The Girl And Her Dragon

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A week had passed after Hiccup and Astrid had returned from the island of dragons and they were worried about Kana as she mattered to them the most like Toothless to Hiccup as he hoped that she would be okay as she wasn't well enough to leave the house but was helping her mother cook food for the family.

Toothless hoped that Kana would become an Night Fury so they could fly through the skies together and have fun but knew it was a slow transformation as he sighed as he was helping Hiccup in the forest.

He knew that Ari was special like Kana and cared about the female Night Fury but couldn't find the ways to tell her how he felt about her.

Hiccup then understood why his dragon friend was acting weird and had no idea that he was in love with Ari.

He then began to get excited as he saw Ari land beside him as he nuzzled her.

She blushed but needed help with Kana.

"She's losing her human skin and getting her dragon skin." she said.

Toothless then went with her back to the house as they entered Kana's room.

He saw her human skin on the floor as she now had beauitful black scaled skin which was a good thing for her as the transformation was coming along nicely as they hid the human skin so Hiccup and Astrid wouldn't freak.

They then saw the strange pendant on Kana's bedside table as they knew it had came from the island of dragons as Ari had placed it around Kana's black scaled neck as she saw it glow as magic surrounded her making her look like a human as Toothless smiled knowing that they cared about her deeply.

They then heard the door open as Astrid came in seeing her daughter still asleep but wearing the pendant from the island of dragons as she knew that she had changed a little.

She hoped that her daughter would be okay as she knew that if the other residents of Berk knew what had happened to Kana, they would hate her as the kids of Berk didn't understand her as she remembered that the girl was very quiet and shy but knew Ari was helping her daughter come out of her shell a little as she knew that the female Night Fury was a good thing.

She then left her to rest.

But Ari saw that Toothless was very quiet as they reappeared from their hiding places as they had been hiding as they knew Astrid wasn't into the way of their kind as she failed to understand why her husband loved dragons so much but Toothless was nervous as he cared about Ari.

"I-I love you Ari." the male Night Fury told her.

She was stunned hearing him say that.

"I care about you too Toothless.

Kana is also my priority.

But that doesn't mean we can't be in love." she replied.

Toothless smiled as he nuzzled her.

He was happy that she admitted her feelings for him like he for her.

He then heard Kana about to stir.

He saw her jade green eyes open.

"I'm glad you're awake." he replied.

She smiled knowing that Toothless and Ari liked each other.

She hoped that her father wouldn't freak if he knew what was going on.

But she could feel her dragon side getting stronger as a ball of blue flame emitted from her mouth as Ari and Toothless were surprised and amused hoping that Hiccup and Astrid didn't know or see that.

They had a feeling she was becoming more like them as the days passed.

They knew sooner or later they would have to deal with this.

But it could wait for a while.

Kana then growled as she heard Stoick talking to her parents.

Ari knew it was about her.

She and Toothless saw sadness in Kana's jade green eyes.

"Don't worry Kana.

Your parents will never abandon you.

They care too much about you." the female Night Fury reassured her.

Kana wasn't so sure as she knew her parents cared about her but now that she was becoming a dragon, she had a feeling that they wouldn't want her in Berk and remembered about the island her parents had went to.

Toothless then saw her leave the hous.

But Ari went after her which worried him.

He decided not to get Hiccup yet.

Ari was nervous as she followed Kana to the forest as she remembered this was where she'd met the girl and where their strong friendship had begun but she was like a secondary mother to Kana and right now needed to protect her as the girl was weak in the middle of transforming into one of them and needed to find her before anybody else did as she couldn't bear to let her get hurt.

She found the girl in her old cave curled up in a ball and crying.

Seeing that wounded the female Night Fury as she knew that right now, things were not as they seemed and she needed to know that she would always be loved Night Fury or not.

She then put a paw to Kana stroking her hair gently as the tears fell.

"Kana it'll be okay.

Things will be alright." she reassured her.

"H-How do you know?" she asked softly.

"I know because your parents are noble and true.

Your father is a hero and legend to both our kinds.

He would never abandon any dragon.

Even if it was his daughter." she told her.

Kana smiled hearing that as she knew Ari was right and they were a strange sort of family as no other family in Berk had counted dragons as members of the family before.

Kana nodded as she decided to leave with Ari.

She hoped she was right.