Title: Obliviousness
Fandom: Pokemon Special
Author: pika09
Theme: You still don't know?
Characters: All of the female Dex Holders
Rating: K+
Word Count: 816
Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon Special and never will. So please, carry on.
Summary: They never thought they'd see the day that there could be someone who could be as clueless as Red.

"KYAA! There he comes!"

It was Saturday. The Dex Holders were entitled to a day of rest and relaxation at Professor Oak's research laboratory(thankfully, with Chris' consent), and the X chromosome half(meaning, the girls) finally decided to spend the day lounging around talking about which of the guys makes their heart beat.

"See! See! There he is! He looks so handsome with his back turned! And, and, HE'S LOOKING THIS WAY!! KYAAAAA!!" Blue, the oldest of the girls, squealed.

Crystal tried to get the overly enthusiastic girl to keep her voice down, but to no avail. "Blue! Quiet down! He would hear you!"

"Ya! Ya!" The girl next to Crystal, Sapphire, said abruptly. "Besides, we all know you like Green, so what's the point rubbing it in our faces?" she demanded.

The two remaining girls, Yellow and Platinum, could only nod in response.

After nearly twenty whole minutes, two tantrums, a shouting match, and a threat that if she didn't shut up they would send Gold after her, Blue finally kept her voice to a bare minimum.

"Meh, I'd have expected your threats to be less shallow, Crystal," she whined, sticking her tongue out."You're just jealous because Gold's passing his time flirting with me and not you."

The navy blue-haired girl's face turned beet red in nanoseconds. "Wh-what the heck?! I'm not jealous!" Her face still continued to heat up(if that was possible) while Blue is initiating a sort of war dance while chanting "Crystal likes Gold! Crystal likes Gold!" What was worse is that no sooner than ten seconds the other girls were joining her with the chant.

"Sapphire! Don't do that! They might hear us!" Crystal pleaded. When no effect to her requests came, she decided to get back at the wild girl. "What is it, Sapphire? Thinking Ruby will finally remember one day?" She stood there to enjoy the effect of her words, since the girl stopped all her actions at once and all color drained out of her face.

"Him?! What do I have to do with, with, him?!" Sapphire shrieked.

"Why are you being defensive, Sapphire?" Yellow calmly stated to the taller yet younger Pokedex Holder. "We're just asking."

"Oh?" Sapphire growled menacingly. "And why is that so, Yellow? Hoping to get some tips to make Red realize you're the girl whom he saved from a Dratini in Viridian forest five years ago?"

"Eh?" Yellow blushed at the thought. "I'm already content with what is happening to us now, the past is not important!"

"Even though absolutely nothing is going on between you in the first place, considering he only knew you to be the girl who stopped the Elite Four in Cerise Island?" Crystal teased.

"I....I....I don't mind if that's so!" Yellow mumbled.

"Alright, alright, that's settled." Blue said, waving a hand to dismiss the matter. "So? Who do you like, Platinum?" She asked to the girl with mixed gold and silver eyes.

"Well..."Platinum started, apparently thinking."I haven't really given a thought to these kinds of things yet."

"YOU HAVEN'T?!" Blue screamed. "But this is the most important thing any girl should think about, well, only if we're thinking of marrying the boy anyway."

"How come you haven't got a crush on any of the Dex Holders yet, Platinum?" Crystal interrupted."Surely you might have started to have feelings for him?"

"Him?" Platinum asked, earning 4 pairs of different-colored eyes to stare at her as soon as the three-letter word escaped her lips. "Eh?"

"Well, him!" Crystal snapped.

"You already know who he is!" Sapphire retorted.

"That guy!" Yellow squeaked.

"The one with a crush on you for, like, EVER!" Blue shrieked.

"I'm sorry, but who is this 'him' that we're talking about anyway?" Platinum innocently asked. She instantly regretted her query as all four girls started to scream at her at the top of their lungs.

"YOU STILL DON'T KNOW??????!!!!!!!!! YOU STILL DON'T KNOW????!!!! YOU'RE WORSE THAN RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Platinum sweatdropped as she tried to keep her face nonchalant as if four girls aren't screaming at her like they were chickens being killed. Who is this boy that has a crush on her anyway?

P.S. The boy they are talking about in the end of the story is Diamond. If you still haven't known that he likes Platinum by now, go jump off a bridge.

P.P.S. Here we go! The first for Fanfic50! This is kinda crazy, me taking on a challenge and writing 50 drabbles, but I love it! I'll update as fast as I can, and reviews are highly appreciated! Tah-tah for now!