A/N: MAJOR SEASON FINALE SPOILERS - another speculation piece. Brennan may be slightly OOC but I think if she and Booth make it through the rest of the season with having emotional breakdowns it will be a miracle for them :p. Enjoy!

Brennan sat at her desk in her office staring blankly at the bookshelf opposite her. Hodgins' words were floating in her head as the soundtrack to Booth's pained expression when she told him that she was leaving for a year.

"Hey Bones." Booth said, trying to sound happy but failing.

"Hi Booth." They looked at each other for a minute. So much had happened in the last couple months.

"Um…do you want to go grab something to eat at the diner?" Booth asked.

"You normally don't ask, usually you just drag me out of here." Brennan stated.

"Ya…well I don't know if you have to finish packing or something." Booth put his hands in his pockets.

"Listen I have something important to tell you." He said seriously, moving over to her couch and sitting down before turning to face her. Brennan thought he was going to ask her to stay. She was going to stay, after her talk with Hodgins she decided to stay. She felt a thrill that she would finally be able to tell Booth something he wanted to hear.

"…They want me to go back to train new snipers for a year." Brennan's brain froze, he was leaving?


"That Army Bones, I'm going back. I doubt I'll be there for a full year but six months at the least."

"Why?" Brennan was trying and somehow managing to keep a calm façade.

"They need me."

"But you aren't a sniper anymore Booth."

"It's the army Bones. They can call you back whenever they want. I gave them that right when I took my pledge." Booth was standing now. "And it doesn't matter if I go or not Bones, you're not gonna be here anyway." Brennan was silent. She knew she had to tell him that she had changed her mind and the look Booth was giving her hear, she knew him well enough to know he was pleading with her to say something so that he wouldn't leave.

"When are you supposed to leave?" She asked instead. She noticed that his jaw clenched before he answered.

"I report for duty in seven days." Brennan nodded, not sure what to do with the information.

"What happened to us Bones?" Booth asked, coming to stand next to her a few minutes later.

"Our partnership was dissolved." Brennan said.

"I didn't mean that. I meant us, you and me."

"You told me you loved me. I wasn't ready to hear it. You dated Dr. Klein, I dated Andrew. Then there was the grave-digger trial and now we are going our separate ways." Brennan answered concisely; she refused to look at him as she could feel the tears filling her eyes.

"Are we going to come back?" Booth asked.

"I don't know." She sighed.

"I think I'm gonna go home." Booth said. He was gone before she could say anything else.

7 Days

Brennan had gone home but was unable to do anything productive. She had choked when trying to order Chinese take-out and was trying to figure out why she had not told Booth that she had changed her mind. Turning off her cell phone and unplugging her home phone she got into bed. Why was she letting him leave?

6 Days

For once Brennan had no inclination or desire to go to the lab and was thankful that it was Saturday. Booth had Parker today and she wondered what he would tell Parker about his leaving. Why was he leaving Parker? Keeping her phones off and unplugged she began to clean her apartment. At the end of the day she turned on her cell phone to check for messages. One missed call from Booth and one follow up text: Why are you hiding? She felt the tears creep into her eyes again and angrily blinked them away.

5 Days

Sunday she was back at the lab trying to decide if she should change her plans again and go on the dig. Booth had said that he would probably not be gone for a full year and she wanted to be here when he got back. Why? He was the one leaving.

4 Days

She had not heard from Booth the day before and it looked like she wouldn't hear from him today either. It was four o'clock. Brennan was talking with Angela and Cam, both of whom kept trying to bring Booth up, when Parker walked into the lab with her father.

"Parker? What are you doing here? Are you okay? Is your father okay?" She looked at Max for an explanation when Parker didn't answer right away.

"Parker called me and asked if I could help him. He told his mother that I was giving him help with some science homework."

"Bones you have to make my dad stay." Parker blurted out suddenly. Everyone in the lab turned in interest.

"Parker, I can't make your dad stay if he wants to go." Brennan said, even though she hated to lie.

"He doesn't really want to go. You can make him stay Bones. He'll listen to you if you tell him not to go."


"I told you that working together was a stupid reason for not being my dad's girlfriend but he said that you guys aren't partners anymore so you can be his girlfriend now." Brennan was speechless, and embarrassed. Everyone in the lab was listening.
"Please Bones, you can make him stay. My dad told me once that sometimes you can't do something by yourself and you need to ask someone you trust for help. I need your help to make him stay.
"I…I can't Parker."

3 Days

He was leaving in two days. She hadn't heard from him the day before and had broken his son's heart too. She felt horrible.

2 Days

He was leaving tomorrow. Eight am. He called to say good-bye. She could still ask him to stay.

Leaving Day

Booth woke up at five to make sure he had everything ready. He was checking his phone every two minutes hoping she would call. At 7:50 he sighed, she wasn't going to call. He opened the door to leave.

Brennan had not slept all night; she had lost count of the number of times she had picked up her phone to call him. Finally at seven she had gotten out of bed and driven to his place. She stood outside his door for what felt like hours. Suddenly it flew over and there he was standing in his uniform; medals displayed on his chest.

"Booth…" Brennan breathed.