The Girl And Her Dragon

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In this, I time skipped to when Sienna is five years old and when Kana is sixteen but Sienna isn't like Hiccup and Kana because she's like her mother Astrid and wants to fight when she grows up and be a Viking.

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A few years had passed and Kana was now sixteen but was happy as she was flying over Berk in her Night Fury form as she knew that Sienna was now five years old and had blond hair like their mother Astrid as well as her fiery temper as Kana knew too well as she was normally violent towards her and Toothless but the three Night Furies scared her and only felt safe around them when Hiccup was with her as Kana smiled at that.

She knew that Ari had hatched an egg which had her and Toothless's child but would have to wait until it hatched as she couldn't wait until it was born as she would perfer a dragon sibling to a human one that Toothless knew all too well.

He knew that soon he would have a family.

But he wanted Hiccup and Kana to be part of his family as he knew Sienna would never share that bond with dragonkind that Hiccup and Kana had but would ask Kana about this later as she were helping her father with dragon training but her father had warned her not to reveal her dragon form to anybody as they wouldn't understand and be frightened which meant no flying which angered her as she loved flying.

It was her favourite thing about being a dragon especially an Night Fury.

She smirked as her father was dealing with her mother's Deadly Nadder which only listened to her and Astrid but Kana couldn't help laugh as she and the other kids watched the mighty dragon tamer being bested by the kind he loved dearly but they heard a huge roar as Toothless showed up as the Deadly Nadder behaved as Kana hugged him.

"I need to talk to you but I need to talk to your father first.

It's very important." he told her as Hiccup understood.

He had a feeling it was about Toothless and Ari's child as he followed his friend into the forest as Kana had an evil smirk on her face.

"Maybe I can go flying after all." she thought smiling evilly.

Hiccup was astounded as he heard Toothless explain everything but understood what bothered his Night Fury as he cared for him deeply the way Kana cared for Ari but was in awe about the becoming a dragon thing as Toothless smirked knowing the young man would do it raising the love and respect he had for dragonkind to a whole new level.

"Toothless do it." he said.

The male Night Fury was happy yet very excited to hear his master say that as he focused as dragon magic surrounded him as Ari smiled watching them as she'd made herself unseem which was a very useful trait for their species as she hoped Astrid wouldn't be mad as the magic faded.

"Will I start changing soon?" he heard Hiccup ask.

"Soon." Toothless replied.

But Hiccup had a feeling that wasn't all Toothless wanted to tell him as the male Night Fury nodded in reply as he told him about welcoming Kana into his and Ari's family once their hatchling was born but Hiccyp wasn't sure.

Becoming an Night Fury like his friend was one thing.

But letting Kana live with Toothless and Ari was something he needed to think about.

Toothless understood as he knew this was huge as the family had been through a lot with Hiccup becoming chief of the clan, Kana becoming a dragon and now this.

He watched as Hiccup left the forest.

Kana was helping Ari to build an nest to keep the egg that held her and Toothless's child in safe and warm as she knew that the girl belonged with her and Toothless sort of because they got along better than Kana with the human inhabitants of Berk even though Kana was teaching them about the humans of Berk which was amusing at times but knew that Hiccup would be worried if his daughter was part of their family but they could tell Kana wanted to be the way she took good care of the egg and protected it when she visited at night in her Night Fury form along with wondering if it would be male or female.

But Toothless hoped Astrid and Stoick wouldn't be angry at the fact that he'd turned Hiccup into an Night Fury like him and Kana and knew the transformation would happen slowly as he saw Kana in her Night Fury form rocking the egg gently in her black scaled arms as he smiled knowing her seventeen birthday was coming up which means she would become an adult and decide her life for herself which meant he knew what Kana had decided, to become part of his and Ari's family.

He smiled at that thought as he saw her fall asleep curling her tail around the nest.

Ari smiled as she knew Kana would become part of their family.

She then gasped seeing the egg begin to crack as Kana awoke as Toothless joined them as two small green eyes met theirs as they knew that it was a male dragon but they thought he was cute.

"Aww he's cute!

What're you going to call him?" Kana said.

"We're going to name him Siemen.

After a mighty hero of dragonkind." Toothless answered.

She felt Siemen nuzzle her neck as she liked this proud feeling that was flowing through her as she liked Siemen better than Sienna as Toothless knew what she was thinking.

She smiled as her birthday was in a few day's time.

"I-I have to go before Dad comes looking again." she told them.

But they heard whine like growling from Siemen.

"I think he wants you to stay." Ari said to her.

"I do Siemen but I have to go.

I'll be back, I promise." she said flying off as Siemen cried a little.

They could tell Kana had formed a bond with their young son......