The Girl And Her Dragon

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Nine months had passed as Hiccup was nervously awaiting the birth of his newborn child but also nervous about his daughter Kana who had nearly finished her transformation into an Night Fury but wasn't there yet as he saw her outside with Ari and Toothless as fear was running through her as she knew she would endanger her new sibling but her father and dragon friends had assured her things would be okay.

But the girl wasn't so sure as she sometimes stole huge amounts of fish from the rivers in Berk for her, Ari and Toothless as she'd almost hurt a villager while she'd been underwater stealing fish.

Her jade green eyes filled with worry as she saw her father come out of the house as she had a feeling that her sibling had arrived as he nodded in reply.

"Come Kana and meet your sister Sienna.

She is waiting to meet you." he said as she was in her black scaled Night Fury like body as she was still her normal height but that part would change in a while as she gave Ari a worried look as she put the pendant on that helped hide her Night Fury form as she followed him inside as Aru saw Toothless about to follow but held him back by his tail.

"I know you want to see Hiccup's ner child but we have to wait, okay?

I'm sure Hiccup will let us see her later." she told him.

He nodded as he knew she was right as he was anxious to see if Astrid and Hiccup's new little one would be a dragon trainer when she was older as Ari understood.

She had a feeling this one would be different.......

Later Toothless saw Kana sitting outside the house alone as her parents and Stoick were inside too wrapped up in the new baby to pay attention to her as balls of blue flame burst from her mouth in anger as Toothless smiled along with Ari at the girl's strength as they knew she was upset about the fact that her parents and grandfather were caring more about the baby than her.

"Sorry guys just a little stressed out." she told them.

"We know because Hiccup showed us your sister and she didn't like us unlike you when you were just born because you hugged Toothless's neck." Ari said as Kana agreed.

The young human/Night Fury saw that Ari was expecting a child as she knew Toothless was the father as she rubbed her female dragon companion's bloated stomach.

Toothless chuckled a little at that.

Their laughter ceased as she saw Astrid come out as she needed Kana to come inside but she made a face as she decided to sleep outside with Ari and Toothless.

"Besides Sienna hates us because we're dragons." she said pointing to Ari and Toothless.

Astrid sighed seeing anger in Kana's jade green eyes as she went back inside but Kana took off the pendant around her neck becoming her Night Fury form as she needed to take a flight for a while to calm down.

Toothless sighed knowing Kana was sad.

He hoped she'd be okay.

Hiccup sighed as he saw Astrid come in but knew she was worried about Kana.

He was too as he heard a roar as he saw a younger female Night Fury leave the house as he knew it was Kana but knew she was upset about Sienna as he knew his second born was more like Astrid which bothered him as he knew she wasn't into dragon training but would try to get her to try it when she's older but knew she would still hate it like Astrid.

He shook his head sending those thoughts away.

He needed to talk to Kana later.......

Kana sighed as she was in the forest where she felt free and safe unlike back in her house where her mother was disapproving of her as Sienna was her main concern as she scowled at the thought as she saw other dragons in the forest as she put the pendant on and became her human self so they wouldn't notice she was an Night Fury as she felt better but saw her father appear as he looked worried about her.

"Hey Dad." she said softly looking away.

"Kana......... I know about what's going on.

Sienna won't have a bond with dragons like we do but she'll still need you to help her grow and teach her things.

Along with Ari and Toothless helping her." he reassured her.

Kana sighed as she knew he was right as she knew her younger sister would grow up to be like her mother, fierce and wild.

Hiccup then saw her walk home with him.

He hoped that things would get better as Sienna got older.