Field Trip To Camp Hercule

Title: Field Trip To Camp Hercule

Author: THREE kowtows.

Summary: Videl hates Gohan; Gohan's scared of Videl. So, naturally, they get stuck at camp together for a week, right? How are the two teens going to survive being in each other's presence – particularly when one's secretly... Saiyaman?

Rating: PG-13 (Language; suggestiveness.)

Disclaimer: DBZ isn't mine, as well as any other game or food-joint I might mention in here. The Camp thing's sorta my idea though, so... heh...

Author's Note: Seriously, this just... needed revising. / I was looking through it recently and was like 'wow, evidently they didn't teach grammar in junior high! how spiffy' and realized that this needed some looking over, along with a few 'wording' adjustments. What you're viewing now is the new and improved, shiny and holographic edition of Field Trip to Camp Hercule. Hopefully ya enjoy it – leave a review if you do! ...Or even if you don't like it. D: Bring it onnn. Oh, by the way. At the top of each chapter, within the author's notes, it'll either say 'revised' or not. If it says revised, then obviously, it has been. If not, then it hasn't. I'm going to go through each chapter on and off, but it'll take some time for me to complete it in its entirety.



Field Trip To Camp Hercule


Stuck At Camp


Books? Check. Pencils? Check. Pens? ...Well, obviously. One pen propped behind his ear and bag to his back, Gohan darted out the door, rather stealthy like – and hoping he'd managed his escape before another girl could tackle him.

Ever since he'd gotten into Orange Star High School the girls had been following him everywhere... and he was clueless on why they did. Well, all the girls, except for one - Satan Videl.

"Hey, Gohan!"

Erasa suddenly appeared next to Gohan, eyes widened brightly as she hopped from one foot to the other, jubilant grin evident. Sharpener came up to the left of her, placing his arm loosely about her waist as he greeted Gohan with a quick nod of his head, eyebrow quirked up.

"Isn't this great? I can't wait for the trip!"


The Saiyan's forehead crinkled up in confusion.

Trip? What's she talking about? Man, I knew I should've listened in class today...

"The school field trip, silly! Weren't you listening?"

"It's when we all go to some camp thing and have to deal with each other for a week or so. It's a school tradition. We're supposed to learn things about each other and... uh... learn how to make friends." Sharpener had intervened on Erasa's behalf, shooting her a lazy grin before redirecting his gaze to Gohan, eyes rolling. The jock had no appreciation for the school's attempts to unify their class – Erasa, on the other hand...

Confusion slowly pulling from his expression, Gohan turned, scuffling through his backpack before yanking out a piece of paper. Uncrinkling it, he stared blankly at it for several seconds before shoving it back into the recesses of his bag; so, that's what the permission slip was for.

Erasa giggled and lightly jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow. "A few classes go to different camps, and our class is going to Camp Hercule, for obvious reasons."

Hercule? I-... um... Remaining confused (and a little apprehensive at the mention of the imposter's name), Gohan slowly shook his head, brow remaining crinkled in concentration.

"You don't know why? Well, it's 'cause Videl's in our class! It'll be great, since Hercule might show up sometime to give us a fighting show. You'll like that, right, Sharpie?"

Oh, great. It's bad enough that Videl hates me – for no good reason, I might add – but..., but now, her dad? Things just can't get any worse-...

"Hey, Del!"

Nearly toppling back at the sudden and loud exclamation of her name, Videl spun in place, scowl immediately appearing on her face once she had caught sight of Gohan. Sharpener, noticing the grimace across her features, laughed – and in turn, found himself being punched in the ribs by his irate girlfriend. Grunting, he fell silent as Erasa placed her hands on her hips and glared at Videl.

"Uh, hey, Videl," Gohan mumbled, keeping his head bowed slightly. It was obvious that she didn't like him! She might as well smack him in the face.

Still scowling, Videl returned the greeting, her tone flat; "Gohan."

Throwing her hands up in exasperation, Erasa suddenly stepped forward out of Sharpener's hold and grabbed Videl by the arm, dragging the surprised girl off a short distance to a corner where she immediately started whispering to her in heated tones. The blond teen ran a hand over his hair and smirked at Gohan's blank look.

"She's giving her a talking to for being rude, I'll bet ya," he supplied before heading to the soda machine.

"Videl! What is wrong with you?"

Erasa shook her friend's form - well, tried to, but she couldn't budge her. Deciding that it would be a bad idea to use physical force to emphasize her point Erasa instead put on the most frustrated glare she could manage. Hands again going to her hips, she began to tap her foot impatiently.

"Well? I'm waaaaiting!"

Videl sighed, rubbing at her temple with a hand. Things were getting so much more difficult around the place; wasn't she allowed to dislike somebody every now and then?

"He's a nerd, he's too polite, and he won't stop talking to me. Besides, he's probably some... what... secret player or something. I mean, a guy can't honestly be that clueless if that many girls are throwing themselves at him..."

The orange-haired girl's eyebrow arched as she grinned slyly, ferocity rapidly dispersing. Videl found herself growing nervous at this latest development and she eyed Erasa, suspiciously, until the girl had spoken once more.

"That's because he's a handsome, sweet, smart, caring and an unbelievably sexy man who's still single."

"...Pft!" Rapidly dismissing the explanation to Gohan's 'pimping skills', Videl stalked off, muttering curses beneath her breath while Erasa only waved at her friend's retreating back, giggling. A few more seconds and she had scampered off, casting another wave towards Gohan's form – who waved back – before heading to where she just knew Sharpener was waiting... by the soda and food machines.

Sigh catching under his breath, Gohan shuffled away, rubbing his hand at the back of his neck. The end of the day and he was still having a hard time; he had to go on a field trip and be locked up with his classmates for Kami knew how long, he had a confrontation with Videl, and he was going to have to deal with his mom throwing a fit of excitement over the chance to make new friends. The only way it could've gotten worse was if Videl was at her locker, considering hers was right next to his own-...

"...Aw, man!"

Stopping in place with another heaved sigh, Gohan tipped his head back, frustrated. Obviously, today was not his day – Videl was at her locker and it didn't look as if she'd be ready to leave anytime soon. Caving in to the inevitable, Gohan slouched up beside her, hoping she wouldn't notice him, as he went to 'stealthily' jerk his locker upon. Unfortunately, he'd forgotten there was a lock on it – and, just as unfortunately, he'd forgotten that he was a bit stronger than the typical...

...the locker door fell off its hinges with a crack of metal, and the lock was – remarkably enough – still on the locker door. ...Oh, crud.

Eyes wide and body tensed, Gohan began to press the door back into place, hoping it would somehow stick again, but soon realized that it wasn't quite as easy as he'd hoped. He then shoved the locker door on top of his locker and began to grab books, stuffing them into his bag hurriedly.

Maybe if I can get my stuff and go before she's done, she won't... notice?

Looking out of the corner of his eye, Gohan abruptly realized that Videl was regarding him strangely, a slight smirk visible on her lips. He was about to shake his head and run off to hopefully stop her from yelling at him when her voice stopped him dead cold, frozen in place.

"So, Gohan... Didn't know you could do that."

Jerking to a halt mid-sprint, his raised leg slowly moved back down to rest on the tile floor. Pivoting on the heel of his foot he faced her, careful to avoid eye contact, as his free hand began to hurriedly rub at the back of his head – a nervous habit he had yet to notice.

"Uh, the door, it was loose-... er, old! It was old, and... you know, I'm sure that's happened hundreds of times."

Managing a helpless and still-nervous grin, Gohan continued to rub at the back of his hair, grin slowly wilting as Videl's smirk widened, eyes narrowing further.

"I'll bet. I mean, the lockers in this school are so old, that-... oh, wait. That's right. They're so old that they just got replaced a week ago, and the one that you happened to snap right off its hinges is brand new. ...Fascinating..."

Gohan paled. Oh, crap! I didn't know that! It's just because I'm still new here...

The issue of hiding his strength and abilities had always been an issue; however, as of late they'd becoming even more of an issue than the norm. Ever since his secret emergence as the Great Saiyaman and the Golden Warrior, the whole 'hide the abilities' deal had held a lot more importance behind it. After all, it was difficult to hold a secret identity if it wasn't secret anymore, right?

Laughing nervously, the demi-Saiyan began to jerk at his shirt collar, sweat already running down the side of his face. She can't find out! I mean, she's only seen me once - ONCE! I just stopped those crazy guys, that's it! Not like it's an everyday thing... Is she already suspecting me as him! And that's when he made an escape plan.

"Hey, look at the time! My mom's going to kill me unless I'm home soon, bye!"

Waving jerkily, Gohan spun and ran off, streaking down the hall before skidding to run up the stairs to the roof. As soon as he reached the top of the school he tapped the button on his watch and leapt from the roof, cape bursting over his form along with his masked identity. He was soon a yellow blur in the air, speeding back towards home grounds... and he couldn't shake the thought of his messy escape from his mind.

Oh, Dende! Smooth one Gohan, real smooth!


Chi-Chi placed a fourth plate that was overflowing with food in front of Goten, grinning widely as she watched the young Saiyan attack the food with both hands.

"Tsk! Goten, don't forget to use your nap-... ack! Watch it!"

A stray piece of food whizzed past the woman's head to splatter on the wall with a splut. The small form looked up, eyes wide in surprise as he scratched his head.

"Oops! Sorry, mommy!"

Chi-Chi sighed, then patted her son affectionately on the head as she ruffled his spiked black hair.

"Forget about it. You're just as bad as your dad."

Suddenly Goten jumped up, his plate falling off the table to shatter on the ground. Screaming excitedly (and ignoring the shocked look on his mother's face) he ran outside, arms waving over his head.

"GOHAN'S BACK!" he yelled as he shoved the door open, one of the hinges popping open to let the door hang at an odd angle before the small boy burst outside.

Chi-Chi stared at the mess at the floor, then at the broken door. Muttering under her breath she stood, grabbing the phone and dialing up.

"Hey, Bulma? Do me a favor and take me shopping..."

Gohan landed outside of the dome of a house, clicking the button on his watch again to return to his normal clothes. Raising his head his eyes widened in shock as he was tackled, flipping over backwards to tumble partway down the hill before coming to a grass-stained stop.

"Gohan! You're back from school! We can train now, right? Right!"

Goten bounced eagerly on his brother's back, pounding on his shoulders with both fists.

"Well, not now, bud..."

Gohan grinned sheepishly as Goten's happy smile suddenly twisted into a frown.

"What? Why!"

"I have to study! As soon as I'm done with school stuff, I'll train with you, okay?"




Jumping off his back, Goten ran back up the hill into the house once more, almost running into Chi-Chi as he sprinted through the busted door. Gohan, straightening from the ground before dusting off his pants, slowly shook his head as Chi-Chi's enraged yell echoed out from the house. Jogging up the grassy hill, it wasn't long until Gohan was striding into the domed place, pulling the broken door partially shut behind him.

"Hey, Mom!"

Chi-Chi turned and flipped a plate to the table which landed exactly next to Goten, who was already devouring another batch of food.

"There's your lunch, Gohan!"

Blinking, Gohan nodded and slipped into his seat, soon finishing off his meal within a matter of seconds. Patting his stomach, he slipped back out from his place, heading towards his room to study.

Gee, Goten must have been a horror today if Mom didn't even ask me about my love life.


Videl lightly shook the weighted mass with a gloved hand, testing the weight of the punching bag.


As soon as she was sure that it was exactly as it should be, she began to pummel it recklessly, releasing a barrage of kicks and punches upon its surface. The bag whipped back and forth from its hanger, squeaking madly, as the flurry of strikes thumped across its surface.

The only time she could really think was when she was training by herself with something that wouldn't fight back. Well, didn't fight back most of the time - if she didn't pay enough attention the bag would sometimes slap her in the face with the whiplash, and that'd be more than enough to remind her to not let the bag 'fight back'.

This time, the thoughts were enough to place Videl in risk to the bag's whiplash pattern, as her latest dilemma had caused quite a mental stir... what was the issue?

The new kid, Son Gohan.

She set her mouth in a frown as she swung a hard punch at the bag, waiting for it to come back from its careening course so she could hit it again.

What is it about him? He's such a nerd! But for some weird reason he reminds me about that... 'hero'. ...What was his name again? Oh, yeah... the Great Saiyaman. Pft.

The bag whirled bag, shaking on its hanger before Videl slammed another wall-shaking roundhouse into its side. It shot away once more.

He can't be him, though. Gohan's way too weak... he's such a shrimp. That's another reason to not like him. He couldn't stand up for himself physically if his life depended on it, and he acts like he can. But... I can beat him. I know it.

A spinning knuckle-punch rammed against the side of the bag, a thump shuddering over its surface before it jerked away again, whiplash sending it reeling back.

Why does everyone like him? And then... if you don't like him, he follows you around! At least, that's what he does to me. Then again, it could just be that Erasa's dragging him around behind her. Maybe that's it...

Pulling back, Videl leapt into the air, body twisting into a 360 before a bandage-wrapped foot snapped out, catching the bag powerfully in a spinning aerial roundhouse kick.

Wait, back it up, Videl. Remember that little incident earlier today? When Mister Weak-Skinny-Pathetic Gohan pulled off the door of his locker without even breaking a sweat? That could use some thought. The things were new, brand new, and he tried to make up an excuse. Heck, he even ran off when I cornered him! Something needs to be looked up there...

Videl pulled back her fist, her eyes narrowed.

I've got you in my sights, Son Gohan.

Her fist sped forward to connect with the punching bag with a resounding slam of flesh on sand-filled leather... and it suddenly split, sand pouring from its confines to pile on the floor in a growing heap. A small grin appeared on Videl's face as she turned away from the bag, grabbing a towel to wipe off the sweat that had gathered on her forehead. Stepping up to the intercom she lightly pressed the button that allowed her to talk to the man waiting at the desk...

"Hey, do you think you could get another punching bag set up in room 3B? ...Thanks."


Gohan stared at the ceiling, arms folded neatly behind his head. After school work he had gone out for training with Goten. Apparently the kid had been practicing while he'd been at school - when he tried to go at the typical level of easy (often for Goten's benefit), he found himself face-down on the dirt, a laughing and victorious Goten standing on his back.

Fortunately for Gohan's dignity, his mom had returned from shopping at that time and had called them in to get washed up before dinner. His mouth started to water slightly as he remembered how he'd skipped lunch to get Trunks back to his house, since the son of Bulma and Vegeta had sneaked off to visit him at Orange Star High – without anyone's permission.

Gohan's door creaked open while he was studying, and soon Chi-Chi had poked her head inside. Head jerking up from his book, Gohan waved excitedly to his mom, already snapping his book shut as he went to stand.

"Is dinner ready yet!"

"Uh, no. Gohan..."

The teen's face fell as he dropped to the ground again, resting his chin on the palm of his hand as he forgot his mother was in the room. Chi-Chi grabbed a chair and pulled it up, sitting in it before folding her hands neatly and placing them perfectly in her lap. She regarded her son before her before speaking slowly, as if he was incapable of hearing normal-people-speech.

"Gohan, I have something very serious to discuss with you..."

Gohan continued to remain oblivious to his mother, wincing as a growl ran through his stomach. He needed food, and he needed it now-...

"When will we be seeing some grandchildren around here?"

Gasping, Gohan stumbling up from his place on the floor and stared at her. Grandchildren! His mom was asking him about... grandchildren! At his age? She couldn't be serious.


"Well, from what I hear from Bulma who heard from Trunks, you and a certain girl seem to be very interested in each other..."

What? A certain girl? Whoa, if she means Erasa, she's taken. Besides, she's just a friend! A bit too ditzy for me, Kami forgive me for saying so, but...

"Mom, Erasa is Sharpener's girlfriend!" he sputtered in return, eyes remained frozen wide open.

"Erasa? You mean the orange-haired girl? No, Bulma was talking about this... this-... what's her name... oh, this Videl girl!"

That's when Gohan's jaw dropped. Obviously, Trunks had let his mouth run for far too long and in the wrong direction – Videl had nothing going for Gohan, and Gohan had nothing for her. Well, actually – Videl did have something, but it seemed to be only pure hate… Shaking his head quickly from side to side, hands pressed to his ears, it was several seconds before Gohan could speak once more, voice coming out slowly.

"Mom… Videl hates me."

Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow.

"That's where you're wrong, Son Gohan. Nobody could hate my little boy; you're too sweet!"

Gohan smiled weakly as he suddenly remembered something he had to ask which, fortunately, would distract his mother from the latest topic of 'grandchildren'.

"Oh, yeah… Mom." Picking up his notebag, Gohan shuffled through the papers within once more before yanking out the paper from before, along with a pen. "There's this thing that I'm supposed to go to for school. It's when we go to camp and get to know each other or something… at least, that's what Sharpener and Erasa said."

Letting out a squeal of delight, Chi-Chi immediately filled out the required information in a flash before handing it back to Gohan, standing to hug him tightly.

"My son is going to have a chance to get to know more people!"

Sighing, Gohan gently hugged his mother back before allowing himself to be ushered out the door to the kitchen. Wonderful. He was almost hoping that his mom wouldn't allow him to go so he'd have a good enough excuse to not show, but she obviously approved of the idea. There was no way he was going to get out of going to Camp Hercule now.


"Okay, class! Those of you that can go on the Camp Hercule field trip, pass your permission slips forward before you leave the room!"

With a rustle of paper the slips were passed from one student to another before they arrived at the front desks, where the teacher collected them before turning to place them in a drawer on her desk. Once the teacher was sure everyone had passed their papers forward she excused the class, holding the door open for the ambling hordes of teenagers.

Gohan left last as usual, considering his seat was near the back along with Erasa, Sharpener and Videl. Videl was, fortunately, several seats away from him, between Sharpener and Erasa.

"Hey, Gohan."

"Hey-… wait, what?"

That voice didn't sound like Erasa, and it was definitely not Sharpener that he was hearing. Twisting his head to the side, he stared at the person walking next to him…



The girl shot a cocked half-grin in the demi-Saiyan's direction before suddenly stepping before him, forcing him to halt in place.

"What, you didn't expect me to talk to you once in awhile?"

Geez, does she not like me or what?

"No!" Gohan gulped as he suddenly saw Videl's expression change to one of annoyance. "I mean... why are you talking to me, anyways?"

"Do I need a reason?"

Sighing, Gohan shook his head and turned, walking towards the glass doors that led out to the Quad. He didn't want the end of the day to be ruined just because he got into a fight with Videl over something… stupid.

"Hey, don't walk away from me, Son Gohan!"

Videl ran to catch up with him and jumped in front of him once more, scowl again apparent on her features.

"Look, I just want to know how you could possibly screw up a locker like you did yesterday with your kind of physique."

Gohan's eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth twitching. It was one thing to stop him from leaving someplace, but it was an entirely different matter when someone insulted his looks – particularly when his looks evidently proved he wasn't 'strong enough' to do something.

"What are you saying?... You think I'm not that strong or something?"

Laughing under her breath, Videl shook her head slowly, arms slowly crossing before her chest before she spoke…

"Well… it's more like I can't think that you can fight at all – or be good at anything that has to do with it."

Eyes wide with shock, Gohan instinctively stepped back at the heavy-handed insult before pacing forward, eyes rapidly narrowing.


Calm down, Gohan! Don't lose it, don't lose it-…

"Me what?" Videl taunted him, arms remaining crossed against her chest as she tilted forward at the waist, cocky grin still evident.

Gohan's expression darkened as he paced forward another step, slowly closing the distance between himself and the shorter girl before him.

"Don't underestimate me, Videl," he began calmly, taking another step. "You really don't know exactly who you're talking to, since you haven't taken the time to get to know me. Maybe I'm the designated 'smart kid', but it doesn't mean I don't know how to fight. Chances are, I'd last in almost any fight you'd challenge me in… or, I'd maybe even beat you."

The sudden rise of indignant fury that had roused within the demi-Saiyan suddenly dissipated. Gohan then realized – after coming to his senses – that he had trapped Videl against a wall, having backed her up until any other form of escape was inevitable.

He blinked once, staring blankly down at her form before noting the surprisingly bright color of her eyes. He slowly tilted his head to the side, a single eye narrowing in concentration, as he was – typically enough – caught up in the examination of the deep cerulean blue that they were-… up until Videl's fist connected with a resounding thump just at his stomach.

Jerking back a single step with surprise, though not enough to let Videl easily move, Gohan blinked once more as Videl began to examine him, stare critical as her eyes swept over his form.

How could he still be standing? I punched him with almost everything I had!

"Gohan… move. Now."

Obediently, the teen stepped aside, hand rising to scratch at the back of his head. Inwardly, he found himself mentally slapping himself for the exposure of his Saiyan side; Vegeta had said something about it 'coming alive' around this age, but… does it have to be so aggressive and uncontrollable?

Videl slipped past him and gave him one last look before walking down the hall's corridor, to the lockers.

Shaking his head, Gohan readjusted his bag before walking out the glass doors of the hall, ducking stealthily behind a wall before transforming into Saiyaman. Typically, he made his exit by bounding off the roof, but Videl happened to exit off the same area because of her helicopter, and, well... frankly, he didn't think Videl was interested in seeing him at the moment.

Launching into the air, the demi-Saiyan focused on something else besides the fiery-eyed Satan. Something more like the trip at Camp Hercule, which he had to be packed and ready for within three days.


Sharpener raised an eyebrow slightly as he watched the black-haired boy walk in late, again. The teacher raised his head as well, regarding Gohan with a cold glare before waving him to his seat.

"Thank you for taking time out of your royal schedule to join us, Gohan," he murmured under his breath as several of the boys in the front row snickered, the girls giving the teen looks of sympathy.

Nudging his girlfriend lightly with an elbow to wake her from her nap, Sharpener pointed to Gohan as he started to ascend the stairs.

"Wh-what? Oh! Hi, Gohan... umm, er, you want me to move?"

Erasa smiled apologetically and started to switch back into her seat before Gohan shook his head, a half-smile forming on his face.

"No, it's okay. I don't mind."

"Umm… well, if you're sure..." Erasa started to laugh nervously, immediately slapping her hand over her mouth once she noticed the teacher staring at her disapprovingly.

Gohan slipped into the empty seat, pulling his books and binders out of his bag and placing them on the desk in front of him, then flipping a pencil out from another pocket in the bag. He then settled back in his seat, relaxing momentarily as he waited for the teacher to begin their lecture.

"Alright, class. Today, we will be discussing the art of politic-…"

With a sudden crash, the door to the classroom slammed open as the students within the first few rows jumped within their seats. Bolting into the room before skidding to a stop, Videl partially keeled over, panting as she spoke hurriedly.

"Ah, I'm sorry! See, there was this robbery, and I-…"

"Don't worry about it, Videl. We all appreciate your services, and as long as you make a point to at least show up for school I think we can let a few tardies slip."

"Oh, thanks..." Breathing out a sigh of relief, the girl straightened before trudging up the steps to her seat. She was about to sit down, after muttering a quiet hello to Erasa-… wait, what?

Straightening, she looked from Erasa's seat to hers'. Okay, this seat is mine, and… And Erasa was supposed to be sitting next to her, but no, Erasa was next to Sharpener...

That left Gohan, and Gohan was in Erasa's seat, which, once again, was next to her seat.

Kami. This is not a good way to start the day.

Videl slowly stepped behind the desk after pulling off her book-bag, dropping it next to her chair. Carefully, Videl slid her chair inwards as she also slightly scooted away from Gohan's figure, a small grimace already forming on her features. She stopped once she noticed that he was doing the same, also attempting to keep her from noticing.

What am I doing? I was trying to get away from him for a second there! Not like he scares me. I mean, that big talk about him being so tough and everything was interesting, but not intimidating. Why should I care what he thinks? He can just deal with the problem himself.

Forcing her usual cocky expression back onto her face, Videl scooted her chair back to its original placing, watching from the corner of her eyes with amusement as Gohan scrambled to scoot away in response. Shaking her head as a quiet laugh slipped from between her lips, she tilted forward, whipping out paper and pen from her bag as she began to take notes on the lecture. That would be something that could get that nerd off her mind, at the very least…


Thirty minutes later.


Gohan yawned, grumbling under his breath as his eyelids fluttered open and shut. That lecture, even though it hadn't been that long, had been incredibly boring. By the looks of it, everyone else thought the same - almost everyone had given in to the boredom and had fallen asleep, or they were slapping themselves to stay awake. Even Videl, who was known for her excellent grades, was slouching in her chair, head hung back over the headrest.

Suddenly, the teacher's tone changed.

"Well, that was a rather interesting lecture, wasn't it? Now, about the camp! I'm sure all of you were eager to choose who you'd dorm with, correct? Because of the new types of cabins they have now, you can have two boys and two girls to a dorm!"

The class suddenly jerked awake, most of the boys already wearing matching grins at least a mile in diameter.

"No, no! You won't be sharing rooms directly, but in a different way. The dorm rooms will be separated by a wall, but the rooms will connect where there is the small kitchenette, bathroom and sitting area, where you can read or just talk."

Some of the boys groaned in response, while others gave a sigh of relief. All of the girls though, save Videl, were still giggling excitedly.

"To pick who you want to be in your cabin, write down three other names. I'll match them up then post the rooms and their occupants at the camp in the main hall. Alright? Get to it. You have until end of class to submit the papers. Once you've turned them in to me, you can work on other homework. Oh, yes... Don't forget; name, date, and period in the upper right corner."

Each of the students yanked out a piece of spare paper from their binders and scribbled the names on quickly.

Gohan sighed and slowly wrote his name on the paper, knowing that the date and period were unnecessary, just one of the teacher's habits when talking. Raising his head, he peered out of the corner of his eye at Erasa's paper.



She was in the process of writing the third name, so he couldn't see it. Well, that was good! Chances were high that'd Sharpener have the same names on his. Smiling to himself he wrote down Erasa's and Sharpener's name on his paper, leaving the third entry blank. The teacher would probably just put him with whoever else Erasa and Sharpener had decided on.

Folding his paper, he handed it to the boy in front of him who continued to pass it forward. That done, the teen started on his math, glad it was the only homework he had for that night. He'd have to pack - only two more days until departure.


After school.


"Man, hold up."

Sharpener jogged up to Gohan as the black-haired teen slowed to a slow walk from his brisk run. As usual, Erasa appeared soon after, always tagging along behind her boyfriend.

"Where's the fire?"

Gohan grinned sheepishly, tilting his head to the side slightly.

"Well, Videl and I both leave the same way and I was trying leave before her. I really don't think she likes me all that much..."

Both Sharpener and Erasa looked at each other, confused, before looking at Gohan again.

"You guys don't like each other?" Erasa asked incredulously. "I thought you guys talked things out after school yesterday!"

The demi-Saiyan rolled his eyes. "Oh, sure, we talked things out," he stated sarcastically. "More like we argued back and forth about physique and fighting skill."

"Oh," Erasa squeaked, before giggling. "Obviously she's never seen you in PE. I mean, ouch! Turn down the heat!"

Sharpener's eyebrow twitched slightly as Gohan blushed a dark red, Erasa grinning mischievously.

"I mean, you can't compete with Sharpener here, but you've still got it good!" she grinned before hugging Sharpener tightly from the side, kissing him on the cheek. Gohan laughedonce he saw the blond-haired teen blush a light tint of red.

"Yeah, well... Anyways, I got to go, before Videl catches me up there. She'll probably strangle me if we're left alone-…"

"What exactly would she be strangling?" Sharpener added slyly, unfaltering as Erasa slapped him hard on the shoulder.

"Stop being a pervert!" she yelled, dragging the man off to the parking lot. Still smiling just as mischievously as before, Sharpener waved good-bye as he turned, running to keep himself from tripping as the girl beside him yanked hard on his arm.

Gohan stayed rooted to the spot, very much embarrassed, until he regained his senses, turning to again run for the roof.

Don't let Videl be there, don't let Videl be there, don't let Videl be therrrre... Oh, geez!

Naturally, Videl was there. Gohan immediately darted behind a wall and peeked out of the corner at the girl, making sure to keep his books from banging together.

The girl was sitting on the edge of the railing, her feet hanging over the edge. From what he could tell she was looking up at the sky, or something.

Damn... If she's sitting there for too long, I won't be getting home anytime soon.

The boy settled himself on the ground, still looking past the corner at Videl. Five minutes passed... then ten... then fifteen...

Gohan groaned quietly under his breath, shifting his position slightly. His legs were starting to cramp up. Come on, she has to go sometime. A sudden thought flashed through his mind - his mom! If he didn't get home soon, she'd flip.

Videl was still perched on the railing, leaning back slightly on her arms. Creeping out from behind the corner, Gohan slowly tip-toed over to another building that would be far enough away that he could get away and fly off. Just a few more steps-…

Thwack. Shoe accidentally connecting with a rock, he kicked the small projectile against the rooftop's surface, the small rock tumbling with several loud bumps over the surface.. Gohan's head snapped to the side as Videl let out a surprised squeak, careening forward at the railing. Gohan jumped up and sprinted to the edge of the building where Videl had rocked forward in her fit of surprise, grabbing her and pulling her back a little too forcibly… she toppled over backwards and they landed on the ground in a heap.

Rubbing her hair as she vainly tried to get the dust out of it, Videl shook her head furiously as her pigtails whipped about, slapping Gohan in the eye. He yelped and grabbed his face with both hands, trying to stand but falling over onto Videl again since he couldn't see where he was walking.

"Ouch! Gohan, you're heavy!" Videl barked into Gohan's ear as she tried – vainly – to shove him off of her form.

"Uh-… sorry!"

Eyes remaining squint shut, the black-haired girl waited several seconds before slowly letting one eye slip open, then followed by the other. Blinking once, she soon registered that Gohan hadn't moved from his spot and still hovered over her, expression obviously confused – and, with a growling curse, Videl was soon finding herself shoving him roughly back at the chest with both hands. Unfortunately for Videl, Gohan didn't budge. Blinking again, Videl continued to attempt to shove Gohan away until Gohan – finally understanding – pulled away himself. Getting to his feet, he offered his hand to Videl, who blatantly ignored it as she stumbled to her feet as well.

Dusting off her black shorts, Videl then placed her hands on her hips and examined the teen before her. Even when she glared at him he didn't seem too intimidated - well, not at the moment at least. Then again, he probably didn't even notice she was glaring at him - he was staring at the ground and was digging into the pavement with the toe of his shoe.

"Son Gohan, what is it with you and running into me?"

"What? I-…"

"Are you stalking me or something? Because if you are, I'm going to have to kick your ass!" she yelled in frustration, stomping up to him to stare at him, crossly, directly in the eyes from her short height.

"Augh! N-no! Videl, I-…"

"Gohan, you better keep your distance, alright? I've seriously had enough of you this past week! Everywhere I go, you're there; everywhere my friends go, you're there too! And, to make things just perfectly peachy, you have the exact same schedule as me! Isn't life wonderful! Stay away from me, Son Gohan!"

Giving him one last resounding punch on the shoulder, Videl immediately turned and stalked off a short distance before pulling her capsule out of her bag and tossing it to the ground where a helicopter appeared in a puff of smoke. Grabbing onto its side she hopped in, ignition soon sounding before it took to the air, blades flashing as it spun in place.

Gohan sputtered as dust and who-knows-what flew into his mouth from the wind of the helicopter's blades and slowly turned, making his way a short distance off to stand behind the doorway to the roof's entrance. Once he was sure Videl was out of sight, he clicked the button on his watch and leapt into the air, doing a small half-hearted flip before turning towards home.


Day 3: Time to Leave


Easily slipping his bags off his shoulder, Gohan let out a long sigh as he stretched backwards, yawning. He immediately stopped once he realized that several of the girls were staring at him, jaws dropped, overly-pleased expressions obvious.

Red tint forming on his face, he jogged off to where Sharpener and Erasa were standing, talking together as the first of the two leaned casually against the wall. Turning his head to the teen, Sharpener waved a greeting as Erasa continued babbling.

"Yeah, so, I said that she'd better watch out! And she was like, just who do you think you are, chica? Then I was like, oh, that's just it-… oh, hey, Gohan! What's cookin'?" She giggled at her own humor as Sharpener and Gohan looked to each other with sympathy in their eyes.

"Nothing much, Erasa. Just waiting for the bus to get over here..." he mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. Gohan continued to remain quiet for several seconds until he caught a sudden bit of movement out of the corner of his eye. Cheeks paling, his soon jerked his hands out from their crossed-over-chest positions, gasp jerking from his lips.

"Oh, man! Guys, I'll see you later! Bye!"

With a messy wave, he was soon sprinting off, much to Sharpener and Erasa's confusion – at least, up until a sleepy voice sounded behind them.

"Hey, Erasa… hey, Sharpener."

Videl yawned as the pair turned towards her, rubbing an eye with a knuckle while holding her duffel in place with the other hand. The couple exchanged knowing glances before greeting her cheerfully, waving innocently to the still sleep-subdued Satan before them. Videl, in turn, raised an eyebrow, eyeing the couple suspiciously before deciding against questioning them. It's too early for that… Shaking her head, she shrugged her shoulders lightly before turning to look to the bus.

After several minutes of chattering the teacher grabbed his whistle, blowing on it shrilly, must to the student's chagrin. His bellowing voice soon followed after.

"Okay, people! Let's go; into the buses! Hurry it up. I don't care where you sit as long as it's somewhere!"

With delighted shrieks the kids ran forward and piled into the two buses, shoving past each other as they fought for the best seats. Once settled after about ten minutes of confusion and chaos, the buses started out, heading for the highway.


The ride was uneventful. The only thing that'd been relatively amusing was when one of the jocks had attempted to hit on Erasa, and Sharpener had responded by kicking the boy hard in the stomach. Naturally, that resulted in an all-out fist-fight. After the two steaming jocks had been separated, the teachers had suspended each boy to sit in opposite corners of the bus and peace was returned, along with boredom.

For Gohan, the ride remained uneventful as ever, as he'd remained oblivious to the fight; and, after going through five bags of M&M's, two tootsie-pops, a pack of soda and three bags of popcorn, the two hour trip finally came to an end.

As soon as the bus doors opened, the students scrambled out, running for the room listings. Gohan fell out behind the others, clutching his stomach while groaning. He hadn't really eaten in a bus before and had realized the hard way that he never wanted to again.

After the crowds had cleared, Gohan moved up to the lists to stand next to Sharpener who was already scanning over the names. Videl and Erasa were talking a short distance away, each having assigned Sharpener with the duty of figuring out the rooms they were all in. His finger scrolled across the papers then finally came to a stop, midway down the list. With a satisfied nod, the teen turned away to rejoin his girlfriend in front of Videl.

Gohan stepped into place behind him and scanned over the lists as well, not completely sure as to whether he'd been placed with Sharpener and the others. After going through the first six he paused at Cabin #7's listings, then went over them slowly as he muttered the names out loud to himself.

"Sharpener... Erasa... Gohan..." He stopped, smiling widely.

This is great! Maybe things will turn out alright for a change.

He let his finger drop another notch and read out the final name on the list.


That's when he froze.

No way!... Okay, I gotta read that again… He started from the top and went to the bottom, and the name was definitely not going anywhere else. His imagination hadn't been playing tricks on him, after all.

Now paranoid, he turned his head slowly to the side to stare at Erasa, Sharpener and Videl. Already, the black-haired girl was glaring back at him with a similar intensity to the one she'd shown before on the roof. Gulping down a yelp, he turned and shuffled off, mumbling something about getting his bags. A week stuck in the same cabin with a girl who wanted to kick his ass?

Lookin' good, Gohan. Honestly, that's just… ugh. Kami, help me.


To be continued...