You people... YOU PEOPLE. You are all way too awesome for my mind to even begin to comprehend.

From Chaos Tears who's sent me a Spain/Belarus cosplay picture and the amazing Audrey0 who did an actual SpainBelarus fanart, to Soul Hunter2 who requested to translate the fic into Portuguese and everyone who's sent me ideas to perpetuate the fic, I can't even begin to explain how warm and fuzzy all your support makes me. You think I don't read the messages and suggestions you send me, but you're wrong- I just always forget to reply since I get them on my phone when I check my email, and never actually check my mailbox on my laptop.

Oh, and thank you to all you native Spanish speakers who corrected my translator'd Spanish! I'm sorry I butchered your language, I only know English, French, and Serbian... There are way too many of you for me to mention, but all of you are so, so amazing; your help has been incredibly valuable to me.

In light of all your love and support, I have a proposition for you all. Obviously you like this fanfic, and that's great, because I like it too! However, I feel that the writing and plot could be much, much better. I did begin writing over this a year ago, after all...

So how would you feel about me recreating this fanfic? Similar plot, same pairings, same general story- but better. Review with yes or no, and I shall heed my readers' commands!

Again, thank you all so much. Back when I wrote this the SpainBelarus community was nonexistent, and now it's exploded! You're all much too wonderful. Thank you again!