Title: Henpecked Boyfriend
Fandom: Pokemon Special
Author: pika09
Theme: Cat and mouse chases
Pairing/Characters: Blue/Green, Red
Rating: K+
Word Count: 498
Disclaimer: No, I don't own PokeSpe! Why won't you let me write my fanfics in peace?
Summary: Green runs away hysterically, Blue chases him lovey-dovily, and Red acts as a spectator. Just your standard game of cat and mice.

Red goes upstairs into his room one afternoon and finds his best friend, the Viridian Gym Leader Green leafing through his battle magazines while listening to music.

"Um," started Red. "dude, what are you doing here?"

The brunette looked up, took off one of his earphones, and curtly replied, "Hiding from Blue."

The Pokemon League Champion sat on the foot of his bed. "Now, now, why would you be afraid of your girlfriend?" Green looked aghast at this and his earphones were even shaken off by the sheer terror of the statement.

"Y-you don't anything, Red." He shakily said. "That woman's a… a… a demon."

Despite the seriousness of his tone, the black-haired lad couldn't help but laugh at the analogy. "A demon?"

Green nodded. "Yeah, sh-she expects me to follow her everywhere, agree to everything she says, and, and, worst of all, she drags me to lingerie stores for all-day shopping!"

Red gasps in horror at these anomalies. "She didn't!" he tried to convince himself.

"Uh-huh, and now she's trying to get me to accompany her to this super big blowout sale at Celadon!" he explained. "I slipped away when she was distracted by this cotton candy stand."

The nineteen-year-old's eyes now shone with solemnity and understanding. "I see. But we gotta hide you quick before she finds—"


A shower of glass came crashing along with the arrival of the girl in question. She surveyed the broken window she had just kicked, and the shocked owner of the house staring at her.

"Hey, Red!" Blue cheerfully greeted, winking at him flirtatiously at the same time. "Sorry about the window, I meant to make a more dynamic entry, but you wouldn't mind if I don't pay for it, right?"

Her friend blinked once, then shaking off the shards stuck in his hair, tried to reply, "Actually, I wou—"

"Nevermind that. Where is my slave—er, boyfriend?" she interrupted, looking around. "I thought I heard his voice in this room."

Red, valuing his own safety, betrayed his friend's trust. "Oh, sure, he's right over he—" But the spot in which he is pointing is now empty.

Leaping to his feet, he scanned the room. "He's gone! He was here a second ago!"

The blue-eyed lass looked unperturbed. "Then where has he go—" She cut herself off and quickly ran to the window. Taking out her high-powered binoculars, she finally spotted her man running away at light speed, screaming "Red, you traitor!" all the while.

"AHA!" she shouted, then, releasing her Jigglypuff from its Pokeball, she took off. "See you later, Red! Now come back here, Green! Those mountains of shopping bags aren't gonna carry themselves, you know!"

Red was left in the messy, broken dust of his own house. After a minute of stunned silence, he decided to go out for a while and visit Yellow. But just in case, he left his door unlocked. He figured Green would be coming back, after all.

…I can't be the only one who thinks Green is OOC in here. But, ah, well, quick ideas lead to quick characterizations. This is how I pictured him to act when he and Blue finally get hitched, anyway. (Well, that and the fact that I'm not a fan of OldRivalshipping anyway…)

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