After reading angel-feather-keeper's poem "I Couldn't Save the Hero" I felt the need to write a companion poem. Basically this poem is in Danny's point of view during the same time period as the other poem.

I tried to be the hero,
To save my precious town,
But whenever I was a hero,
All I earned was a frown.

I tried to be the hero,
Who always does what's right,
To protect everything good and pure,
With all of my might.

I sacrificed my life for them,
How could they ignore?
I saved the citizens daily,
That's why I'm always sore.

Whenever lives were endangered,
I tried to do my best,
But when it came down to it,
I just couldn't pass the test.

Every day was a battle,
I tried to block the pain,
There just wasn't any hope for me,
There was nothing left to gain.

Will my life ever change?
Am I stuck like this forever?
Doomed to protect all the people,
Who think they are so clever.

I can't keep going much longer,
Should I even exist?
I am half ghost, a freak,
Or should I persist?

My life is so much harder now,
Everyone hates me so,
I tried to be the hero,
But they all think I am a foe.

I apologized to my friends and family,
I now give you some of my pain,
But I hope you realize,
That my life was lived in vain.

I almost forgot to tell you,
Something you need to know,
That Sam, I've always loved you,
Even though I never let it show.

But now it's time for me to go
I give you all my love,
I just want to let you know,
That I'll watch you from above.