Love Never Dies

I can't believe I'm at it again…. Anyway new Aro/Bella, however this one won't be as updated as Siren of the Twilight is. That's my first priority.

Ok, this is basically an Aro/OC at least at first, but it will eventually be Aro/Bella.

I was mucking about on deviantart, and found a number of quite good Aro/Bella pictures; by the way I will love you forever if people do digital art for any of my Aro/Bella stories. I suck at them, and I love them= not a good combination, anyway one of the comments said Aro/Bella reminded them of a modern day Dracula/Mina pairing, and that got me thinking. Combined with way too much Andrew Lloyd Webber (Love Never Dies) and Francis Ford Coppola's version of Dracula, this popped up. The first part of the story will focus mainly on Aro's relationship with Bella's previous life, and then the second part will see Bella come in. I'll try to keep Bella's character as true as possible; the only major change will be that Bella can sing. Not that difficult to imagine, since Kristen Stewart can sing too, although I doubt she can sing classically….hmm I might have to check that one.

Hope you enjoy….

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This is what happens when you combine five things: my love of opera, love of Aro, love of Dracula, my love of Phantom and its sequel, and way too much chocolate….!

Act I: Once Upon Another Time

Florence, 1885


The carriage rocked as it trundled over the numerous potholes on the roads of Florence. I tried not to let the annoyance show, but as I glanced at my brothers, I saw my own irritation reflected back at me.

"Brother do we really have to attend this performance? It is a risk enough as it is," Caius, the elder of the two sitting opposite me, sighed exasperatedly. His perfectly tailored suit was hidden by a black cloak, mimicking mine and that of my other brother's.

I sighed impatiently. "Caius, it is our duty as patron of the arts to attend this gala. Besides I could hardly deny the invitation of an old friend," I explained for the hundredth time, before Caius merely sniffed impatiently and looked out the window at the passing Florentine night.

My other brother, Marcus, merely sighed apathetically as we slowed to a halt and joined the long queue for the entrance to the Teatro della Pergola. I glanced at him, at his wavy brown locks and pale skin, remembering the vibrant young man I had turned all those years ago. He had never been the same since I had destroyed Didyme.

Tonight it was the debut of a new prima donna in my old friend's, Carlo Giovanni, opera company. Tonight's performance would be Norma.

I sighed. I loved music, and opera all the more so with its life and vitality expressed through voice, but I had been growing restless of late. My life ruling the Volturi and the vampire world had occupied me for the past millenia but it no longer seemed enough.

I had power and wealth and immortality, but it still felt as if my life was missing something.

I chased my nebulous thoughts from my mind, as the carriage rolled to a halt, the horses whickering softly in the balmy air. I stepped out, followed by my brothers as two of my guards, Demetri and Felix jumped down either side of us.

The Teatro della Pergola reared its proud head above us, warm stone heated and lit by the torches flickering in metal brackets along its walls. The crowd milled around us as we passed into the grand foyer. The scent of human blood was easy to ignore, after 1920 years of perfecting our control, as we followed the herd and I glimpsed my old friend waiting for us atop the grand staircase.

"Ah, Aro my old friend!" Carlo cried jovially, grabbing my hand enthusiastically as I genuinely smiled at my old friend. Carlo was only a few centuries old but he had always loved the arts and continued to work even when he was changed. Every few decades he would move to a new country and change his name, starting over again.

It was this that prevented him from becoming a problem for the Volturi. He possessed long dark hair, tied back in a ponytail and generally handsome features. His slightly florid physique was dressed tastefully in an elegant blue suit and cravat.

"Carlo, it is good to see you again, my friend," I returned cheerily, grasping his hand.

Instantly all his thoughts of the past two years, all that I did not know, filtered into my head.

Nothing to worry about.

The memories of countless discrete kills, lust-filled nights, and triumphs of the theatre filled my mind, as I released him to make his helloes to my brothers.

"If you will come this way, I have my private box at your disposal," Carlo led the way, once he had finished his pleasantries, clearing a path through the humans as we entered a sumptuous box overlooking the stage below.

I ignored the heady perfume of the humans below, as I settled into a comfortable, elegantly upholstered seat, my brothers settling in behind me, whilst Carlo chattered on.

"Such a find! My new soprano is simply superb!" Carlo enthused, as I maintained a coolly interested façade. In all honesty, I wondered why I had come at all.

"Certainly she holds promise," I murmured, dutifully filling in whenever the vampire paused for breath.

"Yes, she does. She was a rare find!" he rubbed his hands together gleefully, and I had to restrain the urge to roll my eyes.

Quickly I cast about for another topic, just so he would not keep on with this prattling racket about a pathetic human.

"But you have had trouble have you not? Your Adalgisa contracted consumption, yes?" I asked, remembering the feelings of vexation Carlo's thoughts had transmitted on the subject. He sighed, shaking his head.

"Yes, yes. The Gods cursed me that day, so I had no choice but to bring in the understudy for Carmenita," he shrugged. "She is adequate, but I always prefer Adalgisa as a mezzo-soprano rather than a soprano, no?"

I murmured politely, before catching my brother's eye. Caius smirked and looked away, as I did the same, struggling not to smile.

Carlo was ridiculous.

Onstage, the orchestra had begun to tune up, and I could see the singers taking their places behind the curtain, as the masses below hushed.

The theatre was built on two tiers, with four private boxes in a horseshoe shape. This was the Sala Grande, the larger of the two auditoriums, and the old ballroom upstairs where the gala would be held.

Behind me, Carlo sighed. "Ah, I feel sorry for young Christabelle. She is too green for this, but I had no choice. I hope she is not too badly ridiculed, for she has promise," he continued chattering on, flicking nervous glances at myself and my brothers, as if expecting us to tear his head off for delivering a bad show.

That would be too much effort, but it was good to keep him under control.

"I'm sure she will be satisfactory," I sighed, but then the orchestra began playing the entr'acte, and Carlo's incessant chatter was finally dispersed by the notes of sweet music floating up to our box. The curtain went up, and the story unfolded.

Carlo's soprano was excellent, Carmenita I believe her name was, and she sang with all the flair needed for Norma.

She was a woman in her mid-thirties, with long flowing red hair and handsome features. Lovely enough, but nothing which stirred my emotions. To me, her performance was empty and her acting a mockery. She did little more than gesticulate wildly and walk around the stage posing at significant stages of the arias.

Something I had seen a thousand times.

Finally Norma and her screeching chorus disappeared, and I sighed breathily. Now it was time for the expected disappointment, this mysterious Christabelle.

Christabelle Amarantha Renzi, from Carlo's memories. I frowned once; my eyes dropping to the wooden sides of the box, studying its intricate carvings, when I heard the first strains of a lilting, entrancing voice begin Adalgisa's solo aria.

My eyes snapped up, and I felt my senses spellbound by the siren-like creature standing on stage below.

Her voice was like the finest birdsongs and the tinkling of the most delicate harps and flutes, sweet and yet so powerful, so emotive. Whereas Carmenita had been strong but emotionless, this Christabelle sang with everything in her to give. I could hear the pious, virtuous devotion in her voice as she sang to her gods, and then the passionate yearning in her every note and every move as she sang her duet with Pollione.


I could not take my eyes off of her. Even to me, a vampire, she was beauty incarnate as she gracefully brought the stage alight.

Her long brunette hair was loose down her back, long and free as befitted a Celtic virgin priestess, and her slender body was obscured by a flowing white dress. From this distance I could not clearly see what colour her eyes were, nor the exact tone of her skin under the stage makeup, but I heard the strong beat of her heart, and smelt the adrenaline in her veins as she sang ever-so-sweetly.

Far from Carlo's expectations, she did not fail.

She took the house by storm.

From the first fragile, yet powerful chord to the last wavering, mournful note she held me spellbound. A siren, in human form as she soared above us in song, free and eternal.

I was the first on my feet as the company took its bow, applauding enthusiastically as I looked down on the stage, and the young woman shyly taking the clapping and the cheering in her stride, accepting the garlands and the roses thrown her way.

She had stolen the show from this Carmenita, had become a star in just one night.

For one moment, her eyes drifted up to our box, and I felt them lock onto mine.

Enthralled, I stared down into hers, the full remembrance of her name echoing in my head.

Christabelle Amarantha Renzi…

If I wasn't already dead, I could've sworn my dead heart burst back into life in my chest and beat loudly.

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