This is just some random, pointless, fluffy idea that popped into my head while drawing a pic (posted on my DA account) and I decided to write it out. I actually centered this, instead of having it aligned left like I usually do--well, hope you like it :)

Truth or Dare

"Look!" Heiji brandished an envelope. "I got invited to party!"

Kazuha opened her locker and shoved in her books. An identical invite floated gently to the ground, and she crouched down to get it.

"I did too," she told him.

"Let's go! It's tonight!"

"I don't want to go."

"Oh, c'mon…please? Please-please-please-please-plea—"

Kazuha squeezed her eyes shut. Tomorrow they had a huge science project due, and Kazuha's was only half done. When she asked Heiji he told her that he'd finished it yesterday, and then went back to begging. She ignored him as long as she could—actually, that lasted until an hour before school let out. Finally, she caved.


"OKAY, OKAY ALREADY! I'll go to the stupid party with you!"


"Okay, my turn!"

Heads turned towards the girl who had spoken.

"Kazuha…truth or dare?"

"Dare," Kazuha said confidently. Dares were better then giving out embarrassing secrets, in any case.

"Alright," The girl, who now the attention of every teen at the party, tapped her chin, thinking. Her eyes lit up suddenly after a moments pause. "I dare you to…kiss Heiji-kun!"

"EH?" both parties chorused. They glanced sidelong at one another, and the moment their eyes met, they both turned crimson.

Kazuha glared at the girl who had dared her, just for a moment. The girl giggled, wondering what would happen next.

Kazuha stood, turned, and pecked Heiji on the cheek. The boy, who had been leaning comfortably against the wall before, watching the game transpire, crossed his arms and looked away, seeming uncomfortable now.

"There," Kazuha sighed.

"I meant on the lips," the girl emphasized.

"No way!" Kazuha declared, her cheeks reddening ever still. "I kissed him on the cheek. It was still a kiss!"

"Ooooh," a nameless boy snickered from the other side of the room. "Is Kazuha-chan chicken?"

"No!" she defended herself immediately.

"Then just kiss him and get it over with," a girl added, sounding bored.

Others nodded, agreeing.

Kazuha's fists clenched and unclenched. Heiji was still staring in the other direction, redder then a sunburned tomato—and with his dark skin, that was dark.

Finally, after several moments of stalling, Kazuha said, "Heiji, look at me,"

He did.

And Kazuha shot forward, one had coming up to his shoulder, eyes closing, and kissed him on the lips. Heiji's arms flew up as an immediate reaction. After a millisecond, he froze, and slowly, then, his eyes closed too, and he relaxed a bit. Both were very much aware of the sixteen pairs of eyes that were resting on them. And then, finally, when they pulled away from each other, avoiding the other's gaze, and faces crimson, the room was deadly silent—until one particularly rowdy boy whistled, and a girl began to cheer. Soon, everyone there had joined in.

Kazuha avoided Heiji's eyes for the rest of the night, as Heiji did to Kazuha. But then came the time of the end of the party, and they walked in silence, side by side, in the direction of their homes.

Heiji broke the silence as they stopped at the gate to Kazuha's house.

"Does this—does this—make us—a, you know—a…c-c-coup—" he gulped the rest of the word away. "A—you know?"

Their eyes met and both blushed and looked away.

"Um, I guess." Kazuha answered uneasily.

Heiji grinned. He kissed her lightly, and then sped off; calling over his shoulder, "See you tomorrow!"

Kazuha blushed and touched her lips.

She was glad that she had gone to the party, after all.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it! x3

~Elena Forest