Field Trip To Camp Hercule

Field Trip To Camp Hercule


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"Oh yeah?"

Completely forgetting that she was on a cloud floating high in the air, Videl lunged at Gohan, all worries gone.

Tackling him as he continued to laugh loudly, she sat on his chest, gently smacking him a few times on the chest before placing her hands on his shoulders. After another minute, Gohan's laughter finally slowed but he continued to smile widely, looking up at her as he grinned.

Gohan suddenly reached up, placing his hand on the back of Videl's neck to gently pull her down to him. "Yeah," he finally replied, before softly placing his lips over hers.


I Can't Believe They Did That!


"VIDELLLLLLL!!" Hercule roared, waving his arms about as he huffed around the room in his anger, panting furiously and shoving a desk to the side with a great thump. "WHERE IS SHEEEE?!"

An aide sprinted into the room, barely ducking in time to avoid a flying piece of very, very, expensive china that had somehow become airborne. Unfortunately, it was not also unbreakable, and it shattered into a million pieces with a loud crash as soon as it hit the opposing wall. Blinking once as he began to sweat nervously, Hercule's travel assistant slowly backed closer to the door, deciding it might be a good idea to use it as a shield.

"Mr. Satan?" he whispered, yanking the door partially shut as another vase swished through the air, slamming against the wood. He reopened the door, peeking out from the side of it. "...Uh... Herc-... Hercule?..."

"WHAT?!" Hercule paused, hand poised in mid-air, clutching one of the room's intricately decorated chairs.

The aide gulped. I hope he realizes just how expensive that chair is. "Hercule... Your daughter... We got reports that... Well, sir, that she was in the medical room with that one boy... Uhhh, Saiyaman?... Y-yes, Gohan, Son Gohan, she was in the medical room with him, but then I believe they left or something, since the media outside of that room hasn't heard a peep from inside and found nothing by looking through the key-hole... And it's been several hours, sir. Would you like me to order a search, or...?"

Hercule glowered at the aide for a moment, then slowly lowered the chair, growling slightly under his breath.

"No," he said after a moment of consideration. "If I know my daughter, she'll show up to get her damn trophy. And this Great Saiyaman will too, I bet. Bah." Hercule took a seat on the bed, folding his hands under his chin. "And get the buffet set up. I want flash! I want fireworks! I want my name in the paper! And get me the prompter, and tell the speech-writer that I not only want to look friendly and caring but I want to look good! Like always! BAHAHAHA!!"

The aide gulped and nodded. "Y-yes, sir!..." ...He then ran from the room.

Gohan tugged his shirt over his head, then grabbed for another in his dresser, shuffling around a bit before deciding on a simple tee that hugged his muscles but was still comfy. He also decided to stick with the pants he wore to the tournament - afterall, the shirt he wore was black, and so there wasn't really an issue with matching.

A silly smile on his face, he waltzed to the bathroom to splash a bit of water over his face; he was still ecstatic.

The time with Videl had been, to say the least, enlightening, in more way than one. He never realized he was capable of doing what he did, but, he was relieved to discover that Videl didn't appear to mind in the least what he did. In fact, she actually returned the kiss! That's what got to him.

After spending so much time pondering over her hatred of him, he never thought it'd amount to this. And he was, again... ecstatic.


Gohan smiled to himself as he hummed, toweling off his face while giving his hair a quick check; he never realized how concerned he was about his appearance when it came to seeing Videl.

Nodding once, satisfied about his overall look, Gohan bounded out the bathroom and through the door, whisking it gently shut behind him before he leapt into the air. Speed was essential, for he had only one thought in mind...


"Let's party let's party let's party let's party let's PARTY!!" Erasa bounced up and down, clapping her hands as Sharpener dug through the pile of random items that was always left in the spare cabin by all the students that were aware of it.

"Erasa! Shh! I can't think when you... Just... Stop! Down!"

"Ohhh Sharpy I can't help it!" Erasa sprung up behind her boyfriend, poking her head over her shoulder. "And I still don't know why we're here and not out there getting ready to eat, dance, and see Gohan and Videl hook up after getting their award! Or re-hook up, you know!"

"Ahh, Erasa!!" Sharpener bumped his girlfriend's head to the side as he dove his hands further into the pile of junk, shuffling the random baggage around. "You don't understaaaand! The things in this bag will make everything perfect at the party! Just... Wait... Is this... W-wait... Wait... What?... What the..."

"Sharrrrpyyyyy," whined Erasa, bouncing again. "I wanna go partyyyy!!"

"Okay okay, just gimme a sec-... Wait... Ooh, is this it?... Yes it is! Perfect!" Sharpener yanked out a large suitcase from the pile triumphantly, the baggage left behind collapsing in a heap. "Yes, yes, yes! Got it! I'm not a man, I'm the man!"

As Sharpener pumped his fist in the air, Erasa snuck up behind him, eyebrows arced in confusion.

"What the hell do you have in there anyways?"

Sharpener grinned mischieviously, eyebrows arching downwards as his grin slowly turned into a devilish smirk.

"Let's just say it'll get the party started!"

"Is it? Yes it is! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Satan Barbecue in honor of the winners of Hercule's own tournament! Welcome all and please, enjoy yourselves!"

The campgrounds were crowded. Lights hung from the porches and christmas lights were on the trees; torches had also been lit and placed in the ground to add a more tiki-feel to the entire area. The theme was Carribbean Celebration in the Hawaiian Heat, enticing nearly all the guests to don a flowered decoration, grass skirt, or some other paradise-spawned concoction.

The previous destruction from the before battle had been cleaned in nearly lightspeed by Hercule's assistants and other hired help and the area had been decorated to perfection. People were littered everywhere, some dancing to the booming stereo as the hosting group played, others preferring to huddle by the punch and off to the side, sparking up small conversation.

The scene was overall quiet for a party, until Gohan and Videl made their entrance.

"Annnnd here... they... commmmmeeee!!"

An explosion of cheering erupted on the campgrounds as confetti exploded from the hidden compartments in the trees. Music blared incessantly and people screamed out Gohan and Videl's names as they slowly stepped into the party.

Gohan, with a simple flowered necklace around his neck, grinned shyly as he tugged Videl gently closer to him, his hand wrapped protectively around her waist. She returned the smile as she glanced up at him, her outfit being more complete for she wore a colored wrap around her waist with a white tank and a flowered necklace as well. Slipping her own arm around Gohan's waist, the pair made their way through the crowd that separated for the famous couple, Gohan being well aware of those that seemed to eye Videl's costume a little too much for his liking.

The crowd continued to cheer as Videl and Gohan made their way out of the mob, spotting Erasa and Sharpener at the punch table seconds later.

Erasa, spotting the two together in such an intimate embrace, squealed as she poked Sharpener. "Sharpy Sharpy! Look, awww! They're so cute!" She started jumping up and down, waving her hands. "Hey, guys! Come over here! Sharpy, they're coming over here, okay?"

"Okay, okay, shit, just hold on..." Sharpener glanced around him quickly before snatching a small flask out from his slack's pockets, unscrewing the top, and dumping its contents into the punch before hiding the flask again.

He grinned wickedly. "Ahh, perfection... The gang knows this tradition, hopefully the counselors will remain oblivious..."

"Hey, Erasa, Sharpener," Gohan nodded at each of them as he and Videl arrived before the other couple, a small grin on his face. "Didn't know you'd be so happy to see us."

"Oh, shut up!" Erasa squealed again, clapping her hands. "I knew you guys would get together! I just knew it--... Sharpy, what the hell were you doing?"

Videl eyed Sharpener suspiciously as Sharpener rolled his eyes at his girlfriend; "What I always do, dear. You know."

Videl blinked, confused. "Know what?"

Erasa's eyes widened as she looked at her friend, and as her mouth opened to explain the situation, she suddenly found herself rudely interrupted by the announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer stood on a stage that'd been placed behind the main buffet table for the featured guests. "Ladies and gentlemen, I repeat, please give a warm welcome to the savior of our city, Hercule Satan!"

The crowd applauded, some whistles adding to the sound as Erasa huffed, crossing her arms. If it wasn't Sharpener, someone was always interrupting her.

The lights around the campsite dimmed, focusing on Hercule as he took to the mic, eyes glancing up at an prompter that was invisible to the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he began, his voice husky as he glowered upon the crowd before him. "I would like to say a few, short statements before awarding the amazing talent we saw today. Today, we experienced a miracle, something never before thought to have been seen in actual life; we saw the rising and the exposure of a hero, and the grand abilities and amazing talent and passion of one that has been dedicated to our city for many, many years. We have seen the rising of Son Gohan and Videl Satan, two amazing and wonderful people that have, with my blessing, taken my duty of protecting the world and magnified and focused it on protecting this city from the horrors that stand before us, brushing aside opponent after another, giving our city the great name and reputation as one of the most safe and talented cities that stands on this world to this day."

A roar of cheers erupted through the crowd, followed by clapping, before elapsing into a silence.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to not only congratulate these courageous fighters for showing us a fantastic tournament, but to also congratulate them in their successful protection of our city and their ability to continue on without fear of the future, without fear of the past, without fear of the present. Citizens of Satan City, please, congratulate Videl Satan and Son Gohan for their pride and unmovable loyalty to our people and what our city stands for!"

Screams and applause ran throughout the teens, whistles coming from many.

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, I now award Videl Satan and Son Gohan with a month's worth of free lessons at my own private dojo along with this one trophy that they will forever cherish and share, hand-crafted by the famous, well-known and acclaimed metal-worker, Ryusho Tamiguchi. Videl and Gohan, please, come to the podium!"

Cheers and clapping broke out in the audience as Videl and Gohan made their way to the platform, seperating as they walked up the stairs to stand before Hercule, the burly man handing Videl the trophy and Gohan the certificates, shooting a quick glare at the demi-Saiyan before returning to the mic.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this fight has gone down in history! Now let's make this PARTY go down in history! AHAHAHA, HIT IT, DJ, LET'S GET IT ONNNNN!!"

Roars and whoops and hollers exploded throughout the congregation of people as Hercule waved his fists in the air, music blasting from each corner of the area.

Hercule's speech-writer rolled his eyes before tipping his head gently towards Hercule's aide's ear; "...That last part wasn't on the script."

Erasa grabbed onto Sharpener's arm as he began strutting towards the dance floor, one hand gripping a plastic cup as he'd began to weave through the crowd.

"Sharpy," she yanked him back, gripping his shirt tightly; "Sharpy, Videl and Gohan do know about... Yanno... The... punch-spiking?" She whispered the last part, glancing worridly about.

Sharpener rolled his eyes. "Well, duh, Videl has to know and she has to have told Gohan. She's been to this camp before, almost all the time, and even if she didn't know, not like she couldn't handle a shot or two."

Erasa gasped, both hands clapping over her mouth, before she yanked Sharpener's head back down to whisper urgently in his ear. "Sharpy! Videl has never come to one of these parties because she's always been busy fighting crime, so she doesn't know, so that means neither of them know! And Videl, I know for sure, she has never, ever, purposely drunk anything that contains any type of alcohol except for an occassional sip of wine at the dinner parties her dad always made her go to. She can't handle anything that has... vodka in it! And Gohan? Are you freakin' insane? Do you know him?!"

Sharpener blinked and, as it slowly dawned on him, his face sagged as his eyes widened. "Ohhhh no," he breathed, his lungs catching. "Oh, Kami... Ohhhh man..."

"Yeah, oh man and oh Kami it is! We gotta find them before they get their hands on their punch, or... God knows what'll happen!

Gohan shot a quick glare at another passerby that'd been looking at Videl for too long before returning to his comfortable seat beside Videl, drinks in tow.

"Here you go!" he said cheerily, handing her the cup before taking a seat on the couch next to the heroine, contemplating only for a quick second why there was a couch outside anyways. Well, many couches, and a couple fluffy chairs, all placed at the edges and in small sections of the campgrounds.

"Thanks," Videl shot a quick smile at Gohan before leaning back in her seat. She didn't know why but, ever since her first cup of the punch, she'd been getting really thirsty.

Lights a little... Brighter than usual...

"So, Gohan..." Videl scooted back on the couch, nudging Gohan's leg over to the side so she could lay between them, back against his chest as she tipped her head upwards to look at him; "We got time now, so start talkin' about the Saiyaman deal... I wanna know what the hell happened to you to get you the way you are."

"What?" Gohan blinked, his head getting slightly fuzzy. He quirked an eyebrow as he glanced at his cup; he honestly never realized that punch could have such a... tang to it. Shaking his head to clear the small buzz in the back of his mind, he looked at Videl again, blinking. "What do you mean?"

"Well, uh..." Videl smirked slightly, raising an eyebrow as she settled against Gohan's chest. "Your personality was really... interesting at times. Let's just say that it looked like you changed contacts and personalities with someone that actually played a little more in the 'big leagues', if you get that."

"...Oh..." Gohan didn't understand the leagues part really, but the contacts part? That he understood. He blushed, ducking his head. "Well... Okay... Well... See, I can't explain it really well now because of where we are, but to put it simply, I have a whole 'nother side to me that not very many people have, that's just in my blood. I'm meant to be that way when a change within me takes place... Mostly happens when I'm fighting I guess, and I'm sure there's other triggers..." He stopped suddenly.

Videl, oblivious to Gohan's sudden silence, continued on. "Well, I kinda understand that, but, yeah, you'll have to explain it to me fully sometime later. Can you completely change your eye-color randomly, whenever you want to, or just when you're... in that mood?"

She turned around to look at him and was greeted with extremely aqua eyes and a very intrigued stare. Blinking, she eyed him again, then slowly nodded.

"Yup, that's the color I was going for, but I didn't know you could just do it on snap judgement..."

Gohan smirked, taking another sip of his drink, when his eyes suddenly flashed back to their usual hue. His eyes snapped open for a moment in surprise, then he shook his head, as if to clear it.

I'm not really sure why that just happened...

Videl glanced at Gohan, forehead slightly furrowed before excusing herself to get another cup. She didn't seem to notice that, as she got up to leave from the couch, Gohan's eyes again turned to the bright aqua-marine color and, as she sauntered away, he leaned far off from his seat to eye her swaying body before settling back. She was at the punch area, getting more scoops of the liquid before drinking it then taking more, when Erasa slammed on the table beside her, gasping.

"Videl!" she screeched, attempting a grab for the heroine's drink, which Videl deftly moved to the side. Things were getting a little blurry but, in all honesty, whatever was in that punch was starting to taste great.

"Videeeelll! Gimme the drink!" Erasa swung at the drink once more and, again, nearly fell on her face as she missed. "Dang it, Videl, stop being stubborn, why won't you gimme the drink?"

"Because," Videl said curtly, smirking at her panicking friend. "I like it, I guess? Shit Erasa, chill and just... go find Sharpener. I'm sure you two can find something else to do besides get on my case." And with that, Videl jerked her elbow back, slamming it neatly into the once sneaky Sharpener's gut, the very same Sharpener that was attempting to sneak up to grab the drink from Erasa's best friend.

"Gack!" the blonde gasped, toppling to the ground as a stunned Erasa dropped down on her knees beside him, wide eyes staring at the now suddenly sultry figure of Videl that was now walking away from the currently disposed-of pair.

"Oh, my goodness," Erasa gasped, before bowing her head and shaking it. "Oh, geez, this can't be good..."

"What, that I no longer have a WORKING LUNG?!" Sharpener screeched, still gripping his gut as he wiggled around on the floor in pain.

"Drink some more spiked-punch, dear, it'll numb the pain," Erasa said distractedly, handing her boyfriend another glass of the liquor. "But, no, that's not what the problem is. The problem is that I've just seen what is, apparently, Videl's partially drunken and, at the least, buzzed personality. And... err... Considering that it appears that Gohan and her have just hooked up, the timing is terrible and it's just... not... good..."

Sharpener sat up, grabbing for the drink before settling next to Erasa. "Why do you say that? What's going on?" he questioned, sipping daintily at the cup.

"Well... She's acting all... Sexy and... Gohan is very innocent yet very strong and soon to be drunk, and... They're just... And... I know Videl would NOT be this way if she wasn't... Just... And... Yeah... Oh, my Kami, Sharpy... We're dead, and if they wake up naked in the same bed tomorrow I am SO BLAMING YOU! PBBBFFFTT!" Sticking her tongue out at Sharpener as Erasa jumped to her feet, she bolted for the cover of the crowd as a wide-eyed Sharpener remained on the ground, sputtering.

"W-what?! No! NO! Erasa! Get back here! It's your fault too! Oh, damn..." Pulling himself painfully to his knees and then to his feet, Sharpener slowly made his way in the direction that Erasa had ran. "Well, if they're going to, can we do it too?!"

"Hmm." Gohan poked at his glass, placing it on the table in front of him before peering into it. Maybe it was the liquid inside of it that was making him act funny... I mean, before he drank it, he wasn't weird... Right?

He scratched the back of his head as his forehead furrowed in complete and utter confusion. Something had to be triggering it, and this was the only thing that made sense...

His thoughts were interrupted by a smooth touch of two hands gently sliding on his back, over his shoulders, and down onto his chest, gripping him lightly but still, tight enough to indicate ownership. Eyes suddenly wide, he slowly allowed his glance to drift up, until he realized he was looking into the face of Videl... A Videl that had a very... provocative expression on it.

...Oh, man...

"Gohan," Videl spoke with a tone in it that Gohan didn't recognize, but, in all honesty, really, really, liked. His eyes slightly glazed over as he slowly nodded his head in response to her voice.

"Come on... We haven't danced yet."

Gohan snapped out of his daze and was about to immediately decline; unfortunately, Videl had already pulled him up and out to the dance-floor. He was, now, in panic mode, yet one that seemed a little too intrigued with the beautiful Videl.

I don't know how to dance! I don't know how to at all! And-... Hey... She looks really good tonight now that I see her out of the shadows...

The base vibrated throughout the area as the lights dimmed. Gohan glanced up as only the stars and the decorative lights flashed around him before looking back down at Videl, who was eyeing him with an almost predatory look. Normally when he got that look from other girls, it scared him, but from Videl?... Strangely attractive.

The people around him began to move, almost melding together in a trance-like state as the vocals started up, slowly, then increased in velocity, as the currently featured artist took her place on the stage, her voice suddenly breaking out throughout the campgrounds, adding to the delirious and sensual movement of the dancefloor.

The music buzzed in Gohan's ears, the lyrics blending together, as Videl looked up at him with artic blue eyes through locks of midnight black hair, slipping his arm over his shoulder as she pulled him closer to her.

...But I don't know how to dance...

...Just move with it.

"Baby, the minute I feel your energy...
...The vibe's just taken over me..."

Videl gently placed her hand on Gohan's chest as she moved with the music, Gohan slowly doing the same, following the movements of Videl's body, almost mimicking her motions perfectly as he wrapped an arm around her waist, the other hanging free.

"I don't know what's gotten into me...
...The rhythm's got me feelin' so crazy, babe..."

Videl's gaze lowered as she completely focused on the man that was holding her, and her him, completely dedicating her every movement and breath to matching his, completely immersing herself within the beat that flowed through her veins, the pumping of her pulse and the heat that was rising between them, for nothing else mattered.

"You're so sexy... Tonight, I'm all yours, boy...
...The way your body moves across the floor..."

Time stopped outside of the small center that the pair had formed within the smooth, heated motions, the temperature nearly burning them, as if the emotion within each was about to sear their innards, their blood flowing profusely throughout their bodies, as if their own soul wanted to seep out of them to reach out towards that which seemed so near in reach, yet not close enough.

"We're going to turn this party out...
...I know you want my body..."

Videl bit the corner of her lip as she looked up at Gohan, finding and returning his dark stare, icey bold eyes meeting stone, onyx pupils that suddenly had flourescent flashes of marine sparks within them, matching reflection for reflection, intensity building within the stare...

"Tonight... I'll be your naughty girl..."

And with that, Videl gently slid her arm around Gohan's neck, pulled his head down, and brushed her lips against his, the demi-Saiyan gripping her body tightly as the two engulfed themselves within the music and the passion of the moment.

Son Gohan woke to a terrible headache and a ringing sound in his ear. Groaning, he pulled himself up from the bed, swiping blindly at the sheets before him, then knocked on his head a few times, before rattling his own ear.

...Nope, ringing's still there.

Sighing, he blinked, shaking his head slowly, trying to clear his thoughts, before resettling in bed, chin resting lazily on a pillow. What had happened last night?...

...All he remembered was the celebration of the the past tournament... Getting the trophy... Seeing Sharpener and Erasa, and Videl, who had looked beautiful, and... blank.

...What had happened next?...

For the life of him, he couldn't remember, and he remained still for several seconds, gazing out the window at the cluttered party grounds before him, the curtains just barely open, exposing the left-over garbage and the man that had to clean all of it up. He felt sorry for him, and if the bloody headache left anytime soon, Gohan was planning on swooping out to give him a hand.

At least, that was his plan until he rolled over and came face to face with one Satan Videl.

"Eep!" Gohan muffled his own shocked squeak by slapping his hands over his mouth as he nearly toppled off his own bed. Fortunately enough for him she was still asleep, but... what was she doing in his, yes, his, as in Son Gohan's, bed, and not hers?

Gathering himself, Gohan gingerly allowed one hand to drift down, gently take up a corner of the blanket, and slowly bring it up, peeking under the covers, before letting out a sigh of relief.

She wasn't naked. That implied that one thing hadn't happened.

But what had?... She was short a few articles of clothing... All she really had on was a spaghetti-strap shirt, a very revealing one at that, and... uh... well, a very provacative type of underwear, that Gohan suddenly caught himself staring at.

Mentally slapping himself he looked away, before returning his glance to Videl. Well, hopefully they hadn't done much... He knew for a fact that he at least had his boxers on... But... Yeah. That was it.

So what had happened?

"Mmm..." Videl sighed into the very comfy pillow she had her head stuffed into, slowly stretching one of her arm's muscles before switching to the other. Sleep was so relaxing. It felt so good...

Actually, one thing that was kind of odd was that she seemed to remember having complaints about the pillows that were in hers' and Erasas' bedroom, about the actual... lack of them.

So why was her head resting so happily on an extremely comfortable pillow that seemed to be filled with down feathers?

Videl's eyes slowly fluttered open, and she blinked once, then twice, her vision starting blurry as her head swam with colors.

Oof... What the hell did I have last night?...

She blinked again, then squinted her eyes, finally consenting to moving a single arm, dragging a fist up then rubbing the knuckles against the corner of her eye, before letting it fall again, her eye now opening, her vision now clear, and a very adorable, partially naked, very sexy looking Gohan staring back at her--


"AHHH!!" Videl screamed, jerking back in bed, bringing the very comfy pillow with her.

"GACK!" Gohan yelped in response to Videl's screech which had, in all honestly, surprised the shit out of him. He wasn't as lucky as Videl to have simply just scooted back on the bed; instead, he fell.

"Gohan! What the hell!" Videl barked as she clutched the pillow to her chest, yanking it away from her for a second to frantically check herself for proper attire and, discovering some of it to be lost, gasped, but then sighed in relief as the discovering of some of the more essential clothes still being on her partially exposed body.

"Gohan," Videl started again, a little calmer this time; "Why are you and I in the same bed, and, Kami save you, you'd better tell me what the hell happened last night!"

Gohan's head poked up from the side of the bed, his hair ruffled as his eyes showed a look of complete panic.

Videl's glare softened in response to this, as she inwardly cooed at the cute expression on his face, the lack of care of his hair, and, also, the lack of shirt on his very, very muscular, chiseled...

She stopped herself and focused on the issue at hand.


"Videl..." Gohan's tone was a whining one. "Videl, I don't... know! I honestly don't! I have no idea what happened... I just woke up a few minutes before you and was trying to figure out what the hell happened when you woke up and scared the living daylights out of me! At least we both have clothes on though," he added thoughtfully.

"Yeah, some," Videl added bitterly, lips placed in a full pout. "And I'm sorry I scared you but... Honestly! And, why didn't you wake me up so we could... Discuss this situation?"

"Because..." Gohan hesitated, taking in a breath as he pulled himself back up onto the bed, looking down as he began to twiddle his thumbs. "Well, because, for one... I was scared of a scary reaction, and..."

Videl eyed him testily. "And...?" she prompted.

"And..." Gohan sighed; he couldn't lie to her even if he wanted to. "And, you looked really pretty just sleeping there and really peaceful, so I didn't wanna ruin it by waking you up. I'm sorry, Videl," he bit his bottom lip, bowing his head down.

Oh, Kami...

Videl rolled her eyes and scooted forward on the bed, dragging the sheets with her as she wrapped her arms around Gohan's neck and pulled him down next to her, hugging him tightly. "Oh, Gohan... You know I'm just giving you a hard time. Don't do that..."

"Do what?" he asked innocently as he pulled up for a second, leaning back against the pillows and pulling Videl onto him so that she partially laid on his side, head resting on his shoulder as she placed a hand against his bare chest.

"Well, I think you know what you did, but if you don't... I'll just give you the benefit of the doubt." Videl smiled up at Gohan before snuggling her head in by the crook of his neck.

Gohan grinned and hugged her tighter to his body. "Thanks. And Videl... I have an idea of how we can figure out what happened... We can ask Erasa and Sharpener. I think they know a lot more about what goes on with us then what they put on."

Videl quirked an eyebrow in amused surprise. "I didn't think you'd picked up on it yet, Gohan," she smirked, before settling herself back against her demi-Saiyan. "But we'll ask them later. I'm too comfy to want to move."

The demi-Saiyan let out a quiet laugh, then tilted his head to the side to kiss Videl gently on the top of the head. "Alright."

"OH, MY, GOD!" Erasa danced around in a circle around Sharpener, a Sharpener that appeared to be very tired and not very amused by the overly excited girl in front of him.


"Erasa..." Sharpener groaned tiredly, yanking a pillow over his head. "Erasa, pleeease... Shhhh..."

"Oh, shut up, it's your fault anyways, you drank too much," Erasa scoldered, before continuing on her happy rampage around the room. "Oh, my, gooosh..."

"Erasa!" Sharpener sat up in bed. "I know you're thrilled but c'mon now, babe! I need my sleep!"

Erasa took a seat next to Sharpener on the bed, still grinning gleefully. "Yeah, I know, I just can't believe it. I never expected all that to go on with Gohan and Videl last night at the party. That was insane... Hopefully no one else saw anything, otherwise... Well... Gohan should be expecting a couple jealous jocks knocking on his door and Videl?... Some insane bimbo."

"Mmfh." Sharpener nodded before plunging his head back into the pillow - the one pillow he'd managed to salvage out of his suit-case before Gohan and Videl had occupied the other room - and immediately began to snore.

Erasa looked at her sleeping boyfriend, sighed while rolling her eyes with a small grin, before returning to her previous thoughts.

I just can't believe it at all!

"I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT AT ALL!! ARGH!!" Hercule roared, shaking his fists in the air. He wouldn't destroyed something but his aides had enough sense to clear his room of all valuables and only leave the essentials... Those he wouldn't break for he enjoyed sleep, food, and the privilege of having a bathroom far too much.

"AHHH!!" Hercule roared, pounding his fists against the wall, leaving little indents against the incredibly hard surface (a good insight by the aide who'd booked the cabin).

With a huff, Hercule slammed himself down on his bed and buried his head in his hands. He couldn't believe it.

He knew what he saw. And what he saw, he didn't like. He had plans for his little Videl. Big plans! Plans that included marrying a wealthy, famous person that would bring even more media attention to the family, and more money! The Satan fortune couldn't last forever with the way he was spending, his advisors had said, so even since he'd started to receive the warnings (yes, ever since Videl was, say, five), he'd planned Videl's dating life, marriage proposition, and wedding. He even knew what color Videl would wear down the aisle - yellow. It was his favorite, and he'd be damned if anyone would deny him the right to pick his daughter's wedding dress' color!

But this... Son Gohan kid... The one he saw at the dance... He could ruin everything! Was he rich? No! Famous? Yes, but in a way that distracted from him, and it was all about him, him, him, Hercule, Hercule, Hercule! He was Satan, Hercule! He was the man who had defeated the monster from hell that had comed to destroy earth! He was the one who had done everything, everything for these people that were now messing around with his daughter!

And there was just something about that kid that got to him...

A little bit of familiarity, perhaps...

But that was just paranoia. Because that was exactly what he didn't want; for Son Gohan to become familiar.

If it took him to his grave, he would see to it that Videl and Gohan never, ever got married!


Scott and Brett, your friendly neighborhood body-guards, shot looks at each other while they stood outside of Hercule's room, saying in unison; "He can't believe they did that."

Brett grinned sheepishly, lifting up his glasses to eye his partner. "And that Gohan is one lucky guy."

To be continued...


Predator and Prey
By Psycho Ann

Author's Summary: The question is--how fast would she run? (Gohan/Videl)
Type: AU, Romance/Action/Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Chapters Currently Up: 14 (Incomplete)
Word Count Currently: 66,929

Angelic Aki's Editorial: Brilliantly written, and a personal inspiration, I honestly love this story. I also love the counter-part that comes with it (check in Psycho Ann's profile for the one that links with it), and also consider it to be brilliant. The writing is ingenious and, though the characters don't exactly follow their personalities in certain cases (one is more exact than the other), the flow in which this story moves is fantastic. The writing is nearly perfect in grammar and spelling (if there are any mistakes I've yet to see them) and, overall, I believe the story compliments itself with its character animation and interaction and its vivid descriptions of events, actions, and settings. It's very creative and brings a whole new aspect to the Gohan/Videl scene and not only engulfs the reader in a wonderful plot but also within the characteristics of the characters themselves, leaving the viewer expecting - and hoping - for more.

Honestly, read it sometime, you guys. I think it's one of the best written Gohan/Videl pieces out there... It may require some open-mindedness from some dedicated DBZ fans, but, in all honesty, I normally am a fanatic when it comes to staying close to the exact plot/concept of the characters for DBZ but this one, though different in many cases, is awesome. I love this story and I have no idea why it wasn't on my favorites list until an hour or so ago.

Take some time to check it out... Only one downfall about reading this...

If you get addicted... Psycho Ann, to say the least, is kinda like me on this concept... The last update she made for her currently 14-chaptered story was on June 14th, 2003. Yeah, you heard me... About a year ago. So while I think this fic is worth the sacrifice of possible suffering if addiction ensues, some may find themselves popping more blood vessels than necessary.

Anyways... Hopefully this will entice at least a couple of people to read this story and hopefully they'll like it. Good luck in story-hunting.