his burnt-up cigarette butt out of the passenger window and turned to smile at Alex.

"Agent Sands, this is yours I believe," Alex said, straightening up and handing him the battered suitcase.

He opened it carefully and saw a pristine haul of money held within.

Sands grinned and closed the case, before leaning over and throwing the passenger door open.

Alex hopped in, pulling the door closed, and flashing Sands a smile.