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Edward's Pov

Coming out of the car show, Emmett and I are comparing our favorite cars. Rosalie and Jasper were separated from us by the crowd, but I can 'hear' them discussing the same thing we are. From the thoughts that are all around me, I can see that everyone is in a pleasant mood. Well almost everyone.

An argument I have heard a hundred times. Humans bickering over money. So what's new? The source of the disagreement is a couple standing off to the side. The women is trying make it appear as if they're not arguing, she is smiling, whispering loudly through gritted teeth. All the while, people within a five foot radius try to look like they're not listening. Being a mind reader I can actually hear what they are thinking, and at times this ability can be a blessing and a curse. The woman is trying to pull the man to the side, but he is not budging. They are arguing about him having just bought a car worth a half a million dollars without consulting her. He states that it his money to do with as he wishes, and so on. That was not what I found so interesting. Some warning in the back of my mind is whispering to me "look here". It's not the couple that interests me, it is something in the parking lot behind them.

I was so focused on trying to figure out what was bothering me that I had not realized that not only had I stopped but that Emmett and I had gotten separated. I looked around, I could not see him anywhere but I could hear his thoughts, he had found Rosalie and Jasper. They were all puzzling over where I could possibly be. The entrance of the building was so congested, that the people could barely turn without bumping into someone else. I was more interested in finding out what had troubled me in the first place, then to let the crowds petty concerns annoy me.

I turn back towards the quarrelsome couple, to find that they had moved farther into the parking lot. It is dark outside, there are rain clouds, and the scent of the air has changed. It is about to start raining. The street lights are sparsely located and the parking lot has a lot of thick foliage. The couple hasn't a clue of their surroundings. Just as I was about to turn around and find my family, I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned back just in time to see two figures grabbing the couple and carrying them into the bushes faster than any human could have.

Now I have a quandary in my hands, figuratively speaking of course, in my world these sorts of attacks have gone unopposed since before I was born, made, or as some would say ' a twinkle in my grandfather's eyes'. This is not Cullen or Quiluete territory. I can't attack them for hunting, but I still can't just stand here with the knowledge that those people are about to die.

Warren's Pov

Walking alongside these strangers can't be categorized as my top ten favorite things to do. For one, they smell really bad almost as bad as vampires, but instead of smelling like death they smell sickly sweet, too sweet. Second the big guy they have with them keeps staring at me, he's very attractive but I already have a guy and sure as heck don't need any more drama from another one. The women are extremely pale and they have bright golden eyes, and they kind of freak me out.

Just as we're getting closer to the restaurant, I first see the one named Jacob smirk, then I see Ben who is walking in front of me stiffen, I sniff the air to smell what he already has. When I catch the scent, I feel a snarl rising from my throat. The smell is similar to Jacob but more pronounced. Jacobs' scent was masked by the women and the child. But now with the other scent I can smell more of it, it is the scent of another animal, another predator.

Before I can attack Jacob, Mercy stays me with a touch, though she may not be the strongest or the most powerful person, she is still my Alpha's mate and therefore top dog. She gives me a look, and I mutter ' whatever you say boss'.

We enter the restaurant, and the hostess immediately escorts us to a big room made for gatherings. As the hostess leads us through the double doors of the back room, the smell intensifies. If I was in wolf form my hackles would be rising, ears would be pulled back , fangs out, saliva dripping, but since I'm in human form I have to remain in control. The big one, Jacob, leads the way, while the child walks between him and the taller brunette woman, Bella. Mercy, Ben, Honey, and I walk in single file we move as one, we move as pack. Mercy leading as Alpha, and me bringing up the rear. The little pixy brunette, Alice, trailing almost ten feet behind me absently rubbing her forehead.

As the waitress explains the menu, the specials for groups, I see the slight trembling of her hands, she's only subconsciously aware of the tension. She finally ends her speech, she freezes as prey would in the presence of a predator. She is saved from saying anything by Bella, who gives her the order for food, then slightly nudges her towards the door. As if she's been startled awake she darts out of the room.

The room already has some people in it, but I recognize the scents as the ones I had smelled outside. There are three men and one woman, all dark skinned, with a Native American look to them, like Jacob and Mercy. They all stand when we enter. They are as surprised as we are. The female is the first to step forward, she let her gaze drift over all of us. She quickly catalogued what she needed from our appearence, and let her eyes rest on Jacob. He answered her unspoken question " Nessie invited our new friends, here" he says wryly pointing at each of us." to join us for dinner". While Jacob had been speaking, the child Nessie, had again escaped from her mother and protector. Nessie was walking towards the female with her hand outstretched but the female evaded her by placing herself behind a table. One of the males was shaking his had at the female, walked over to the child , gave her his hand, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. The child held his hand for a couple of seconds, at that point the other males had moved toward her and blocked the view to her, as did Jacob as he turned completely and decided to distract us from the child's strange behavior. I glanced over at Ben when he came to stand beside me, he was quiet which for him is strange, when he focused on me briefly I dipped my head towards the child. He gave a curt nod at my order and turned to face forward. All the while Jacob was saying many things but not telling us anything of importance. Unless you count being champion badminton player two years in a row at La Push high school important. I cut in while he describing the epic victory over his badminton rival," 'cuse me,son, I hate to be rude and all but why are you speaking this nonsense-" I cutoff when Mercy elbowed me in the ribs, I gave her a hurt look which she completely ignored. Honey on the other hand was snickering away, trying to keep her composure in with her hand over her mouth. Let me tell you, she sure as heck was not succeding. I shot her a hot glare but that just got her going all the more. I was going to say something just then but the platters of food came in. Pounds of meat, ribs, sausage, rolls, all the fixins, and what looked to be a bucket of sweet iced tea. Heaven. Ahhh. Simply Heav- " I say we pick up this stimulating converstion after we eat. What d'you say?" Ben asked, with a smirk on his face directed at Jacob.

Henrietta's pov

"Hetty, I can't, just go, i'll meet up with you later." Wes said, he must have been trying to go for a noble tone but it just came off as whiny, Henrietta, Hetty as this imbecile called her, thought. " I won't leave you my love, we will find a way to go on somehow." Henrietta said. She knew she was being a bit dramatic but she couldn't help it, she felt as if she were in some sort of shakeperean tragedy, but instead of having her Romeo, she had this weak idiot. She had always thought of herself as resourceful, as cunning, quick but after her plans failed so miserbely, she was scrambling trying to keep this pathetic creature alive so she wouldn't lose the money she was promised for delivering him. After being attacked by those two werewolves in the park behind her penthouse, she hadn't been able to think straight. She needed to feed and get this idiot fed to. There she'd been minding her own business, trying to convince this fool to take a quiet walk with her, rather seductively she might add. When out of nowhere she hears heavy breathing, not the heavy breathing of a pervy peepin tom but deeper barely audible to a human. But quite loud to a vampire with her senses. She froze there against the tree that she had allowed this imbecile to push her up against, he of course couldn't tell the difference so he kept kissing her neck passionetly all the while slobbering all over it. She however had been thinking of what she do would with the money his master would give her for returning his erstwhile child safely to his hands. Not caring in the least what would happen to him once returned to his master, he deserved what he got. She was happily contemplating trips to her favorite boutiques, when she heard the breathing. The next thing she heard should have been warning enough but alas she paid it no mind, the snarling could be from any number of animals she told herself repeatdedly. Only when Idiot was jerked from her neck with spit still coming out of his mouth is when she finally started to worry. Something she couldn't quite make out through the shadows had latched on to his ankle and he was screaming bloody murder, he sounded shriller than a fishwife.

She grabbed onto Wes, the imbecile, and tried to haul him away from whatever it was that was attacking. The thing wouldn't let go and she had started to hear more breathing aside from hers, she whirled around to find a shadow lurking just underneath the brush. She was just about to spring when it made its move. She had just enough time dodge out of the way of its attack, she finally saw what it was werewolf. Shit. She had only ever encountered two in her long excistense, and those happened over a long distance away. She new she could not win alone and Wes would be absolutly no help. She had to evade and to escape. She kept dodging this way and that, the werewolf got in some painful swipes. Glancing sideways she sees Wes curled in a fetile position with the other wolf taking chuncks from his legs and arms, instead of screaming Wes was sobbing now. She focused back on the wolf in front of her it was pacing back and forth. She suddenly darted forward without putting much thought into the action and grabbed a hold of the wolfs head and through him at his partner. Her plan worked better than she had expected, the wolf hit his partner hard, both collapsed on top of Wes. The wolf on the bottom got to his paws snarling at the other wolf and ran at him jaws open. While they went at it she wlked over picked Wes up, and ran away as fast she could. Which was across town before Wes finally regained conciousness and started to complain. She dumped him uncermoniously on the hard ground. Now to present time she finds her self prowling around the woods hunting for food, not even paying the slightest attention to Wes's whinning. They walked a few more miles before they finally came across a parking lot full of cars. She saw crowdes milling around a warehouse. It reminded her suddenly of the animal channel, the gazelles grazing. She realized how unberably thirsty she was. She turns towards Wes and says very sternly ' Do not kill anyone Wes! We do not want any undue attention focused on us'. She gave him a nasty glare, which earned me quick nod. As she was turning back towards dinner, she saw the perfect entree. A couple, only a few yards away arguing fiercly in whispered voices. The women was dragging him further into the darkness, closer to them. She and Wes hid in the shadows, as the couple drew closer she gave Wes one final glare and sprang towrds the women. As she latched onto the women's throat she heard the loud slurping of Wes feeding, digusting. She drank her fill quickly closed the women's wound and laid her carefully to the floor. She leaned against a tree and waited for Wes to finish. He let the man fall carelessly to the ground when she was starting to scold, she froze. Not again, she thought. She glanced toward the entrance to the parking lot, where the couple had come from, and saw a man standing there. No a boy. He looked no older than a eighteen. Beautiful. He praticuly glowed he was so beautiful. His scent intoxicating. His eyes honey. Wes stiffned beside her, his mouth opening. She had the sudden and overwhelming urge to slap her hand over his mouth. Just so he wouldn't ruin the moment with his idiocy. But alas the spell was broken and she could think properly again. Shaking her head as if to clear it she took a step closer. The small smirk that had been gathering around the boy's mouth, instantly vanished. He snarled menacingly enough to have her raising her hands in helpless surrender. He wasn't anyhting she had ever encoountered. She knew he wasn't human. Nor was he fae or werewolf. What kind of creature is this beautiful boy? She thought curiosely.