The Girl And Her Dragon

A/N More of the fic.

Hiccup finds out what is happening to his daughter and I wonder how he'll react?

Probably like it but ne worried for his own daughter.

Stoick would freak too along with Astrid.

Kana returned to the house with Ari as she hoped that either Toothless or her parents hadn't found out about her running off to the forest as they entered through her window as Ari gasped seeing the girl fly in as the female Night Fury was amazed as she saw that Kana had grown latge yet soft wings as she hoped that Hiccup hadn't seen that as she knew it would worry him if he saw her with wings.

Toothless was in awe as he saw his sister's wings as he hoped that Kana could hide her wings because both Astrid and Hiccup would freak.

"That's so great Kana.

But you need to hide your wings." he told her.

Kana looked at her shoulders where her wings were from as her jade green eyes were wide in awe as a shy smile crossed her face as she liked them as she needed to hide them as she heard footsteps as her father entered.

He wondered what was going on as he saw her wings and stared at her in awe and nervousness.

"H-How is this happening?" he asked her.

Kana exhanged a look with Ari and Toothless before answering knowing he would be freaked if he knew.

"I-I can explain about this Dad." she reassured him.

"Okay explain." Hiccup said as she sighed.

"Remember that Luga attacked me along with her Nightmare?

Ari and Toothless used their dragon magic to heal me but they didn't know that this would happen to me, that I would become an Night Fury like them but I didn't want you or Mom to know because you wouldn't want a dragon for a daughter.

I understand if you want me to leave." Kana told him looking away.

There was a moment of silence but then she felt her father's head on her wingtip as he was surprised yet happy this was happening to her.

"I still love you.

Your mother and I will always love you no matter what.

Even if this is who you are now.

We're a family." he told her.

Kana smiled as those words made her feel better as Ari was relieved but Toothless knew that deep down inside, Hiccup was scared for what would happen to Kana in the future when she fully became an Night Fury like his best friend.

"Dad I think we shouldn't tell Mom or Grandfather about this.

They wouldn't understand." Kana told him.

Hiccup understood as he knew that she would want to keep this a secret.

The next day Stoick saw Kana around Berk with Ari as he knew that she was never with any other kids as she was very shy but knew that her Night Fury was helping her come out of her shell as she was getting supplies for her family as Hiccup was busy running the village along with dragon training but knew that Astrid had been moody lately along with Ari but he had a feeling he knew what was going on as the healer of the village had examined the woman and said that she was expecting a child as Kana was unaware that soon she would have a sister but Hiccup would tell her soon after she had dealt with becoming an Night Fury and knew if she found out, she'd be worried about hurting the baby.

But the chief knew Kana would do no such thing as she was very caring and had a big heart like Ari and Toothless but wouldn't fit in once she became an Night Fury but could use the pendant from the island of dragons to hide it from the villagers so they wouldn't be afraid as he saw her return to the house carrying the supplies for the house as he and Astrid were happy but Hiccup was hoping that Astrid wouldn't find out that Kana was becoming an Night Fury as she would freak as she and Stoick hoped that she would grow up normal like the kids of Berk and unlike her father but Stoick had a feeling that she was a lot like Hiccup and nothing would change that.

He then saw the youngster outside with Ari and Toothless as he had no clue about what was happening to his gran daughter as he was accepting the change in Berk slowly as he noticed that she was changing but had no clue about what she was changing into.

"Kana there's something your parents wanted to tell you." he said to her.

Kana looked away from her dragon friends as she wondered what her grandfather wanted.

"Your mother will be having a baby soon.

She and your father wanted to tell you but for some reason they didn't want to tell you." he answered.

Kana was very worried as she along with Ari and Toothless were nervous about this news as they had a feeling that Astrid and Hiccup would forget about them once the baby was born.

"Don't worry guys.

Dad would never let that happen." she reassured them.

Ari agreed as she hadn't told Toothless they would be parents soon.

Kana smiled as she was the only one that knew this as Ari had only confided in her with this news but knew that she and Toothless would be good parents but she knew that she could become part of their family.

She then heard her father call her inside.......