The Girl And Her Deagon

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In this fic, the dragons can talk in English and Dragonese and Hiccup and Kana can understand them but Astrid can't but that's what a reviewer on my other one said just to let people know.

Kana's eyes opened the next morning as she woke up in her bed in her room as she remembered what had happened last night and being in the forest as she needed to go there as she knew her father had medicine that could help the Night Fury she'd found and knew it was in her parent's room.

She sighed as she knew right now she needed to keep the news of another Night Fury a secret for now which she hated doing as she knew Toothless would want to mate with it and her Dad would want to train it himself which she hated as she heard thumping footsteps as Toothless was awake as he slept in the spare room but hoped he wouldn't go into her parent's room as she needed to get that medicine for her newly found friend.

She opened the door to Hiccup and Astrid's room after making sure they weren't awake or that Toothless wasn't going to follow her like he did sometimes.

"Here goes.

You can do this Kana." she told herself.

Thankfully Hiccup and Astrid weren't in the room and Toothless was outside with her father and Astrid was teaching the kids of Berk how to care for their dragons as Kana smiled seeing the vial on the table and grabbed it.

She then hummed as she hid it in her bag as she got dressed and went to have breakfast.

Stoick wondered why his grand daughter was so quiet as she ate breakfast but understood knowing what other kids thought of her as he also knew that other kids would make more fun of her now that Hiccup was chief of their clan as he saw her leave the house as Hiccup was chasing Toothless outside as he was trying to give him a bath.

She then held out something from her bag that made Toothless stop in his tracks.

"Good brother.

Take a bath.

You don't want to be flying aropund Berk dirty." she said.

Hiccup then managed to get Toothless to the lake.

"Thanks Kana.

Maybe you should take up dragon training." he told her.

Kana had a sad look on her face as she left.

She wanted to but knew she'd just mess up.

She then left for the forest........

Kana then returned to the spot where she'd found the female Night Fury last night but was nervous as she didn't see her.

"Maybe it left." she thought sadly.

But as she was about to leave, she heard slight coughing from a cave and smiled sadly as she knew what it was as she entered finding the female Night Fury but saw there was an arrow in it's side too which made the Viking teen sad as she hated seeubf dragons injured or hurt.

"I told ya I'd come back.

I brought you something to help." she said.

The female Night Fury growled sadly looking at the girl.

She hadn't slept well because she had bad memories of her parents being killed by Vikings when she was a hatchling but for some reason this human didn't seem to be like those humans who had hurt her and her ohana.

She watched as the young girl opened something from her bag.

It was a vial of dragon medicine that her father had made that helped dragons when they were ill or hurt.

"Please let me help you.

I can't bear to see you get worse." she said as the Night Fury was surprised.

No human had wanted to help her before as she decided to take it.

It tasted nice of cod.

"T-Thank you........

W-Why help me?

I-I thought your kind hated us." the female Night Fury said weakly.


Not anymore.

Before the people of Berk hated them but let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time in the village of Berk there was a young Viking, scrawny but not good at anything like swinging an axe or killing things and his father was ashamed of him but even though he lacked strength like the other Vikings in his clan, he had a great mind and made inventions.

One night a herd of dragons attacked Berk and he used an invention to shoot one out of the sky.

He thought his peers would think him cool if he told them he'd brought down a mighty dragon but he went to the forest the next day and found the dragon he'd shot down but it was hurt.

He was about to kill the mighty yet beauitful dragon but he didn't have the heart to kill it but decided to help it as it was his fault.

As time grew, both boy and dragon formed a strong friendship unlike anyone in Berk had seen before and it was a good thing too as more dragons invaded Berk so boy and dragon worked together and defeated them but the boy lost a leg.

That was when they realised humans and dragons didn't have to be foes.

They decided to put their differences aside and work as one.

But......." Kana said as tears were in her eyes.

"B-But what?

P-Please go on Kana.

I desire to hear the ending." the Night Fury said.

Kana wiped away tears.

"The boy grew up into a man and married Astrid.

They spent many years training dragons until one day Astrid was with child.

He was so happy.

Nine months passed and they had a beauitful baby girl.

But as she grew up, she felt she wasn't good at anything.

The other kids teased her everyday and now her father was chief.

But now all she wants is a friend.

Somebody who cares about her.

Like her father's Night Fury for him." she said ending the tale.

The female Night Fury then understood the story was a legend that dragon mothers told their children before going to sleep at night and realised who the young girl was in the story.

She was beginning to get attached to this little hatchling.

She then nuzzled Kana.

"I'm sure things........ will get better little one......" she whispered.........