I do not own the Teen Titans. For those of you who are under the age of 40 (groan), the title is from a song by the incomparable Nat "King" Cole. Yea, that's Natalie's dad. The song just reminds me of my favorite couple and I thought a nice, tragic (yes, tragic), romance would be appropriate. Without further a due,

Too Young – Beginning

They tried to tell us we're too young, too young to really be in love.

It was dark and it was raining. This was entirely appropriate given the circumstances. In a small, quiet house, there were a number of people gathered around a bedside, friends and family. There was no joy or hope. No light or laughter. This was not a reunion of people reconnecting with each other. They knew what they were there for. Someone was dying, dying far too young. Although he was married, had a child and a long, joyous life, he was still too young. He had been filled with such life; it had put all others to shame. They were not ready to see him go. Unfortunately, there was no choice. And so, they waited for the end.

Garfield Mark Logan, Changeling, formerly Beast Boy, was dying. There was nothing that could be done. The instability of his DNA had finally infected his entire cell structure. While it had kept him alive and safe from Sakutia, his parent's cure had finally won out over his human physiology. The greatest medical minds of the planet had attempted a cure. Star Labs, Lexcorp, WayneMedical, all had failed. The deterioration in his cellular structure was too far advanced. The Justice League had been called in, with knowledge that spanned the galaxy. All had said the same thing; there was nothing they could do. Dr. Fate, Zatanna, even the Phantom Stranger had been called in, to see if magic could do what science could not. All agreed the cure for the deterioration in his cellular cohesion was beyond their abilities.

And so, Garfield Logan, Beast Boy, was dying. There would be no reprieve. It was a matter of hours, perhaps minutes.

And so, his family and friends kept vigil, waiting for the end.

Garfield had slipped into a coma a few hours earlier, a sign that the end was near. All his friends and family knew that was the signal for them to gather, to be there, to pay respects, to remember their comrade, the teammate, their friend, to comfort each other. From the four corners of the planet, they came. From the distant stars, they came. And so, there at the end, along with Garfield's family, the Titans had reunited at last, to pay respects and see their dearest friend off to his final adventure.

From Gotham, Richard Grayson, Nightwing, formerly Robin, came. From San Francisco, Victor Stone, Cyborg, head of Titans West, came. From Tamaran, Koriand'r, Starfire, Empress of Tamaran, Leader of the Warriors of Tamaran, came. From Tamaran, Kondar, Garfield'r and Victo'r, prince consort and the two heirs to the throne of Tamaran came. From St. Louis, Rita Farr, ElastiGirl, adopted mother of Garfield Logan, came.

Next to all of them, greeting them and trying to keep everyone's spirits up in this time of sadness and loss, was Mark Richard Logan, son of Garfield Logan.

And by his bedside, Raven Logan, wife of Garfield Logan, sat.

As is the case when people are at a dying person's bedside, they spoke quietly amongst themselves. They moved from room to room, momentarily trying to escape the oppressiveness of the event to come, avoiding, if only temporarily, the place where their friend lay waiting. They thought and they remembered. They remembered their youth, they remembered the times, good and bad, that bind them to the dying man. They remembered their regrets and their mistakes. And they remembered the things they wish they had said, but hadn't. And they remembered the things they said, but wish they hadn't.

And so they waited for the end, and thought, and remembered.

First, Starfire's memories.

They tried to tell us we're too young, too young to really be in love.